Accordions in row behaving weird

Hi there,

Our accordions and the section underneath it look normal when viewed in editor (see below)

but they look completely off once previewed in browser (the section underneath “Our Services” is now far above the footer, which shouldn’t be the case)

Any idea as to what could be the cause of it?

Hi @INcroatia,

Thanks for reaching out.

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Thank you.

Hi @cramaton, here’s the info!

Hey @INcroatia,

Broken layouts on the live page, while the layout is fixed in the builder, is usually caused by broken HTML. Please check where you’ve placed custom HTML and fix the broken HTML. You can use this tool



Once you’ve fixed the HTML and the issue persists, we’ll troubleshoot further.

I’d recommend though that you avoid using HTML in your content to prevent this kind of issue.


Thanks @christian, this solved it.

Hi @INcroatia,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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