Cornerstone content won't save and causes site to become unresponsive

I have recently updated X Theme and Cornerstone and am now having issues editing content on our website. We are also running the latest version of Wordpress.

Content now isn’t saving when editing with Cornerstone – I’m able to make edits, but they don’t save (I see ‘uh oh content failed to save’). This seems to crash the site at my end (it is still live for others) and then the entire site, front and backend, becomes unresponsive (I get an error saying ‘this site can’t be reached’).

The issue can be briefly rectified by switching from wifi to my phone 4G hotspot, or waiting a few hours. The site then allows a couple of edits and then freezes again.

I have cleared all caches and our PHP is up-to-date and does not need increased memory.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.

It took them 48 hours to reply to me with basically nothing as they ignored what I wrote, If you don’t want to get bounced around, it sounds like a plugins conflict. Try debugging this. Us chrome devtools, console, and see if you got any errors there. If you dont find anything wait 48 hours for them to reply.

Hello @JA_Central_Ontario,

Thanks for writing in! Sorry for the delay in our response.

There is a JS error on the page:

The service worker navigation preload request was cancelled before 'preloadResponse' settled. If you intend to use 'preloadResponse', use waitUntil() or respondWith() to wait for the promise to settle.
invalid/:1 Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED

It could also be caused by a plugin conflict, amongst other things. Please check out this troubleshooting article here and follow the instructions for the following sections (where appropriate):

Testing for Plugin Conflict
Child Theme
CSS/JS Customization
Disabling Cache
Disabling CDN

If nothing is helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role
- Confirmation that we can access and make changes to your site

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Please be advised that self responding or bumping your post or even someone’s post pushes it back in our Queue system so it takes longer to respond to. We provide support to our customers 24/7/365 in the Support Forum. Support questions are answered in the order received and responses may take up to 24 hours (typically sooner). Complex questions or busy times may take longer.

Best Regards.

Hello @JA_Central_Ontario,

The given credentials do not work. Please double-check it.


Hi @ruenel,

I have updated the secure note.


Hello @JA_Central_Ontario,

The credentials still do not work.
The username is incorrect.

Thank you.

@ruenel - sorry about that, our site is not playing ball at the moment. I have updated the secure note with new info that should work.

Thank you!

Hello @JA_Central_Ontario,

Thanks for sharing the correct credentials. I went ahead purge all the cache after that I went the edit your page settings and it seems that it is working fine. It is always good practice to purge all the cache whenever you update the theme, plugin and WordPress core. I would suggest you cleat your browser cache and then check it again at your end. Please find the screenshot in the secure note.


I been having the exact same Issue,

Did it get resolved for you?

Hello @williamceo,

At this time we kindly ask that you open up your issue in a separate thread. The longer threads get in the forum, they become more difficult to support as they tend to drift off-topic and they also make it troublesome for users trying to search for solutions. Keeping threads relevant to their original inquiry ensures that we can keep better track of what has been resolved and that users can more effectively find answers to similar issues they might be experiencing.

Thank you.

Hi @prakash_s,

Looks like this has worked and will do a thorough test at this end. The site is now very slow to save pages - is this normal for the most recent version of X and Cornerstone?. I had originally cleared all caches (including our security plug-in cache - is it likely that this problem could recur with future updates or changes?



Hello @JA_Central_Ontario

Glad that we were able to help you. The process of sloe page content save could be many for example avoid slow loading plugins, remove an unused plugin, upgrade the PHP version to 7.4, poor hosting, offload resources to CDNs, increase the memory limit to 512MB and add Cloudflare page rules etc.

You can also check our tutorial as well.


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