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Hi there,

I am using Pro latest version and would have created my menus all fine, however there is an issue with the mobile menu when opened, opening above itself and not below.

I.e. When clicked, the hamburger it opening the list of menu items above (covering the header photo) and not below the hamburger - is this a simple setting that I am missing for this to open below over the webpage content instead (like most websites i’ve seen).

Is there also a setting to set my desktop menu to be 100% full width.

Currently, there is about 25px on the end of the container within the Bar.

The Bar already stretches the full width, but the container isn’t using it all.

I would be grateful if someone could advise on this - I am using the default setup i.e. when creating a container within a bar, the gaps are there as soon as you do that.


Hi Tom,

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Thank you, added note.


Hi Tom,

Please double check your credentials because the username/password is incorrect and the same with the construction page password. Please fix it so that we can better help you with your concern.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Apologies, I have now updated the secure note.


Hello Tom,

On smaller screens, your header will look like this:
See the secure note.

The dropdown will always display below the hamburger icon. It will always be in front of the header image so that your user can click over the menu items in it. There is a space on the left and the right side because that is the Outer Spacing of the bar. If you want to adjust, you can set it to 1 em or less and see how it fits your design:

Hope this helps.


The issue has been resolved by removing the Slider Revolution for the moment, however when using this on Chrome for Android the Drop-down will appear above the menu bar and therefore over the slider. Weird as never seen this before.


Hello Tom,

The information was moved to the secure note already.

I have checked your site on my Android phone and I am seeing the same as well. Could please put back your slider so I can check on my Android phone? Normally, the Navigation Dropdown will always display at the bottom. It could be a cache or conflict with the slider code.

Best Regards.

Okay, I’ll take another look and when I can replicate the issue I shall send a screenshot over.


Hello Tom

Glad that we are able to help you. Please feel free to write to us for any query regarding our theme.

Have a great day!

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