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I am using a button in a custom footer and it doesn’t want to resize on smaller screens. Any idea what I might not be doing correctly?

I have included screen grabs of the settings of each element.

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Hi Spencer,

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It seems that the Font Size of the Button text is the reason behind it. I have investigated your website and found that the Font Size is set to **2.1em ** for all the screen sizes from Button > Text > Primary. I would suggest you adjust the Font Size for different screen size by clicking into the size label as shown in the screenshot.



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Hi @tristup,

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The problem I have is that the button appears to be fixed width whereas other buttons are responsive and will stack the button text on smaller screens. Please see the attached image for an example.

The bottom button is the problem.


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Hello @finkk,

I would suggest you set the button width for all the breakpoints and set the font size for the different breakpoints. Please have a look at the given screenshot below.

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