Super Store Finder compatibility issue

The Super Store Finder plugin short code doesn’t display any map. We have tried it in the following:
Classic Raw Content
Classic Code Snippet
Content Area

Is this a known issue that is being worked on, or should we abandon hope that our paid plugin will function with XPro soon?

Hey @disadmin,

We have no reports of such conflict yet so we first need to know a few things. I’m sorry if you know or have tested this already but we need confirmation. Please answer the questions below.

  1. Deactivate all plugins except the Store Finder plugin. Then, switch to the default WordPress theme like the TwentyNineteen theme and post your shortcode in the default WordPress Editor whether you’re using Classic Editor or Gutenberg. If the shortcode works, please proceed with the rest of the steps below. If the shortcode doesn’t work, it’s a problem with the plugin. In that case, please contact the plugin author.
  2. Activate Cornerstone and X or Pro then open the page where you’ve posted the shortcode using the default WordPress Editor again. If the shortcode works, the conflict could be in Cornerstone and not the theme or in the case of Pro, the conflict could be in the builder only.
  3. We also like to know if the issue is only in the builder preview or does it happen also in the frontend.

If the issue is with our theme or builder, we will check the technical why the issue happens but note that we couldn’t guarantee a fix. We will post this in our issue tracker so this issue will be queued for investigation by our developers and they will be the ones to decide if they will provide a fix for this case.

Please give us the following in a Secure Note:

  • URL of the page with issue
  • Your site’s WordPress Login URL
  • Admin Level Username and Password
  • FTP Access


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