How to disable Pro Theme video player and use WordPress default

Hi, I have a membership site that delivers primarily video content to subscribers - recently we ‘gamified’ the site and to be able to monitor video plays we now have to use the WordPress default [video] shortcode - videos render fine but it seems the WordPress [video] shortcode is being overwritten by the Pro theme video player.

Is there a way to disable any pro video capabilities and just utilise the standard WordPress video player?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out.

Our themes don’t override the video shortcode of WordPress because our video shortcodes are different It could be a 3rd party plugin that is causing an issue to your website.

I recommend you do the following troubleshooting steps.


Hope that helps and let us know how it goes.

Thank you.

Hi, many thanks for your reply - the issue is that I’m placing the following shortcode into my site -

[video src="/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/myvideofile.mp4" controlsList=“nodownload” autoplay=“on” ogv=“source.ogv” webm=“source.webm”]

Yet when the video loads it is doing so through x-mejs x-wp-video shortcode video class - this is the output…

" video class=“x-mejs x-wp-video-shortcode advanced-controls” id=“video-4441-1_html5” width=“640” height=“360” autoplay=“1” preload=“metadata” src=“”>"

I can’t use the [x_video_player] shortcode as described in your Integrity shortcodes guide as Gamipress (gamification plugin) requires the use of the standard [video] shortcode defined by WordPress. Gamipress won’t register video plays with any other shortcode other than [video].

I need the standard [video[ WordPress shortcode to render as I’ve selected and not be affected by the theme - as you can see from the output the WordPress shortcode is being overridden by the x-theme class

Hi Jonathan,

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Hi, secure note added as requested, many thanks

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the credentials, yes I understand your issue here, it seems the theme is overriding the default styling of the player using [video] shortcode, our theme tells WordPress not to load the native player styling since we provide our own styles for this. We do use the base level mediaelement scripts included with WordPress, but we prevent WordPress from loading additional stylesheets.

Please ask Gamipress what class or attribute they need on the player markup, as you can easily add a class or attribute on our Video Player element.

You can use the WordPress’ remove_shortcode() function for removing our [x_video_player] shortcde, however, we can’t provide support for any issues that may arise because of that.


Hi, many thanks for the detailed response - I’ve contacted Gamipress regarding the CSS class / attributes they require but in the meantime I’m going to test your idea of disabling the [x-video-player] via the WordPress remove_shortcode function.

Going by the link you provided I assume I need to add some lines of code to my child theme’s functions.php file - the example WordPress provides is:

function remove_shortcode( $tag ) {

global $shortcode_tags ;

unset( $shortcode_tags [ $tag ] );


I’m unsure about how to correctly amend this code to refer to the [x-video-player] shortcode - am I right in suggesting the code should read:

function remove_shortcode( x_video_player ) {

global $shortcode_tags ;

unset( $shortcode_tags [ x_video_player ] );


Would you be able to confirm if this code is correct and would remove the [x_video_player] functionality?

Many thanks as always in advance.

Hi Jonathan,

The X Video Shortcodes are not the ones in conflict with the WP Video Shortcode therefore it should not be removed. What’s in conflict instead is our themes’ filters for the WP Video Shortcode.
So rather than removing the video shortcode, I would suggest you remove the filters defined at framework\functions\plugins\cornerstone.php.

To do that, please copy and paste the following code at functions.php of the child theme to remove the defined filters our theme

add_action( 'init', '__x__remove_video_filter' );
function __x__remove_video_filter() {

    // remove the filter
    remove_filter( 'wp_video_shortcode_library', 'x_native_wp_video_shortcode_library' );
    remove_filter( 'wp_video_shortcode_class','x_native_wp_video_shortcode_class' );

I would suggest consulting with a developer on any further issues on this.
Please remember that we don’t offer any support to the custom codes or any custom modification to our theme.


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