Beginner needs Help

i just bought X the othear day, just to build myself a 2 or3 page website for blogging to my family members back home. I wasnt getting very far with it till i found a video about an hour long which helped.
i want to have a header on the home page and then use another header on blog, and subsequent pages. back in 2013 when i made a site then, i could just install a plugin to enable me to do this. I keep getting a message that my theme doesnt support header changes??? Does this mean after spending $130.00 for this theme that advertised “it did everything” I now have to purchase PRO so i can do what i used to do for free??
And nothing about this theme has been easy for a beginner! Looking forward to your reply. And hopefully getting my website up one day!!

Hey Janet,

Thanks for writing in and we’re sorry to hear you’re having a hard time using X. Our themes, especially our builders require some learning in order to take advantage of its full potential.


Regarding the header, I’m not sure what exact setup you’d like to accomplish. Would you mind detailing this? For per page header design, you don’t really need Pro as you can build a “header like” section as part of your content using Cornerstone. You can use the Blank No Container | No Header Footer to remove the Theme Header. You can learn more about Page Templates in our Page Settings documentation here:

If you wish to use the “header section” to multiple pages, you can start creating it as a Global Block instead and add it to the pages. See

If you’re looking to easily assign a header to a page or pages or need a unique sticky header setup for each page, that is the time you will need Pro.


I just like to clarify that the price of X is currently $59. That’s USD so maybe you’re using a different currency when you posted $130. This is just a clarification.



Thank you Christian for your quick response and help.

The following is not my site but it’s exactly what I want, Plain and simple with a clean look. I don’t want anything fancy. This is not my website. Its just an example. i want 2 maybe 3 pages. Front page showing one header and all other pages showing another. I don"t want social links, etsy or whatever.

I went to that site over the last 2 days and found nothing to help me, i’ll go back again. (By the way, the page looks awful on my laptop. Gigantic images with links between them.)

I’m sorry for the tone of my post yesterday but I think i’ve been going round in circles for days and getting nowhere, frustrated out of my brain. I don"t remember it being this hard last time i built my site. Also that video i mentioned yesterday makes it look like your earlier versions must have been easier to use. As the guy was able to delete css easily but i couldn’t find the link he used.
I 'm Australian, 66yrs old, on a pension and $130au was a lot to pay. Your page said $59US when i got to Paypal it said $63US and i paid $130au. But all the reviews said it was the best on the market, for beginners through to experts so that’s why i bought it.
So I’m hoping the answer you gave me will let me do what i want? I have the images from my last site to use.
Regards Janet

Hi Janet,

I’m really sorry that you’re having a hard time with the Theme, rest assured that we will help you work on your site so you can start blogging.

Sorry, we can’t discuss the pricing of the X here because that is Theme Forest thing, we do not have control over that, what we can only do is to help you get started on building your site.

Ok, I think part of this makes hard is because you choose the wrong demo, I think you choose the icon-simple demo right? Although that demo is named icon-simple, that is not really simple for beginners because of its left-side header and its complicated looks content.

So, my first advice to you is to reselect a demo, based on your example site (tatting by the bay) the closest demo to that is the renew creative. To do that, please navigate to X > Design Cloud find the demo named Renew Creative, install that demo. Then from there let us know what you need to do so we can give you advice.

I just want to clarify a few things you said above.

I think the video you saw is talking about PRO because the header and footer builder is only available with PRO, not X. More details here about the difference between X and Pro.

Yes, that could be a plugin because we launch PRO in April 2017. Don’t focus on this multiple header feature yet, you might only need one header after all.

To assist you better, if you don’t mind please provide us login credentials in a secure note.

Have a nice day,

Hi friech
I have made some headway in getting my website up. BUT I still can’t find a way to get a different header image on my blog page. It appears i can’t even use a plugin to do it like i used to. I repeat that your advertising for the X theme stated that a person could make a page look like whatever they wanted. I’m beginning to believe that is not true and if I cant make the changes i want i will be very annoyed after the money i’ve spent, im beginning to start thinking a refund might be the best answer!

Hi Janet,

I can see the image you have is the logo. There is only one setting for logo on the entire site. Setting a different image can be achieve on PRO theme.

Although, it is easy to change it using a custom JQUERY. Here’s the guide on how to change image source. You can add the jquery on THEME OPTIONS > GLOBAL JQUERY.

Custom code is outside the scope of our support. This code is just a guide for your start. Change to your preferred image.

jQuery ( function($) {
    $(".blog .x-brand img").attr("src", "");

.blog .x-brand img this refers to the selector which means the logo image on your blog page only. If you want more options for each page, PRO theme is more flexible. You can create header for each page the way you like it. We do have youtube videos as guidance too. Please watch and subscribe. Thank you.

The jQuery supplied above works in the excerpt page to blog, not on the blog page. I still want a different picture at the top of each page, blog post, gallery etc, but am unable to use a plugin to do this, as you seem to have disabled functions so that I have to spend more money to buy PRO.

Also I would like you to have a GOOD LOOK at the page I’ve made called TEST PAGE. I want to get rid of ALL the remaining WHITE. And I want EVERY page, post and gallery etc. I make to be the same.

I have tried all sorts of codes I’ve seen on your support forum and none of them work. Don’t tell me this cant be done because I know it can!!

I’m sick of going around in circles! I have never found a theme so hard to work with! Please Help!

Hi Janet,

Glad to see you replied back, when you say blog page you mean the individual blog posts (like this)? If so, please update the given code above to this:

jQuery ( function($) {
    $(".blog .x-brand img, .single-post .x-brand img").attr("src", "");

Have a nice weekend,

Thank you Friech that worked.but I’m still not happy that I can’t change anymore headers without buying Pro. None of the advertising for x theme stated this!
Also I asked you to have a GOOD LOOK at the page I’ve made called TEST PAGE. I want to get rid of ALL the remaining WHITE. And I want EVERY page, post and gallery etc. I make to be the same. You haven’t told me? Now I have to waste time while I wait for a further reply from you. I downloaded a free theme and free elementor last night and set it up on local host it took me five minutes to do what its taken me three weeks to do with x theme, maybe this will help you to see why I’m feeling so frustrated and let down.
Regards Janet

Hello Janet,

Do you mean that you want to have something like this?

If that is the case, please add the following CSS code in the X > Theme Options > Global CSS (

.site, .x-site {
    background-color: transparent;

By the way, please be advised that ever since we have launch the X theme, there is only one header for the entire site. It can be seen in all of our X theme demo sites like here:

Each of the stack have its own unique header design. You can have a stacked or inline logo and menu navigation layout. You can have this option in X > Theme Options > Headers > Logo And Navigation. To have a clear understanding of what is the difference between X and Pro theme, please check this out:

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Thank you, that has worked well. Will all these css bits that you have given me, still work when I have to update theme or will i have to put them in again?

Hello Janet,

Yes, the code should work even if you update to the latest version.
Just make sure that you have inserted it in the right place which is the X > Theme Options > Custom CSS.


I gave up! I bought Pro. But… now I’ve lost my top menu.

Can you help please.
regards Janet

Hello Janet,

Once you have enabled Pro and set the header to have the custom header, you will have to create the header for your site using the Header Builder:

Since you will be creating the design using the Header Builder, you will have more control of the header area by the user of Bars, Containers, and placing elements in the header.

Please check this link to find an overview guide on how to use the header and footer builders:

Kindly let us know if you have any questions.

ok I made some mistakes and reverted back to an earlier backup. if you now go to my site and to the blog there is white in the categories and comments I can’t get rid of and I can’t remember what I did earlier so please can you help me? Also on the page where it says Read More, how do I get rid of the white background of the entry icon and also in the search box? I Just don’t want any white on any of my pages. I have spent some time browsing through the forum but i cant find an answer there, I really would appreciate your help on this.
Regards Janet

Hello Janet,

Were you able to get this sorted because I have just checked your website and it looks normal on my end and I am not seeing white pages:

Let us know how it goes.

I said above:
if you now go to my site and to the BLOG there is white in the categories and comments I can’t get rid of and I can’t remember what I did earlier so please can you help me? Also on the page where it says READ MORE, how do I get rid of the white background of the ENTRY ICON and also in the search box? I Just don’t want any white on ANY of my pages.
The page you show above is my home page! Where there is no problem.
Regards Janet

Hi Janet,

Sorry about that, I understand what you’re trying to do, please add the CSS code below to Theme Options > CSS

Make sure you copy everything inside this box:

/*remove white-backgrounds on input fields, recent posts, comments, entry title icon*/
.x-recent-posts a,
select, textarea, input[type="text"], input[type="password"], input[type="datetime"], input[type="datetime-local"], input[type="date"], input[type="month"], input[type="time"], input[type="week"], input[type="number"], input[type="email"], input[type="url"], input[type="search"], input[type="tel"], input[type="color"], .uneditable-input {
	background-color: transparent;

Please do note, that we are not supposed to provide these customizations because this is outside of the support that we can offer.

We kindly ask if you have a follow-up question, please write in on a new thread as this one is getting longer and mixed up and hard to follow.

Thank you for understanding,

This Has Finally Worked. Thank You so much!!!
I couldn’t find anything online to do this in the renew theme.
I have been trying all day.
I’m glad this nightmare is over now and I can concentrate on my blog input.
Its a shame you’re not supposed to provide customizations in support of your product though.
I REALLY appreciate you fixing this for me.
Regards Janet

Hey Janet,

We’re glad that your issues were resolved.

Regarding the customizations, when you buy a theme, you’re actually buying a design set. For our case, you’re not just buying a design set but also an advanced tool for website building.

Customization of the said design means that a person needs to use his web development skills and code beyond what’s given in the theme. A lot of time and money are involved in the development of the said skills that is why it’s not free service that we can add in addition to the theme purchase. We could help with a few minor cosmetic changes like what Friech gave you but we can’t continue doing every customization customers request. That simply isn’t feasible as part of theme support.

In the future, we will have a service that will allow you to order customizations. It is a paid service because as I have said, time and money are involved in the development of skills.

Thank you for understanding.