Problem with Product Table Content template from Design Cloud

I am trying to reuse the Apple Product table template from the Design Cloud and am running into a strange problem. I want to change the Color of the text as shown below (see image below).

The editor shows the color of the text correctly (see above image). But the actual page shows the text in a different color and font! (see the link in the secure note below). Not sure what is going on… can you help?

Hi @amardeepmisha,

The page you have link isn’t accessible anymore:

If the blue text are links, try adding this code in the Element CSS of each of those elements:

$el a {
    color: #000;

Feel free to change the color value in the code above.

Hope this helps.

@jade Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry the page was private; you should be able to see it now — I have made it public.

The problem is not that the text is a link, the problem is that I am not able to change the font-size, font, or color of that text at all! I think something is overwriting it and I am not sure what that is. Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @amardeepmisha,

There seems to be a broken HTML in the text content of that headline:

Kindly go over the content of that element and make sure that there is no stray HTML meaning if used HTML tags to wrap the text in that element that you have paired or closed them correctly.

If you’re still not able to get this sorted, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

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