Portfolio Categories Issue

When you choose a “category” for a Portfolio post and update the page, the checkmark next to the category disappears. As if the category has never been selected: https://gyazo.com/86ce1f135c5ae306b78359d1533b4913

When I go to “Portfolio Categories” I can see the number of posts assigned to each category, but if I click on the numbers it’s not showing the posts:

Please let me know how I can fix that problem.

Hi @mos3z,

Thanks for writing in. We tried to replicate the issue but failed. Have you tried disabling other plugins to see if the issue is still there? It could be caused by a plugin conflict.

If the issue is still there after disabling the plugins. Could you provide us with a login credential in a secure note to your site? So that we can have a closer look.


The problem was related with this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/post-types-order/

Hi @mos3z ,

Thanks for the info, regretfully, we cannot provide support for third-party plugins or scripts as our support policy in the sidebar states due to the fact that there is simply no way to account for all of the potential variables at play when using another developer’s plugin or script. Because of this, any questions you have regarding setup, integration, or troubleshooting any piece of functionality that is not native to X will need to be directed to the original developer.

Thank you for your understanding.

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