Cornerstone preview area doesn't work

hi there,

I have recently updated an old site that is in development, to Pro theme version 2.5.5.

Now when I open a page in cornerstone I cannot see any of the elements in the preview unless I go to skeleton mode.

I have disabled all plugins and the issue persists, also increased memory limit to 256M and renamed the htaccess file.

It is running PHP version 5.6 because of our other sites on the server, but tried updating to a newer one with no luck anyway.

There is no caching plugin installed so running out of options, any ideas?

Hi David,

Does your old site have a different url?

Try to install this third party plugin and do a search and replace

Search for:
Replace with:

If that doesn’t help, please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


Hi David,

I have done a series of test but couldn’t find what is causing the issue.

Do you mind providing us your FTP Login as well.


Thanks, I created an ftp account and added the details into the secure note

Hi @bfemarketing,

I got this error message in the console log:

Unable to parse initial element state SyntaxError: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 0

Can you please turn off all the 3rd party plugins to check if the issue still persists or NOT?

Also contact to your hosting provider to turn off all the cache system/optimize of your server.

Let us know how how it goes!

Tried turning off all plugins and still have the same issue

Hi David,

I tried to log in to your FTP, but I think that account can only access the account directory and not your Wordpress directory. I don’t see the WP files with that account.

In the meantime, please try reinstalling the PRO theme.

If that reinstalling did not work, please do a scan on your site, it is possible that could be some kind of malicious code on your site that causing the issue.

Let us know how it goes,

No malicious content found when I scanned the site.
I tried reinstalling the theme using CPanel but nothing has changed.

Hi David,

Please check the FTP account and make sure that it has the correct access to your wordpress files. When we login, we can only see a blank directory with no files. We’ll need this to further check on the issue.


Hi David,

I checked the website I also get this error on my browser console:

Unable to parse initial element state SyntaxError: Unexpected token � in JSON at position 0

Now, that error shows there is a problem with the header setting of your server regarding the JSON handling. I tested that by creating a template of the about page, downloading it and uploading to my server. The result was that I easily could see the image and all the text in the preview window and could change things around:

I used the same version of the Pro theme that you used. It shows that the problem is your server. I am not sure what should be added as the content type for JSON, but I am sure your hosting service provider will have a better idea to help you with that.

Thank you.

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Thanks Christopher,

I managed to identify the cause of the problem and removed the redundant code that was placed in the header CSS. Cornerstone is now working normally again.

Case closed

Thanks so much team

Glad you sorted things out and thank you for sharing the solution.


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