I got a square box on each text line, what happened?

some screenshot of whats happening

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 20.25.42 Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 20.25.50 Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 20.26.06

Hello Komang,

I have tried to check the domain that is attached to your license but there is a coming soon page active on the site.

For the meantime, please make sure that if you have updated X to the latest version that you also have Cornerstone updated because it will cause an incompatibility issue if only one of them was updated.

If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note so that we can bypass the coming soon page:


I have the latest version,
I have put the credentials on secure notes

Hi @priatnasuardi,

The issue seems to be coming from your slider, can you update this button layer on your Slider, and instead of icon label, change that to a text?


I see, ill check that asap

Let us know how it goes,

Have a nice weekend,

Apparently, its still there…i have removed the button but nothing change, and i got italic wordpress admin dashScreen Shot 2020-03-21 at 15.13.39

Hello Komang,

I have investigated your slider and it turns out that you have added this:

Join Us <i class="fa-chevron-right">


by which the correct code should be this:

Join Us <i class="fa-chevron-right"></i>

I went ahead and corrected the issue already. Kindly check your site now.

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