Mobile menu has a continuous display

I have a menu at that is always displayed. Can I get some help resolving this so that it isn’t displayed all the time?


Hello @TushitaKBC,

Thanks for writing in!

I have checked your navbar in your site and I am not seeing any mobile menu. You will need to insert a navigation inline and a navigation collapsed or Navigation layered element for smaller screens. You can hide/show the elements by utilizing the “Hide During Breakpoints” option. Please check this out this documentation:

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Great news is that I got a mobile menu working, but the header isn’t displaying correctly on desktop. is the site.

The current header is having an issue with displaying the menu within the phone’s screen size on mobile. Also, the desktop display has issues of running of the top of the screen. It appears fine when I am editing the header, but then doesn’t display well.

Hey @TushitaKBC,

For mobile, you need to use the Navigation Collapsed or Navigation Layered. The Navigation Dropdown is good for desktop and tablet views because its submenu uses a flyout display.

Not sure what’s the problem with the desktop view. Would you mind sharing screenshots comparing the builder and live view? Or, give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note.


Thanks Christian, I will fix the mobile menu.

I added a username for you guys.

I appreciate the note on the other navigation menus. I knew it looked right but was acting wrong, so it had to be on my end.

Just a note, I couldn’t use the Navigation Layered option because my menu (Lovett menu) has a widget in menu plugin that isn’t compatible. I know y’all like to keep these kinds of conflicts to a minimum, so wanted to make you aware.

Hi @TushitaKBC,

Thank you for the credentials, I don’t see any issue on any of the menu. Please clarify what is the issue with the menu and clear your caching plugins after changes to see the changes take effect immediately.

I see the issue with the Headline “MEDITATION AND MODERN BUDDHISM” though, this headline is not showing on the front-end, but its there on the backend. This seems to be a corrupted element, so I deleted it and recreated it and that resolves the issue,. see the Copy of KMC HTX Hero header for your reference. Please do the same for your original KMC HTX Hero header.

Don’t forget to clear cache after.


Thanks friech. I appreciate the help getting it working and look forward to building more elaborate headers down the road.

We’re glad we’re able to help out, @TushitaKBC.

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