IE problems

Hi. I’m getting reports from IE users that the tabs at the top of the home page are not displaying correctly. I’ve attached a screenshot but I don’t have a PC to test it myself.

The tabs at the top of the home page are all bunched up together and overlapping, and only in IE. I’ll try to get the version number. Site link attached in secure link.

Hi @doughballs,

Thank you for writing in, please adjust the second Container’s Flex Grow

If that did not work, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi. This did not work, I also tried a few of the other variations and I was tol d the tabs disappeared altogether. I’ll give you the login to the old dev link which is a dupe of the site.

In addition to this the currency symbols are not showing up in IE but not sure if that is an X Theme Issue?

Hi @doughballs,

Thank you for the credentials, please do this to your dev site, first set the Logo container’s flex-grow to 0, so it will not take the free space on its right side (this was the main issue)

Then set the Pages container flex-grow to 1, so it will take the free space (this space is needed more by the menu than logo)

Then added a margin-left auto on the menu so it will position itself on the right side of its container.

Looks fine on IE now.

I’m not sure what currency symbols you’re referring to, please clarify.

Hope it helps,

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