WooCommerce pages are weird and show errors

Hello, My shopping card page (WooCommerce) has suddenly a totally different look. It looks like the template is wrong. Also my payment page cannot be loaded. It sais ‘critical error’: https://vch.nl/afrekenen/
All other pages are doing well. So I think only the Woocommerse pages are messed up.

All plugins are up to date, also Wordpress and the theme is up-to-date. I also tried to disable other plugins.
What can be the problem?

Hello @macvink,

Thanks for writing in! There could be a conflict or code that is causing the issue amongst other things. Kindly check out the most common issues here:

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Best Regards.

Thanks. it seems to be a theme-related issue and I don’t know how to solve. When I activate for example the Twenty-One theme, everything looks and works very well. When I activate my Child theme (X) everything is broken and I get an error about WordPress. This only seems to appear on WooCommerce pages. Can you please have a look at the back end?

Hello @macvink,

The given credentials are not working for us. Please double-check.

See the secure note.

Meanwhile, your menu is displaying as expected on mobile or smaller screens. This is what I am seeing:

Best Regards.

Sorry. Here is a new one:

Hello @macvink,

I have logged in and investigated your issue. I found out that the MPM - Mollie Payment Module plugin is causing the issue. I have temporarily deactivated the plugin and now the WooCommerce pages are working. Please contact the creator of this plugin about this issue.

Best Regards.

Thanks! I installed a new version of the plugin. It works fine now.

Hi @macvink,

Glad that we are able to help you.


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