How The Forum Works

Welcome to the Themeco Forum! We’ve put together this overview post to explain everything you need to know and so you can quickly find the most helpful information. From best practices to community guidelines, please take a second to read.

Start with Search

Direct support is provided in our Support Forum, and there are several helpful resources at your disposal. One of the greatest benefits to these forums is your ability to search prior to posting a question. We strongly encourage you to do so as the vast majority of your questions will be able to be answered by searching. You can use our native search feature or sometimes for more accurate results simply go to Google and type in your question plus add the word Themeco at the end.

Browse Docs

Looking for helpful product tutorials and step-by-step instructions? Docs is where you will find all official documentation for Themeco products and services. There are topics there ranging from version compatibility to how updates work and more. This is a great place to visit often in addition to our blog. You can also search on Google for any topic by just adding the word Themeco at the end.

Support Forum vs. Beta Forum

The Support Forum is where you post support questions, and the Beta Forum is where customers can help test and provide feedback on future updates. The Beta Forum is hidden by default, and you must optin for access (steps here).

How to Post a New Topic

If you are unable to find an answer to your question by searching first, click the “+ New Topic” button at the top of the forum home when logged into your Themeco account.

When posting be as specific as possible in describing the issue. Simply saying “My site is broken” or “I did an update and now nothing works” is not helpful. List the issue in detail including any steps you have taken to troubleshoot and always remember to first test 3rd party plugins by deactivating them one by one and ensuring all caches have been emptied. Review this common issues article. The vast majority of issues we see can be resolved or at least identified by doing this.

Do not private message a Themeco staff member about support as it will be ignored. All support is provided in the forum. If you need to get in touch about something else, please contact us.

Secure Notes

It is very common to need to share sensitive information with our staff such as login or FTP information. In order to keep this private, be sure to use the Secure Note icon that you will find at the bottom of each reply.

When clicked, you can add content that will only be visible to our staff. Secure Notes are visible to the original poster, so do not post a secure note unless you have started the thread.

Private Threads

Only Themeco has the ability to make an entire thread private, and we will do this when we determine the discussion to be better suited for private discussion. This includes, but is not limited to, posts pertaining to feedback, complaints, or topics not relevant to the forum.

While we provide support via the public forum for the benefit of our customers, we reserve the right to turn any conversation into a private discussion for any reason and at any time. When a thread is unlisted it is removed from the public forum.

How to Find Existing Topics

You can find a list of all your likes, bookmarks, and existing topics by going to your dashboard and clicking on the username that appears beneath your profile picture.

Screenshot 2020-05-19 at 16.10.01

Response Times

Generally speaking, we answer all questions in the order they are received. All support topics are added to a monitored queue, so please do not bump your threads while waiting for a reply as this may delay a response. Please be sure you have first searched the forum and docs prior to creating a new ticket.

It is always our goal to respond as fast as possible. We generally reply within a few hours, but it may take up to a day. It may be longer if we are especially busy (for example around the time of an update). Please remember this is an estimated time frame and not a guarantee. If you are looking for faster response times and assistance with any question including customizations and third party plugins, check out our One service.

Official Replies

Themeco staff have a green badge next to their picture and a “Staff” label next to their name.


No Hijacking Threads

If someone has a support ticket, please don’t hijack their thread. If you are experiencing something similar feel free to simply bookmark the post so you can see future staff replies. If you know the answer or want to help out, feel free to do so.

Liking & Bookmarks Explained

Two great features to these forums are the liking and bookmarking features. Liking is a great way to agree or confirm something.

Bookmarking is a great way to save threads you would like to reference in the future.

Competing Products

While we encourage discussions under the categories listed on our forum, discussion of competing products (for example, other WordPress themes) is prohibited. This includes features and product comparisons. Thank-you in advance for understanding this is a Themeco-owned and operated community for our customers and members.

Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is guaranteed to happen - we’re human, and this is the internet. You may be frustrated. You may strongly disagree with a person, topic, or answer. Feelings may get hurt. Let’s not let that get in the way of creating the type of community we can all be proud of.

Many times, simply leaving your computer for a few hours or a day can calm your nerves and help you think with a fresh perspective. Remember, we are here to help and serve one another not make each other’s life more difficult. Please don’t make other people’s lives more difficult. We can do much more together than any one of us can do on our own, so let’s all work to show grace to others. It’s a wonderful thing to receive and an even greater thing to give.


We hope this helps provide an overview to some of the many support resources at your disposal. There is much more you’ll discover through experimentation, and a member of the team will be happy to clarify anything further you may need.

Portfolio Not working or displaying
Mobile header optimization
Formatting keeps dropping
Body Copy not changing to custom font
Slider (Inline) Arrows Both On Left
Tabs Element Not Showing Scroll Bar
Slider Revolution Has Stopped Showing Working
E+P Forms Not Working
"Search Modal" field changed look after update
Navigation Homepage
WooCommerce Checkout Broken
oEmbed Video Header
Theme x problems after updating to version 9.01 with screenshots
Strange CS behaviour after update to v6: anchor tags wrapped by strong in html
bbPress Layout Assignments
Email form x mailchimp issue
Page not loading in Cornerstone
Portfolio intro images not linking to the pages
Woocommerce 7.0.1 preventing sidebar from loading in X Pro page editor
Wheel of Death on any/all pages when trying to Edit with Pro
PRO 4.3.3 not validating
Admin Toolbar not displaying on pages after trying all the stuff
RC1: Font weight is not being honoured for responsive screen sizes
"Remove from cart" button not appearing on Cart page
Full Width columns not full width
Column border turns Black when hovering text
Xtheme problem with Yoast
WooCommerce pages are weird and show errors
The Grid not adding more rows
Theme Options Pre-loader Won't Go Away
Problem Validating License After Changing URL
Font Manager not working for Text element (only classic text)
Updating to x theme 9.01 -- cornerstone 6.0.1 broke my site
Version 5 Update Crashes a Legacy Page Build
Custom post type single template override not working
Issues with Pro 5.0.1 & The Event Calendar
Conerstone Not activating - Fatal Error
Issue with Posts Magazine Following Update
Сustom shop notices in Pro Layout
Theme Update Removed Renew Creative and Can't Get Back
Fatal error when i tired to activate the cornerstone plugin
Issue with Slider Revolution on mobile
Essential Grid Filter - Element Count
Burger menu doesnt close on mobil devices
Missing pages with new update
Reading specific elements of a dynamic content array
Mailchimp form throwing error on Email form submit button
Essential Grid items not responding to being clicked on
Homepage text moves on 4k screen
X Theme - Cornerstone spinning wheel
WC layout builder dynamic URL for product category
Problems with mobile navigation after update
Unable to turn off slider on Home page
Footer background color disappearing on product pages
Image doesn't open in lightbox. Adds broken link
Post picture is too big
ConvertPlus Adons Not Showing
The Grid – Padding around logos
Critical error On my website, unable to log into Wordpress
Under construction seems not to be working
Site won't validate with Pro Unlimited
Theme Validates. But then refreshed to unvalidated. Repeatedly
Footer duplicated (one unstyled)
Customising a Global Block
Site broken with all plugins off
Php errors in ethos blog post
Can't validate X theme. It says "This looks like a brand new license that hasn't been added to a Themeco account yet."
Cornerstone Builder Issues
Ref to old issue
Formatting broken with new Cornerstone update
My Portfolio has disappeared?
Unlinked borders not accepting hex color codes with Pro version 5.05
Woocommerce Products layout
Website "sticking" when scrolling: part II
Cornerstone dont work after update
Edits applied to pages that are showing in editor look completely different when live
Cannot edit page with pro
Footer visible in Cornerstone, but missing in live/preview, on one page only
Website Works but ThemeCo Editor with Cornerstone is Blank
Cant access to Cloud Templates
Pro theme Page builder won't load
Elements not activating in Cornerstone on X
Uber menu hover
Imges are rendered and not showing
MEC Calendar Arrows for the slider are missing
Unable to remove header
Custom fonts are present but not showing
How to input slider revolution
Pro 5.0.0 - Warnings on Mobile After Updating
Ubermenu Dropdown Width using Pro Header
Google Font Issues
Essential grid not saving any checkbox options for choosing Lightbox source
SVG Not Scaling with Shrinking Header
Elements Panel inoperable after 9.0.1 update
Shop archive layout doesn´t apply
Receiving Error Message
My Website is not working--Cornerstone plugin is triggering and error on my website
Pro page builder not loading after updating pro theme
How to exclude current post from recent posts
How to hide some content by device size
Update Wiped my Website Clean
Section ID - scroll to ID - offset
Design Cloud not working on reference site
Excerpt not showing in pro
Pro Shortcodes not working in new update
404 Cornerstone Error
On Page CSS now acts like Global CSS after update
Error when installing Superfly
The grid fails to save new skin
Cannot saved changes in Cornerstone! Uh Oh!
Problems saving webpage after update pro 4.0.7
Using dynamic content permalink with an anchor id
Where to Adjust WooCommerce Image Thumbnails in Customizer
Active Campaign forms not working with latest version of Cornerstone
Either "name" or "" should be specified
Text selection and drag
4.0.7 throws massive errors
Can't minimize text editor
Cornerstone not displaying properly (error code included)
Media Library - Stuck and won't scroll in grid mode
Missing WC titles
Single Archive Assignment Issue - All Singular
Critical Error after Updating PRO
Page not rendering properly
Change header background color in Icon stack
Updated Cornerstone and Preview will not load, Website looks completely different and "Critical Error" is showing
Cornerstone out of sync in edit mode
Website changed after update, see staging
Woo commerce product image crop
Hamburger/Mobile menu won't close on certain breakpoint
Post in Categories not appearing
Font awesome not working in widget
Mobile friendly x theme
Menu missing on mobile
Post Layout Creation for ALL Posts
Product validation with PRO
Essential Grid error help
Site Title element says undefined
X pro header issue (after recent update)
Cornerstone installation triggering Fatal Error
License validates then invalidates repeatedly
Blank pages since update
Basic Font Settings
Image box not working
Short codes not working
Adding areas like integrity 7
Revolution Slider links to posts - how to link title and content link to individual post
Issue with reinstalled Cornerstone Plug in
Rev Slider slowing down site
Slider Revolution having Glitches
Need a logo slider but images in The Grid or Essential Grid not sizing properly
Essential Grid Multi filter bug
Navigation Collapsed Toggle Issue
Remove breadcrumbs
Cornerstone Columns not formatting
The Grid - excerpt sometimes not showing
Blank page after loading cornerstone
Some Google fonts do not get all the styles shown in the list (shown for each of those specific fonts)
The Grid plugin won't save in Skin Builder and Grid Builder
My Website is not working--Cornerstone plugin is triggering and error on my website
Embed not working on mobile devices
Statbar not working properly
Mouse over image don't change in CREATIVE CTA
Sticky Navigation Jumping on Scroll
ProVersion: 4.0.6 : Click Issues in Admin
Multiple colors in Navigation Xtheme Pro
Different sizes for text (header and body) on Pro Layout
How to attach a link to a button
Menu showing on page template Blank, No Container, No Header, No Footer
Element animations on iPhone
Help with UberMenu Responsive Layout Please!
License failing to validate
Design for Headers overlapping Footer and header not scrollable
Scroll top anchor no longer working
Add Curved Separator to Header
Not able to change background image under Theme Options
Woocommerce shop styling doesn't look right
Using Templates in Post
We want one line in timetable
Thumbnail Images not always scaling properly
Cornerstone not loading page
Builder acting weird. Columns stacked and 100% width. Can't add elements
Post is not displaying correctly
Missing Save Button in Pro 4.1.4
Text element formatting (font size/background color) lost when website is viewed live
Cross-sells product buttons not rendering correctly
Wordpress/Cornerstone Running Slow
Checkout Layout Not Loading
Wpbakery builder icons not showing and cornerstone pages show code in editor
My save button doesn't work half the time using cornerstone
Custom 404 plugin creates 'extra' random title
License locked
Unable to edit content & text in Cornerstone
Form not displaying
Design Cloud CSS overwrite
Page Builder Broken
Rev Slider behaves differently when added in Pro builder vs. placed under masthead on edit page
Essential Grid lightbox thumbnail border colour
Essential grid images not loading past thumbnail
WPML giving error on a page
Responsive lightbox not working on iPhone
Block missing in live site
Design Cloud Problem - Restaurant Demo
[PRO] Unable to edit header
Website Login error
Footer Widgets
Difference between Cornerstone design and Actual Web Page
Edit newsletter design
Update to Theme X 8.1x Cornerstone 5.x unable to edit site
Home page won't save
Anchor outgoing links not working in cornerstone
Content not displaying
Force CDN URL on Nav Based Imagery
Scrolling is bad on my page what is wrong?
Cornerstone not displaying to edit / section not displaying
Convert plus not showing properly after second time opening
UberMenu search bar starts on a new line
WooCommerce - “No suitable preview area found…
Can't remove gap to the left of revolution slider
Pro Bug? - Embedding post video via custom meta shortcode - not working on front end
Mobile Menu Button not showing icon
Website (PRO) not scrolling properly on mobile
The preview could not load due to misconfigured URLs (different domain per language)
Unwanted graphic appearing on homepage
PRO - Update on multisite breaks network
Narrowing of container at top
Important scripts and styles are not loading on my live production site, but not in my staging or local sites
Layering header text over image
Layout and loopers not available in my update
Child Custom Elements
Looper Condition on Blog Page
Re-aligning button element
Pro - Map Marker - Does this max out?
“Scroll down” button (above Masthead)
Pages not saving after update
Essential Grid Portfolio Images
Single blog post no longer has Pro content or ability to edit with Pro
Gutenberg columns and centered title not working
Cornerstone Layered Navigation CSS Classes
Footer position is wrong
Jerky header
Sticking when scrolling
Contact Form 7 yellow box under forms
Pro content, page not loading
Slider revolution + flex box cell is broken
Essential Grid Just Stopped Showing Up on Page
Edit with pro after changing the page template
Cannot access site!
Custom Fonts upgrading from 4.3.2 to recent version
Custom Mailchimp Field Not Appearing in Email Forms
Sidebar error when creating a new
Help! Dropdown menus not working
The Grid is not updating/saving changes
X Pro Inline navigation menu no scrolling
Unable to validate my license, even after updating the location
Failed to Save after latest update
Header menu not letting me scroll down in Mobile
Getting rid of slider revolution above masthead
Rich Text Option MIssing
Column border being cut off on mobile
Content area off canvas contains link in close button
Sub menu indent query
Failed to save colors
Not able to move the license to new server
PRO / Notification setting for "currently empty archive page"
Cornerstone Preview pane not loading elements after latest update Jan 2021
Revolution slider not visible
Checkout > Internal Server Error
Update broke my website and my ability to fix it
Unable to validate the staging site
Cornerstone Content not Appearing on Edit, only on one Page
Unable to validate X license
No visual display when trying to edit Pro
Logo and header menu static with Renew
Essential Grid Filters Not Showing Up
Smooth Scroll Issues In Mobile
Modern Events Calendar - Cover Images
Essential Grid Drop Down on Hover
Portfolio thumbnail mobile device
Box Won't Center
Footer Sub Nav - Align Left, Won't Stop Center
Cornerstone error on update
Adding hero image to Homepage
Xtheme blog excerpts and Read More not displaying after update to 8.07
Edit with pro php error appearing for new pages only
Content area off canvas - close on click
Problem with The Grid's lightbox
Fatal error when activating Cornerstone + Design Cloud is not launching
Cornerstone working, but not updating front end
License manager not working today
Cornerstone won't work when X child theme is activated
Full page width
Footer colour different on home page
Problem with Woocommerce shop page
Issues after update to Pro 4.0.7. #1 Editor Builder Preview not working , #2 Videos are missing
Code Appearing on My DashBoard after loading Pro Theme
Logo not resizing in header
Blog Category page has wrong breadcrumbs
Music Player Icon Controls not working
Pagination on categories showing custom post type posts
My Cornerstone license purchased on Envato isn't working! Please help!
Pages not allowing me to manage responsiveness
Pro Version: 4.0.7 : E & P Form Builder does not display on front end
The Post Grid
Issue with mix-blend-mode
Double Rows for buttons in Pro Header
Classic card line problem
Site domain change and licence KO
Strange things in visual baker after update
Gym Theme problem. Could you help me to fix it?
Full Screen Video Home Page
Pro 4 - how to disable page title
Critical error on your website message appears when trying to go back to dashboard after using the Pro Builder. Also Pro builder experiencing issues, save failed message when making changes
Main Navigation - Second Child Elements Difficult to Access
Ubermenu question display
I need to install design cloud site and its failing
Header Snaps on Scroll
Page loading in wrong responsive mode? Header glitch?
Unable to validate license after changing url
Problem with change "Read more" to custom text
Failed to save notification
Adding some space to the left of a content
Convert Plus throws Errors in Firefox console
Posts and Portfolio
Validation apparently not working properly
White line on sides of YouTube films
ERROR: There has been a critical error on this website
Menu and Slider problem - Upgrading to Pro
Using shortcodes in alert
Unable to edit pages with pro after update 4.0.11
Woocommerce shop looks broken after PRO v4.0.x
How to remove Category filter buttons for portfolio pages selectively
Wheres the support
Cornerstone error The preview could not load due to the iframe
Sticky Header (Mobile) - expands on scroll. How can i disable?
Replacing old theme with new theme from design cloud
Page content disappeared and can't insert templates
Text over image / text over another level
Some CSS works in Theme Options > CSS to make adjustments to Woocommerce
UberMenu - backend/frontend difference
Sidebar/widget area taking over entire screen Icon
"Style" or "Class" field for Classic Text not working anymore
Can’t save post
Buttons and links not visible on woocommerce account page
Header Front Page assignment not working
Page blank when try to edit in cornerstone after update. Please help
Wordpress Navigation Not Working on certain devices
Extensions not showing pro
Problem Integration UberMenu with PRO
Portfolio pages not displaying correctly
Site 'validates' but then does not unlock
MEC Calendar Booking Module Not Working
Social media icons not displaying
Scrolling Issue on Mobile + Two Scrollbars
gAppointment Conflict with Pro
Plugin Tools Missing - Draw Attention
Woocommerce version 4.5 download link?
Modern Events Calendar shows the events twice
Cornerstone updated version issue
Shortcodes in topbar
I paid a new license and can not make it recognized
I can not load the page
Cornerstone could Not load at all throwing an Error
Header builder preview shows only homepage
If menu through header pro the sub menu item is not opening
Pagination on a custom category page
Content Under Invisible Header
Page title/Header Image
Adjust width of mobile menu
Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server problem in X-Template Manage
Grid not loading on Mobile
Attempting to update footer and receiving a fail to save error
Pro editor not displaying correct default background color
Dynamic Post List zindex
How to adjust Cornerstone elements for mobile and other smaller screens
Appearance > Menu Incredibly Slow
FYI Moving license issue when using admin with non-default language
Missing Margins for content area after upgrade
Bug: inconsistent breakpoints
Wordpress 5.5 & X PRO 3.2.3 Weird Error
How to delete "Button" from Back of the card
Text in image
Ubermenu not displaying contents as desired
Failed to save error
Layout Builder - Layout issue from 979px - 1200px breakpoint
Display date under title on post
Pro Header Assignment Issues and Ghost Header Displaying
Single X Pro license not validating on website
Header not loading when installing demo in X
I upgraded to Theme X PRO and can't see the header/ footer editing options
Wrong image URLs within Cornerstone
Portfolio page loads intermittently
Update theme X 8.08
Global block nav question + google analytics plugin error
Layout shift following update
Url link to tabs not scrolling anymore
My Blog Page does not show any posts
How to define specific action (scroll) when click on picture
Cannot edit website using cornerstone
License manager not working today
Checkout Page Layout
Pro 4.0.8 totally unusable
Blog > style: Masonry not working for me
Fronted editor disappears
Cornerstone NOT installing & activating
Cornerstone not loading after update (Version 5.0.7)
Search results disappear
Theme Options and Cornerstone won't start
Licensing issue on staging site
Another Cornerstone Issue - It's Getting Ridiculous!
Section divs missing when saving (home)page in WPML site
Title event with top of image block to left
I can't get the demo sites to work
Cornerstone x theme preview not working - carousel broken too
Revolution Slider Flashing Different Content
CSS broken after theme upgrade
Search Issues
Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method TGM_Plugin_Activation::get_tgmpa_url()
The Grid with Facebook posts
Parenthesis, Divs, and some inline-styles won't allow Content Builder to save, X-Pro
Session expired
Wrong Position Woocommerce Shop
Add License to Themeco account
Failed to save error continues on site designs. Uh Oh!
Add License to Themeco account
Layout Builder Preview Content
Theme not validating
ACF Pro not adding paragraph tags
Countdown Timer wrong - resets higher with refresh
Version 4.07 installed 2-3 years ago
Uh Oh! Failed to save
How to change the clour
Design difference between front end and cornerstone back end
Menu can't be found in "assign menu" section
Wpbakery post grid
Pro License Not Validating
Child theme issues
Crafty shop page content missing
Hide During Breakpoints - not working
Cornerstone not displaying preview in editor, also unable to save any changes
Inability to save changes to existing pro content (4.0.11)
WooCommerce Cross-Sells Not Showing
Where to find the Header bulder of the Pro version?
Almost Finished License Loop
Design cloud site install assets missing
Url() in CSS won't allow Content Builder to save, X Pro 4.011 |Invalid JSON response
Our license is not working on our migrated site
Burger Menu button does not work on mobile device
Unable to validate new licenses with Unlimited
Where to find the Header bulder of the Pro version?
Funky formatting on search page
Revolution Slider Links working in Chrome but not Firefox or Edge
Mobile showing partial website with template content
Pictures Not Appearing & Editor Preview Not Appearing With New XTheme Update
Sticky Headers in Safari
Old site from 2015, connectivity errors, can't update
Cornerstone editor is showing huge fonts and slider has gone missing
Button "Get Design Cloud" not working
Can't Save CSS or JS in Header | X-PRO 4.011
I Can't Access Essential Grid's Grid Library Even With Purchase Code
X Pro v4.0.9 - Cornerstone crashing for no reasons
Demo content inside page remove
Firefox cutting content on Masonry blog layout
Need help please
Dynamic Rendering doesn;t work with Vimeo after adding SSL
I am having an issue with my website, its saying Internal Server Error 500
Onepage menu not working on Mobile
Parallax Effect not working
IE11 - X Pro inline navigation elements not dropping down
How can i get the @ ( Graphic icons ) aligned in the Contact Forms 2 in Renew?
Single Product Layout can't preview page
Problems with my site when upgrading from X to Pro
Modal Area interferes with content on the page
Built Website is "X" and then converted over to "PRO" ... Cornerstone Page Builder Erroring
Post layout is messed up for some posts but not others
Add logo on the left in navbar and outline rest of menu to the right
Sidebar for WooCommerce product-tag result page
Cannot Login to turn off Under Construction
Woocommerce, where you are asking me to update the current PHP version 5.6 to 7 version
Error on editing header "TypeError: c is not a function"
I am having an issue with my website, its saying Internal Server Error 500
Activated not activated
Eg - insta stream - no support yet?
Fatal error after updating WooCommerce
When I edit one of my pages everything looks fine. Viewing the site everything changes
Graphic icon unavailable
Theme Won't Stay Validated
Troubleshooting Studio Gold
Banner does not show on the Shop Page
Issue Importing from Design Cloud
How to integrate MailChimp?
Issue with artifact on a page
Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Footer
Nav Collapsed - Auto close after selection
I am unable to validate
Old site from 2015 restored, now can't edit any pages
Pro Validation Not working
Update to Cornerstone 5.0.9 breaks site
Widget will not show
Changing the websites related to my 2 validation code
Number of posts in List/Minimal/Tiles
Unable to view icons in CornerStone
Woocommerce Checkout Manager errors
ERROR: The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete
Dec 2020 An error occurred while updating X: Update package not available
Header - Easy Banking Demo
Code visible on page
Unable to use Pro all of a sudden
The Grid Not Responsive on Window Resize
Toggle border CSS hover color - Design Cloud Header
HELP - Unknown code error above my site
Issue with cornerstone not working
X and cornerstone works lousy and create a bug
Email subscribe failure
Missing content in builder
Add Sidebar and Footer to the Blog Page
Pages don't save after responsive editing, and headers don't show
X Theme Licence Validated then told immediately after it's not
If menu through header pro the sub menu item is not opening
Is there a way to automatically save progress in pro builders?
I can't make any changes or see previews in Pro
Activation issue after update
Problem with activating the license
3 Column Row is bumping down to the next row
Iframe Response- Still Having Issues
Pro Header Problem not activating
Problem editing Cornerstone pages after upgrading X Theme followup
Card element not stacking in columns
Main menu stopped working on mobile
Pages Randomly Blank with Cornerstone Editor
Cornerstone, WPML, and custom JS/CSS
Mega Menu (UberMenu) with static submenu items
Challenged by a couple small changes
Page content tends to ‘snap back’ when first scrolling
WPML & Post Grid Glitch with Default Language
X theme demo content not importing
Slideshow fix
Footer Template in X Theme Broken After Migration & Upgrade
Crafty footer - formatting not working
Unable to save changes to global CSS
Strange Heading On Blog Page
Update Theme Failed
Pro: stick header hides woocommerce alert messages
Error activating Modern Events Calendar
Vertical Tab padding
How add a Video Background in Mike/Jess theme
Portfolio Index page does not display Featured Image any more
Critical error caused by Cornerstone
Email Forms plugin error
Header issue (menu items opening in new window in stead of current window)
Scrolling Lags on Desktop and Mobile
Trying to activate X theme but it keeps saying validation required
Licence validation problem
How add a Video Background in Mike/Jess theme
Unable to auto-update Slider Revolution from the WP-admin
Embedded videos disappeared after update to Pro 4.0.10
Themeco Pro not working with Plugins
Newest Update - Multiple Broken Elements
Change color white bar on hover navigation menu
Can't install theme from Design Cloud
Updated to 4.09 and homepage not presenting as it does in Edit mode
Some blog posts not displaying excerpts
Footer looks not same on the website as it should according to frontend
Failing to Load Edit in Cornerstone
GA tracking issues - DevTools failed to load SourceMap?
Back End of Blog Running Very Slowly
Error message about my PHP version being insecure
Cornerstone ERROR URGENT
Bought basic theme, then upgraded to Pro - won't validate
Pro product validation double message?
How can I use an essential grid with a video instead of images?
Recent Products and feature image
Duplicated display of cross-sells on cart page (solution included)
Revolution Slider not appearing
Moving a Legacy X Theme Site to the New Version
Pro header not visible
License Problem with transfer
Line getting broken on Cornerstone
Match h4 style from widget area in next section?
Alternatives for second, sticky navigation on a specific page
Classic Feature Box and List Displays with correct alignment and colour in Cornerstone, but not when live
Smooth Scroll doesn't work on some newer Samsung devices
How to restore cornerstone flag and reuse cornerstone content?
Two different backend editing experiences on same page/same block
Image element as background, how to manage on mobile
Cannot edit the page is blank
Essential Grid not working in Pro footer
Global Blocks : 404 causing "The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete"
The Grid Plugin - Does this thing still even work?
License failing to validate
PRO builder not loading due to http/https mismatch
Menu Disappearing on Individual Product Page
How to fix this Plugin Error?
Center widget area
E&P Form Builder Issue
Cornerstone portfolio item customization problems
Z-index not working in my case
Cross-sells still showing twice
Preview could not load Header Builder
Cornerstone not working, conflict with plugins error
Problems changing Yoast SEO Titles - buttons not displaying
GDPR conform video
Cornerstone update ruined my website, again
Header, Content & Footer assets not found
Change text size, format on post page
WooCommerce SpecificationS tab not showing
Collapsed Menu + Sticky bar
Updating from 4.0.1 to 7.2.3
UberMenu is eating up top of main container
License for X Theme Not Valid
There is no mobile menu
WooCommerce text Issues
Attribute archive page is not as same as shop archive page in crafty
Self-hosted video link as row background
Strange problem with Hyperlinks
License reset - Validation and Revoke of License not possible
How or Why can’t I change my Featured image?
The CUSTOMIZE menu disappeared in the section settings
Unwanted graphic appearing on homepage
Cannot see the Video in Slider Revolution Display
Essetial grid not showing images
Feature Lists side by side in one column
Blank Pro editor page
The Grid with WPML is slowing down our site
Help! Font Awesome icons suddenly not showing up!
Problem with desing cloud import
Cant revoke or re-assign domain
Can't Install Design Cloud
Mobile Accordion Not Working After Update
Child element not properly styled for responsive site
Background Video - Whole Page (or Entire Website) - Pro
Unable to Validate New License
Insert full screen Image Pro
Can't edit text in sections or add elements
Spaces between items - WP Bakery
Font alignment problem
Fresh installation, cornerstone not working correctly
Error - The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete
Search, tag and archive functions not working after updates
Mobile header is not changing + Animate elements
Place mobile menu on the right
Removing box shadow from Integrity Blog Posts
Crafty overlapping column content
Space below slider
Header Content Scrolling request
Center align Container in footer builder
After update Getting Errors in Error log - Cornerstone
Slider revolution pixel line
Sidebar Widget Pop-In Appearance
Unable to validate X license
Using Global Block for Top Bar
Clicking on woo commerce product causes "There has been a critical error on this website." after update
Slider revolution error v. 6.3.6
Replacing Layouts Using Assignments In Pro
Snippet plugin doesn't allow all fields fo products
Post featured image don't work with Essential Grid active
ID in my button not working
Broken back-end. Can't update theme
Card Element Issues in IE/Edge
All of my styling on every page of my site is suddenly gone
Header background video above masthead not displaying on top
Cornerstone editing options disappeared following updates to: Cornerstone 4.2.3 WP: 5.6 and X: 7.2.3
Live website completely different than editor
Show sidebar on blog index and posts with global layout of full-width
Mike & Jess is not installed sucessfully from Design Cloud
Pro Header appearing when not supposed to
Mouseover submenus missing after wordpress update 5.6
Pro theme internal server error
Essential Gris - Custom Meta
Modern Event Calendar - upcomming Event showing finished
Looper empty when using multiple terms and types
X Theme Menu not displaying correctly Published page return 404
Site is white screening
Sermon Manager not posting video or audio just recently
Desktop sections appearing on Mobile
Convert Plus: Constant Contact Not Showing Up in Addons
Layerslider - Safari - Wordpress and X Theme
Mobile site no longer scrolling properly
Problems with Superfly menu
The Grid Filter Logic problem
Read more link in BuddyPress doesn't work with Cornerstone
Background images and dropdown menus stopped working in Edge
I can't see Superfly menu just on my desktop
Cart Off Canvas Button Links not connecting
The Grid Animation Effect
Picture Problem
Display bug / cornestone vs WP
Blog Post overview works not correct
RevSlider AJAX Errors and Cornerstone
Scrolling Is Unplesant
Changes in Header Editor are not refreshed on live site
Them option manager
Help! cat update site
X Editor just spinning
Translation does not show
My Cornerstone license purchased on Envato isn't working! Please help!
E&P Form Builder Issue
Troubleshoot difference between layout in backend and frontend
Problem with PRO grid
The Grid Plugin not working in 8.1.5
Woocommerce issue with the latest version
Sticky header issue after latest update
Is this a cache problem
CSS on page-builder text element
Home page and Category page layout not in 3x3
Cornerstone Time-out
The Header overlaps page for page break 980px-1199px
Gray BG being applied where it should not be
Text Width Going Out of View
Blog index displaying extra content around Read More button
Adding A Slide From Slider Revolution On Homepage
Margins when creating a header
YouTube video on Slider Revolution on mobile not playing
Envira gallery does not go to next page
Lost! lost! lost!
Pages missing content
Web form disappearing
Нужно отобразить подвал на главной странице в теме Pro?
Can't Center Shortcode
Essential grid styling
Pro builder no updating when building a footer
Two different blog pages
Unlimited License Wont Save
Problem with email sign up form
The pictures of the mobile version don't appear
Cornerstone saving crashes the UI
Thick horizontal borders on home page
Reopen: Blog Post overview works not correct
Aligning header content with page content
Errors in the site search result page
Homepage Style Broken
Classic Block Grid 'unrecognised' with new update
Problems with re-installing from design-cloud
Widget footer centered
Posts page and archives pages not loading properly
Page BG image not showing - Backstretch or x theme bug? HELP!
X Theme not working
One Page Navbar background color + changing the height of a row
Tried to revoke licence
Rev slider not loading on ipad or iphone
Essential Grids Post Content not showing
Why a page I created with cornerstone fails to save changes I make?
Menu Limit Warning even though we updated server
Space above the header but below the nav bar
PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in renew.php on line 135
Can't Open Pro Pages in Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88
Can't validate X get blank screen
Unwanted Gap showing under banner on cell phone
Old Templete Defaults?
Product gallery photos are tiny and overlap the main image
Post element not showing up in The Grid - Pro 4.10
Cornerstone editor not working correctly
Envira galleries are not displaying on mobile device with X Theme
Woocommerce doesn't redirect to thank you page after order completion
Outputing ACF fields by using PRO
PRO Content editor not loading. Unable to save any changes
Revolution Slider - Entire Slider Not Showing
Shop icon disappear on X
Can't Validate X Theme on Staging Site
Issue closing Mobile Menu
No preview in Pro, exit to dashboard log me out of WP
Header not assigned on blog archive pro 4.0.9
Xtheme Pro Woocommerce Search Results Not Displaying
The Grid spacing issue
Cornerstone Posts RSS Excerpt Description Issue
Gutenberg columns and centered title not working
Can't update the grid
Background image is the latest posts featured image in each section on blog archive
Need help with 'The Grid' shortcode placement
Page Editor Won't Load - Pro & Standard
WooCommerce Terms & Conditions box not displaying content
Posts Drafts Have Disappeared, Unable To Be Seen In Cornerstone Editing or Preview, Able to See Draft in Wordpress
Still having problems with Multiple Headers, buttons, images and headlines on different page breaks
"Contact Form 7 is Not Active"
Text shows everywhere except in browser
Posts pages
I cannot download any template from design cloud to my X theme
How to disable Pro Theme video player and use WordPress default
After WP update blog post contents disappared
Page CSS completely missing on certain pages, plus other CSS errors after update
One Page Navbar background color + changing the height of a row
Cannot edit
How to Insert Image/Contect in Classic Slider
Getting errant CSS on my web page
Can't validate X on staging site
Element failed to render
Getting errant CSS on my web page
X PRO problem after last update
Installation design cloud
Cornerstone still not working
Customize X in Theme Options BROKEN
Menus Very Slow in Admin
How to place Social media in a row in a custom footer
Submenu Column without Ubermenu
Physical memory maxed - prevents changes saved, hangs site
How to create a rollover drop down in a Pro custom header
Dc:post:title SEO bug
Display issue with Slider Revolution and Convert Plus pop-up
Wordpress site health
Video Controls - Layerslider Mobile
Blockquote marks not showing
Editing view is different from actual site view
Fatal Error: Memory Limit
THE GRID plugin - Visibility settings not working
Countdown Timer wrong - resets higher with refresh
Using WooCommerce Products Cornerstone Element changes Page Title
Header Unresponsive
"Contact Form 7 is Not Active"
Update Causing Visual Composer Failure
Featured List Items - Broken when viewing page
Scrolling Keeps Sticking on Integrity Theme
My background disappears
Essential Grid with full activation not displaying backend, frontend or live
Essential Grid - Meta filter problems
Blog posts using Polylang Displaying in PRO builder but not on live site
The Grid Plugin Visibility Settings
Pro Unlimited License will NOT Validate again
Increased hamburger size
Page Styling Disappeared
Page BG image not showing - Backstretch or x theme bug? HELP!
Motivational Hero Video - Is there a way to get this to play automatically?
Items in WooCommerce shop cathegory are not properly displayed after update
Grid wont be a slider
Wordpress 5.6 errors. Undefined element
Issue with the accent
Adding Elements in Cornerstone
Sticky Header (on mobile) gone after upgrading fro X to Pro
Add code so form will pop up when clicked
Background Lower Layer image - pattern repeat?
Header footer not loading correctly in Safari
WooCommerce 2-Column Product Listings on Mobile
Updated to wordpress 5.6 got black screen of death
Xtheme update 7.2.3 causing navigation issues?
Superfly error still
Checkout and Cart not showing up
X theme footer font bold
ConvertPlus Email Notification Not Working
Integrity-business slider not found
Sidebar page editor fails to load elements. Console Error
Blog Posts Disappear upon Page load
Moment is not defined
Strange code attached to URL
Envira Gallery Addons will not install
Wordpress Site - Cornerstone Issues - Won't Save to Cornerstone
Footer border color does not respect hex codes
Grid not working
Slider revolution not working properly
Masonry blog index not showing up unless logged in
Site says validated but then after refresh says not validated
Image becomes blurry
After auto notification today and updating theme X from 7.* version to the latest one 8.0.9 today the site giving me fatal error but solved myself
Page Load Jumping On Every Page
Unable to save on one page only. The rest of the pages work fine
Where did options go?
Changes not visible
Remove individual Portfolio link item
Shortcodes inside Accordion won't compile after update
Are xtheme or cornerstone adding images to my media libary?
Changed Homepage, new homepage loads on windows and android, old home page loads on apple
Actual view on iphone is different from web view
Woocommerce products shown twice using Restaurant theme
Pro Menu Sizing and Location
Ethos Portfolio -(1) back/forward buttons and (2) display order
Changes To Ethos Renew Magazine Layout
Pro License Not Validating Even When Revoked
Category Preview text missing since last update
Problems with page —I cannot add or change it
Can't use editor in X or Pro
Gravity form button displaying incorrectly
Pro 5.0.4: Flexbox not working on Navigation Inline
Allow Super-navigation Bar To Be Absolute / Transparent to Showcase Image
Switched to Multisite, Pro Editor Not Working on Main Site
Pages not loading consistently after Standalone Cornerstone Builder Updated to Version 5.0.10
Design Cloud failure due to cornerstone issue
Concole problems
Lightbox image size 2
Navbar - ethos - remove space between menu item and hover bar
Staging site not verifying for my license?
Lightbox shorcode is not working
Lightbox Issues: Used to work / Not loading images correctly
Failed x theme update
Revolution slider video not starting unless clicking somewhere
Theme Validation Failing
Lightbox shortcode issue in X theme v7.2.3
Missing elements in portfolio breadcrumb (PRO)
Fonts Not Showing Up Correctly On Page Load
Cornerstone not working due to iframe response being incomplete
Pro Theme: WPML overwrites translation with content of default language page
Slider Revolution - portal effect hero slider template
Can't access Theme Option in Pro
Template from DesignCloud not showing in pro builder
Meta Description Not Showing Since Update
Website times-out when working within XTheme
Full-width parallax featured post image not displaying for PHP 7.2
Button style like 'contact' in 'Like You Mean It'
Giant text in cornerstone editor
Cornerstone still not working
On X 4.3.4 and can't seem to find a way to upgrade
Lost Primary Menu on Home page for Desktop & Mobile
Header headline & text layout
All Slider revolution slides not showing in the entire website
Javascript issues causing certain page to not load properly
I updated my plugins and now I can't change anything for my search appearance
Why is the Why is the lightbox shortcode not working with WordPress 5.6?
Error after updating X 8.1.2. / 8.1.1 or 8.1.0
Change content width for smaller screens sizes
Issue with mix-blend-mode
Upgrade caused content to go behind header
How to change the PayPal logo in my woocommerce checkout
Ethos Magazine demo pages are empty
X theme Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response
Grid element missing after update to version 8.1.5
Under construction Key Not working - August 6th, 2020
Pro theme: why is my site not loading faster?
Change color by mouse-over
Slider Revolution Issue - Not Appearing Full Screen V 6.2
Trying to instal Gym Templete
What I've built isn't what's showing
Reassigning licences
I can't access cornertsone it says ERROR 500
Cant drag and drop elements
Theme Update Broke My Site
LearnDash X Pro links going to 404 error
Uber Menu don't load
Woocommerce makes my featured image incapable of loading
Excessive Caching Data flooding server
PRO builder not loading due to http/https mismatch
Help with the header
Edit With Pro Button Not Loading On New Pages or Posts
Single-Product.PHP not being recognized
The Grid Plugin Won't Update
Pro-modify product pages
Can't install site from design cloud
Essential Grid suddenly stopped displaying on pages
Can't install site from design cloud
Essential Grid: cannot make it (X PRO)
Edit header size and image size in search results page
Envira Gallery Addons will not install
Global Blockrow of buttons wrapping in footer
Cornerstone editor not working - generic white page
Essential Grid removing fonts - saving - fonts remain
Default Page Template and or header after switching page builder
Double play bar in video element
Add button to of canvas area
Toolset Fields Issue
Unable to launch Cornerstone, Theme Options etc
Content isn't displaying in the footer
Woocommerce shop page changed format
Can't find Content Builder to build new page in Pro
X Pro Theme Options loading 3 times
Pro theme: why is my site not loading faster?
Can't edit some pages in cornerstone since 5.5 upgrade
Congratulations! Your site is validated. Addons are now unlocked
Assign Header To BuddyPress Pages
Font for Czech or Polish is not being shown well
Broken Dropdown Menu Icons
Slider revolution crashes page format
Links are turning white in live view
Footer is shown on the right-hand side of the page
Category page on Directories Pro plugin
Background Image on classic section still not working
Navigation issue
Can't authenticate migrated site
Blog entry drop shadow
Website homepage looks different while editing and live
Remove Menu Drop Shadow and White Line
WPML + Pro + Cornerstone
Design Cloud Issues in Wordpress
Failed to save error + CSS deleting
Scrolling Not Accounting for Sticky Header
Unbale to create new pages | Conerstone | WordPress 5.5.3
Preview different from edit screen
Adding an image from Pinterest
WooCommerce + ME Calendar = spinning cart
Can't access Pro editor
Don't show related in product detail page
My website says "there has been a critical error on this website"
Convert Plus - There was an issue with your request. Administrator has been notified already!
Posts not showing on page
Contact 7 Form being deleted when I create new or duplicate
Fatal Error in class-coalescence.php
Installation Errors
Mobile Menu Not Working Anymore
The preview could not load due to the iframe response v7.2.3
Chart JS plugin
Design Cloud problems
X Theme broke Wordpress Console
I can't access some of my skins in the Skin Builder
Background cuts off
[29-Dec-2020 22:47:30 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Header, because the name is already in use in /srv/htdocs/wp-content/themes/pro/cornerstone/includes/classes/regions/class-header.php on line 3
Front end looks very different to back end preview
The themeco pro layout is not opened
Slow querys
Updating X results in white screen
Help spammer are injecting code in cornerstone
A gray bar is showing in my header suddenly
Theme X license validation error
Product Filters for WooCommerce not displaying correctly on Category Archive Pages for logged in members
Preview No Longer Working After Installing Multiple Domain Mapping Plugin
Update broke menu & footer
Critical Error with 7.2.3 update
White page when trying to activate license
Archive.php Children's theme pro
Sidebar not showing on shop pages
Help with Essential Grid to Vertically Align Nav Buttons in the Middle Please!
Content doubled on front-end on recently edited or created pages
Essential Grid not working with Crafty Site
Player Videos Randomly Stopped Working
Mobile Menu 'Navigation Collapsed' Sublinks Won't Open
Gap above and under Rev. Sliders
"Uh-OH, failed to save message' Parent Pages
Theme x Pro Header Submenu not working on mobile
Pages disappeared
Blog post meta now includes the text from a button
bbPress, Nested Replies, Style broken
Putting an image and text in Classic Slider
Update to Theme X 8.1x Cornerstone 5.x unable to edit site
Trying to remove an image
Gallery - Auto pull images through to essential grid
Making a slider truely fullwidth
WOO Product Table Possible Issue
Page titles not displaying
Uh oh! Content failed to save
Wordpress Dashboard went blank with new updated X theme
Hide during breakpoints not working correctly
Visual Composer pane is blank
Pro editor gone
Navigation Collapsed on a standard page - no toggle button?!
Ethos Top Banner Post Carousel Blank After Recent Update
ACF plugin not shown under plugins, only in dashboard sidebar
Schema error since last update
Portfolio layout changing between pages
Missing Parallax
Broken Pro Links after Theme Reinstall
3 pages returned 4xx status code
Cornerstone not saving parent pages
Website Crash due to updates
Embedded YouTube videos not showing up in new Layout Builder
After I upgraded X and Cornerstone my blogposts, will not display on Safari
Space under Revolution Slider on mobile
Fonts and colours have changed
Global Blocks : 404 causing "The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete"
Menu issue on updating to Pro 5.0.5
Modern Events Calendar not working on certain pages
Pro header builder suddenly doesn't translate correctly via WPML flags
Problem with 'content area dropdown' and image sizes
After conversion to Pro some pages do not load the WP page edit screen
X-Pro missing category within breadcrumbs
Padding from the seccion in X Theme
Cornerstone not loading Google Fonts
PRO: Center Header Elements
Cornerstone license won't validate in site
Fixed header in pro header builder
Login at top of site
Woocommerce state and country dropdowns not working in firefox
Cornerstone is no longer working in X theme
Remove button and change text colour in cards
How to remove background margins and make page full width
Classic column container v2
WP recipe maker
X theme extensions not working + blog page Integrity
Stretch video across entire container
WPML / SEO Press Plugin - Sitemap issues
Selecting skin in Essential Grid
Post stops saving, shows as "page can not be found". Images disappearing from Media library
Image element wont stick nor be at bottom
Rev Slider layouts shifting on their own
Weekly Specials on Bamboo Restaurant Home Page
Incorrect page display in foreign languages
Performance and Layerslider loading
Youtube Embed video not playing and on iOS black with line through it
Pro 4.0 header troubles - can't get it to show up with assigned pages
Images are not displaying in Pinterest with a URL error
Help getting started with Design Cloud
Naviagation Module does not display on Iphone
Lost menu connection in the footer somehow
Wpml and cornerstone
Content Area Modal issue with rounding corners for image
Dragging/dropping in elements in X theme not working
New WP site, New install of PRO, validated but all URLs are not found except for nWP
My Content Carousel just Disappeared?
Cornerstone problem after migration
5.0.5: No "Edit with Pro" button
Common Envira loading problem
Need help finding code topbar
Website crashed following Cornerstone update
Updated X & Cornerstone, website now in error state, parts of pages missing! Undefined Element error in Cornerstone
Void-menu desktop vs. mobile
How do I keep my text from collapsing to another line when shrinking browser width?
Custom Post Type Sub-Category Archive not Displaying Custom Posts
WooCommerce incompatible with X
Cornerstone and Theme Options redirects to log in screen
Cannot edit the text on my page
Ethos magazine image carosel Not showing featured posts
Apex Pro Theme Not Auto-Updating
Pro and WPML not working
Under Construction Goes To 404 Page On Save
WPBakery Library Templates Don't Work
The Grid slideshow too high
Modern Events Calendar - Images not changing
Google Analytics event tracking not recognizing IDs
License issue please help
No customizations are showing in Mobile Responsive
License issue please help
Can't add page
How to get box style only for text elements
Vimeo video errors after update: full screen + missing videos
Faster scrolling for custom links and text anchors
Page content Not showing up in cornerstone
Moved from WAMP to live. License validation doesn't "stick," and edit pages go blank
Navbar styling issue
Logo header
Warning: strpos(): Empty needle
How Do I Make Page Titles Appear and Add Space Between Header And Page Featured Image
License issue - Unable to update
Iframe In Pop-Up Modal Is Creating Page Errors
Video on mobile is there any options to make it happen?
BUG? Mobile Menu - Sub Indicator - Unable to resize
Global CSS not being applied at front end
Unable to Launch Pro / Cornerstone
Shortcode and Cornerstone issues
Issue with Accordion
X Pro 4 on Chrome OS
The Grid Plugin Cannot Edit Masonry Skins
Modern event calendar not loading / showing
Cornerstone Builder Issues
Pro unlimited validation not working
Can not update pages
Adding Commas to Counters
Upgraded to Pro, broke my site
Scroll down button/link
Cornerstone and Theme Options redirects to login screen
Invisible clickable button shadow problem
License Problem - already being used?
The Grid size problems
Editing Portfolio Item with Pro is missing the item's content
WPBakery Library Templates Don't Work
Issue with translated menu
Content area toggle secondary text line break <br> needed
[RESOLVED] Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token U in JSON at position 0 - The Grid
Navigation Inline Submenu positioning
Keep Button Particle Active, even when not in hover state
Id of button is not passed to <a /> in Pro 4.0.10
Update to latest version and header menu disappears
Footer: resize images to fit 100% screen width in mobile (responsive)
How do I get rid of this white space ethos stack
LayerSlider plugin update
Created website with Themeco Pro shows blank when editing
Ubermenu Mega Menu Not working. When You Attempt To Hover, The Menu Disappears
Page not found error appearing dispite backend page existing as live
Problem creating Article
Save File in Cornerstone, Select Dash board and Goes to WP Editor
Display Preview of Content on Pages in Search Results
Editing Search Results Page
Essential grid not allowing me to save or create
Demo Content - Auto
Problems with part of API Key disappearing when connecting Mailchimp
Dropdown menu not aligning left
Cannot install demo content and theme CRAFTY using Design Cloud
Can't edit any content since update
Cornerstone Version 5.0.10 disabled videos on half of my site
Please help - checkout page / ="woocommerce-shipping-totals shipping"
My website is posessed! Post titles keep changing
Having trouble with permanent URL and thumbnail
CSS messed up after updating to Theme X 8.04 (and Cornerstone)
Moved from WAMP to live. License validation doesn't "stick," and edit pages go blank
Typekit font not working in Essential Grid mobile
I got a square box on each text line, what happened?
Essential Grid problem today
Had 2 licenses of X Theme, Upgraded One, Need help with the other please
I can't access my wp-admin now please helpp!
Can't install Gym template from Design Cloud
License codes already registered but not showing in either of my apex accounts
Unable to install on Design Cloud
Pro License on Older Account Not Activating
Proper way to set up columns and rows
Layout builder with sidebar
Cannot Validate Pro Theme
My theme will not let me create a new section
Facebook Comment Feed not working in Safari - Loop
Broken Frontend | Backend not editable
Animations Not Playing
How to rebuilt the nav bar from the PRO template 'header - starter: hero' with icons that fill color when hover
SSL issues on page happening sporadically
Word Press Bakery Page Builder broken after latest Php update
Website not displaying on ipads and smartphones
Cannot save changes
The grid Facebook feed permission denied
The Grid Error - Facebook API
Couple of questions
I was working and all of a sudden got this message:::: Uh oh! Failed to save content
Navigation Inline not responsive
The Grid Plugin - not formatting correctly
Site askew; Google font not working since update
500 Internal Server Error after update
Submenu not working after update
Hover effect and link not working as expected
Estimation & Payment Forms - Forcing Payment
Staging site with license key not working
Underlining only text links
License Not Validating - other post answers not helping
Custom portfolio
Unlimited Sidebars
Migration problems
Link to ID with additional space on top
Nav Styling became weird after updating
Question marks on news
MY site broke and gives an error like php has been taken place(I think) the error was on the following
Embendded map on Pro
The Grid - Instagram Hashtag Feed Not working
500error on checkout
Burger Menu not working
Modern Events Calendar: event view missing location and organizer
New clone website, pictures (headers) not showing
Change Portfolio Skin Design
Cornerstone layout different to webpage layout
Global CSS not being applied at front end
Embedded YouTube Videos not display in published posts
Slider Revolution and another plug-in not displaying images
Element failed to render
X theme / Cornerstone crashes when changing site name
Updating Plugins Not Working
Cannot use Main Nav Menu on Mobile when Slider Revolution Activated
HTML code disappears when changing from text to visual editor
Using X Pro Header and Page Content is Going Behind Header!
WPML incompatibility
Design Cloud not loading although memory limit set to 512 MB
Svg in new elements and builder issue
Scrolling interruption
Header and Layout gone after update to 4.0.4
Amazon Pay plugin button image not working
Mobile Menu Not Working - Version 4.2
Get dynamic taxonomy via header composer
Cornerstone not showing content in editor – unable to edit site
Proper sizes of the images
Slider Revolution background video not displaying full size
Google Analytics Event Tracking - Buttons
Customising H1 etc tags
YouTube video Muted on Slider Revolution
WPML Media Translation does not work in pro 4.0.6
Font Mismatch
Essential Grid 3.0.3 with WP 5.5 or 5.46 is no longer showing grids on the front-end
Image Element - how to crop a landscape image to square?
Selecting an element to edit using Cornerstone not working
Font not working properly
The grid excerpt inconsistent
Responsive Navbar with Slider Revolution
Video background slow to load on mobile
License NOT Activating After Site Migration
BUG: Base Width & Height - Cannot Select Sizing Item
NavBar font color will not change
Woo Checkout fields width small
Licenses not working anymore?
Looper Consumer Items per page
Update assistance
Ubermenu font
Update Issues with 5.2.3
Assign a Global Header
The Grid - padding on mobile only
Essential grid and Revolution slider not working after latest updates
Pro preview not loading
How to hide PHP Warnings?
How to edit this part?
Dynamic content icon not showing up in button element
Sliders broken with X 7.2.3 and WordPress 5.5
Homepage not displaying properly
Excerpt Missing Cornerstone 2.1.4
Broken page during edit without saving! Information on SRCset and retina ready images
Particle highlight not showing on live site after update to Pro 4.05
Reassigning licences
# Nothing to Show Right Now string not found in WPML
Header with 2 absolute stacking bars
Site form not processing on mobile
Mobile Menu not working on Shop (Woocommerce) and Product Pages (Pro)
Server side returns showing in WP dashboard
Ethos blog index as list
PRO Builder not loading + Speed Issues
Menu changes layout breaking
Editing in Pro bug
Can't move an element
Update has caused cornerstone built pages to show blank in X theme
Search result showing code not content
Failed to save error
No features of X are working after updating X and WP
Error when trying to create a WC Archive Layout
Header Issue: Uploading new logo but it doesn't change
Pro Theme will not save changes in page builder
Subfolder WP is not getting validated like before
Pro Validation not working again
Remove Blog Heading and Padding around Edge
License update
Search result showing code not content
Portfolio filtering issue
Accordion Shortcode won't open after upgrade
Cornerstone Editor loading, but only showing "Content" and NOT working in the editor
Wrong menu on header regardless of setting it correctly
Broken grid in front-end, but not in cornerstone
Pro Headers "Sticky bar" looks unstable!
PRO 4.0.4 builder not loading due to cache plugin JS minify (W3 Total Cache)
WooCommerce Terms & Conditions box not displaying content
Slider Revolution 6.3.5 not working after update from 6.3.3
In-page anchor links not working
Global Blocks Cornerstone goes grey after making a modification
Cornerstone 5.1.5 version issue
Menu won't save
X-Theme single license validation succeeds... then immediately un-validates
Templates Help
Elements disappeared, misplaced or moved on the whole website
CTA not working after update
Header bar change background color on hover
No automatic update for Cornerstore plugin
Pro Theme V4 Not Functioning As It Should
Problem with Validating and Under Construction
Unable to auto-update PRO theme from the WP-admin
Weird bug on responsive padding on 5.0.6
Can't add blocks in Cornerstone
License failing to validate
Ethos zoom and scroll issue
ConvertPlus Loads on Pages it's not a part of
Navigation Menu Disappearing
Column display issue
Essential Grid not showing images
Can't edit many pages because they don't load
How do I add non elements when using Pro Editor to edit page content?
Custom fonts are present but not showing
Can not edit header?
YouTube Videos not showing in Preview mode
Issues with anchor links in one-page navigation (Wordpress 5.6, X-Theme, Ethos)
Unable to validate X new install - Please help
Custom Font does not show
Design Cloud Problem - Restaurant Demo
Anchor Links in menu not working
Preview Could Not Load - Can't Resolve
Background Video Not Displaying and Solution
Pro Dynamic Content not working in live site?
YOAST is not reading text in my Posts
Mobile menu parent link not linking
Cornerstone No Longer Functioning Properly
Making accordion title translatable
Can't activate X on specified Domain - Says activated and then reloads into "You need to Activate"
Problems after update
Woocommerce; How to pick what is shown on the product summary view
Icons still missing on updated X Theme with Integrity Business
Social Share, Plus sign in email
Horizontally align images inside caption boxes
Seeking Advise RE: font management
Cornerstone is not validating
Columns not displaying properly in browser
Site now showing insecure
Pro theme page builder not working after updates
Edit with cornerstone not working
Columns not displaying properly in browser
Change language blog terms
Essential Grid styling broken after changing link location
Problem with WPML/cornerstone
Embedded video on mobile and tablet doesn't show after update to x pro 4.0.6
Majority of element customisation settings appear to have disappeared from panel
My theme crashed and I don't know why
Issue with nav
Two semi transparent bars
Saving a Post
Cs_recall() Doesn't Work with Child Theme
Page won't slide very well
Accordions in row behaving weird
Demo site intallation
Particle highlight not showing on live site after update to Pro 4.05
Add Link to Icon in Classic Feature List
Formatting problem on smartphone with Contact Form 7 within column
Video poster missing and video does not play in 'video element'
Slider Revolution modal plugin error
Add Link to Icon in Classic Feature List
Modal links to external page, but it shouldn't
Header disappears
Cornerstone Loading Issues Invalid or Unexpected Token
Issue with the preview of portfolio gallery
Mobile Menu Button help
Header Background Image Size
Pro: Header Color Change
My Pro Unlimited licence is not working on a new website
Header and Footer not showing with new xpro version
The Grid Items Overlapping in Pro with masonry layout
How to add tile on word-press stories archive page?
Coding Woocommerce through child-Pro
Cornerstone Builder Broke our pages on the latest update
SiteGround Optimizer breaks Pro
Not able to edit in X Theme functions
Question to validate code
Retheme website
Woocommerce Update 4.9 - Creates HTTP error 500
How to make learndash short codes work with cornerstone
Demo Content Install Error
Google Font 400 error
Fit essential grid premium templates inside containers
Header translation since 4.0.x update
ACF field not displaying
Cornerstone not allowing edits
Child theme doesn't work
Optimization of web pages for different sizes
Images/Content Not Visible in Cornerstone
Validation plague
Side bars do not display content like "recent post" or "archives"
Embedded video on mobile and tablet doesn't show after update to x pro 4.0.6
Unable to edit Widgets
Featured Image Not Showing on Facebook
One page is not taking the styles set
Portfolio page not displaying correctly
Hover overlay with stylized text
The Grid sort option not working
Paypal dropdowns not working
Slider Auto missing
Anchor link going down too far on page
Envato purchase code will not validate
Accidentally deleted Soliloquy - Now fatal error
Theme options in X cratfy template is empty
License Isssue - Unable to update
Cornerstone Update is Not Functioning Properly
Theme X - themes missing
Default fonts
Conerstone update from 4.2.3 to 5.0.11 breaks website
Design Cloud - Like you mean it header
How to make section containing two columns of even width with no gap between them, no margins and paddings
Strange font size at breakpoint, cant find where is it
[embed][/embed] code no longer displaying audio after updating
Issues mobile view
Formidable form appearance changed
Headline + icon: how to set icon to be below headline?
How to use classic recent posts to show portfolio
Cornerstone not loading on web browser
Tags archive page: filter posts by tag
Cannot remove video download button without loosing playback options
Overlapping header element
The Grid compatibility and rss issues
Video Post Type Breaking Styling
Modern Events Calendar Plugin is causing a gap between header/footer and first/last section
The Grid "no content found" after updating
Slow initial load if unused for a few hours
The Grid compatibility and rss issues
Cornerstone content won't save and causes site to become unresponsive
Breadcrumbs problem
Cornerstone plugin: Critical Error on Theme/Plugin update 2
Video keeps playing after closing Modal in PRO
Fatal error when updating Pro theme
Don't know how to get rid fo the dd
Change font body copy and heading
Pro > Custom Header > Split Menu (Logo not centered for certain responsive screen sizes)
Updates not appearing in private browser
Critical error after theme update
Link on Desktop logo not working
Essential Grid not working with latest update
Custom font - blog post title
Change bg of a header
Portfolio stuck in loading
Slider revolution moves left on scroll
Background Video Doesnt play on IOS
Slider Revolution - Before/After Slider
How to decrease the size of logo background in the stacked header
Cornerstone Won't Load (insecure requests)
Page is not saving after updating content using Theme Pro Editor
Update Pro
E & P Form Builder
Wordpress Portfolio gone after Cornerstone 5.1.1 update
Renew stack - one page anchors - all menu links are highlighted on opening page
Front end broken after update - have cleared all caches
Builder Zoomed in but Site is fine
Cornerstone not loading on website
Custom font doesn't show after import on new URL
WebM video stop playing after one second
Loading Issues
Background image homepage not there
Header Fonts Broken
4xx error on uploads (images) translation WPML
Scrolling issue iframe in modal
Portfolio items pages show error 404 after x theme update
Pro License Won't Validate After Site Transfer of Domain
Layerslider not displaying properly on mobile
Column wrong alignment
Remove red highlight on images in X Theme Pro?
Dreaded "429" Error
Old articles doesn't work
How to add widget in Footer on specific pages?
Extra spacing around Alert shortcodes after latest update
Cell Hover & Image Hover
First tab no longer open by default
Set Up Products in WooCommerce
Classic Feature List animation glitch
Looper with conditions repeating first item
WPML translation error in Pro 4.1
Issue with contributor role editing pages
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Unable to load content from post
How to create a one page show with menu to jump to the sections using XTheme?
Layer Slider Transitions
WooCommerce Stripe card icons now full width after updating
Cornerstone not loading to edit
Woo Cart/Checkout thumbnail size
Break long menus to new line in X-Pro Footer Menu
Page displays wrong - Works after reload though
Unable to install website via Design Cloud
Assigning archive layout to homepage
Upgrade to Pro 4.2.3 can no longer edit
Homepage video worked fine all of a sudden it won't play
Alignment issues on blog page
"The Grid" Plugin not working properly after Theme Update
Different displays in chrome and safari
Typography issue - menu, footer widgets & breadcrumbs
Looper Query String crashing site
Pro editor not loading. And I've tried everything suggested by developers in other posts
Sticky posts in layout builder
Hide elements with dynamic content CSS classes?
Validation error after succesfull validation message
Unable add assets from design cloud
Woocommerce Archive pages not showing placeholder image
Last Update Renders Pop Up Content Modals Wrong
Cornerstone Error with manual translation with Polylang
Essential Grid broken and Site
Critical Error on my website
New Content Not Being Shown On Blog Roll
Licence doesnt work at test server
Parent Page - only partial list of options
Pages not scrolling on mobile
Cornerstone plugin: Critical Error on Theme/Plugin update 2
Updated Pro and now page edits don't save to front end
Site not loading from Design Cloud
Header Font only changing on Home Page
Bugs on latest update Pro Theme
Form integration element issues
Html in Post Pagination element not rendering
Have you updated your Google Analytics plugin to work with Google Analytics V4?
ACF Field Value and Shortcodes
Contact Form 7 can't be saved – redirects to 404 instead
Blogs Footer
Cornerstone Media Library Image Upload Issue
PRO can't edit the correct page
4.3.3 Pro Update Issue
Portfolio Item - PDF iFrame covering Text
Dynamic Content "Term" not working to show category on each post in search results
Woocommerce single product page information tabs background customisation
Design Cloud - cannot find header rhythm in motion
Sublink Indicators navigating to toplink address
Cornerstone editor not loading, wheel spinning
Sidebar error
Headers in Posts page
Format theme and elements visible in Cornerstone, but not on preview or live site on mobile devices
Please help! Products not displaying correctly when viewed on a laptop
Cornerstone Caused Error
How to use custom font
Can't register my valid license (2)
Checkout Spinner Not Loading Correctly
The submenu on mobile is always open!
Page styling not displaying properly
Image Array - Date Modified Field Possibilites
Cannot edit footer
Spotlight - Social Media Feed plugin conflicts
Delete Unwanted Box
Cornerstone update broke pages that utilize cornerstone
E&P Form Builder Coupon
PHP Warning, problem with cornerstone
Update Issue
How can I add the current date to a page
Critical Error when adding Text element
Pulling ACF data from custom post type through a Post Object
Full page background image renew stack
Metaslider Links not working with Pro Child theme
Adding Style CSS to Section
"The Grid" pictures disappeared on several websites
Cornerstone is tripping up MemberPress payments
Can't See Global Blocks on Cornerstone X
Modal & Form
Eclipses Demo Failed to Finish Importing
Blog page build
Cloning into second language does not work
CF7 no spinner on submit
The Preview Could Not Load Alert
Wrong column spacing and alignment
"Oops, Slider Not Found" Error
Header and footer are not showing on frontend
Changed global block not showing
Theme Options missing for X after plugins update
Modal area
Mobile Menu Disappears When Touched
Woocommerce Shop & checkout template
Content Modal closes on interaction
Image in header not scaling
Revolution Slider Not Working After Updating
Can't add link in text editor
Typography issue - menu, footer widgets & breadcrumbs
Website stopped working after X Theme update and Cornerstone Plugin Update
Slider Revolution Font Issue
Content shift in Cornerstone Editor 5.2
Remove template pages from content navigator
Email forms adding users to WordPress back end
Pro Theme License Won't Stay Validated
Template Not Uploading
Can Anyone Help?
Cornerstone can't edit page without loosing all the content
How Do I Add A Shortcode?
CTA Interactive content using Pro
Phone number mandatory in Email Forms?
I need help
ARIA attributes do not match their roles on Canvas Toggle
Validation pro not working. Still not validated after entering the code
Essential Grid Cover Link stopped working after update
Graphic Icons not showing on element editor
Customize X in Theme Options not Working
Blog archive pagination shows same posts on further pages
Error with Video Player with X Theme
Cornestone Stock Spining
Cornerstone just loading - not able to edit any pages
I have added a condition to a Layout but it still displays as "unassigned"
Just Installed Theme - Error Message Re: Cornerstone Plugin
Image cover the whole front
Linking Modal to Column Issue
Preview Cannot Load Due To The iFrame Response Error
Cornerstone Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error
Uh oh failed to save error on site
Pro Editor not loading - white screen
Function setting problem
YouTube video not displaying correctly on frontend
Drop down menu style
Need help site is not loading once attempting to edit page in pro
Page content jumping to top of page in Pro
Website completely white except header after update
Uh Oh error on cloned/staging site
Error on german site
Disable Slider Revolution for Tablet in Portrait
Cornstone Issue
Why is the left section all the way to the left
URGENT: Rev Slider Wiping on Save
504 Gateway Time-out when using The Grid
Videos Not Working
Header & Footer Nav links different color on one page
Cornerstone not showing WYSIWYG
Modern Calendar stopped working
Page unable to save - 'oh oh! Failed to Save.' and licence code not valid
Navigation dots and text don't line upp. HELP!
Update to Pro 4.3.3 broke layout of coupon area in WooCommerce Cart Page
Pro editor changes not save
Warning in Builder
Essential Grid multiple filter dropdown not working
Changes to Headers not saved
Link not showing linked page
Align icons in footer
Yoast SEO not compatible with Pro theme?
Header settings on mobile
Theme X, footer, colors language selection
Help with Creative CTA element please! I'd like it to show all of the text on hover
iPhone scrolling still sticky after setting footer bar to auto height
[/cs_column][/cs_row] on bottom of web page now
Image not showing on posts element
Using Column Gaps as dividers, assistance with Product Index Layout
Feature Box Missing Icons
Pro theme: Scroll to section
WPML Transalted pages are not showing correctly
Cannot validate after updating to Pro
Raw Content Showing Double
Default page/post layout?
Pro theme is not able to save pages when editing
Wrong breadcrumbs direction on rtl pages
Scroll anchor shifts on page load
Headers, Footer, Global Blocks missing from admin
Video not chowing up on my blog but well in blog editor
Icons don't display
Event Espresso Breaking Masonry Grid Blog
Failed to install Auto when importing demo content/site
The Grid shortcode not working
Edit Menus Page Duplicating Additional Fields
Preview Cannot Load due to PHP?
There's an error on the blog page
Parallax Settings in X-Pro
Button CSS not working
Adding a Gallery with Lightbox to a Template using ACF Gallery Field
Email of contact forms NOT working!
Headers not displaying on assigned pages
Fatal Error restricting access to backend
Formatting template gone in other language
How to translate elements like submit button of comments
Console error product gallery
WPML Language picker doesn't show the correct language Pro 4.1.5
ConvertPlus not showing?
Anchor links does not work
Design Cloud: site- Auto
LinkedIn social sharer not working
ConvertPlus deleting problem
Page crashes when The grid and Cornerstone are activated at the same time
Output not displayed by layout when entering the page editor
Cornerstone causing fatal error on Wordpress log in
Pro Builder Keeps Redirecting To WP Login Page
Error al actualizar tema y Cornerstone
Menu Navbar assistance
HELP: The preview could not load due to the iframe response being incomplete
Pro - Nothing in Design Cloud
Customise Search Results page using loopers
Slider Revolution Video Glitches
Undefined element - how do I get it back?
Double sound and Autoplay issue on YouTube Video using Content Area Model
Display Product Category
Child Theme--Wordpress thinks Pro is not installed
Where to add mailchimp popup code on Crafty site?
Blog post page 2 not working
New Posts and Pages not appearing in Conditions drop down menu
Design cloud content problem
Why isn't my site locked in horizontally? It slides side to side when you scroll
Mobile issues for menu and images
Content Area Off canvas broke after updating Pro
403 Cookie nonce is invalid
Z-Index with for Global Block Modal
I need help removing awkward gaps please
Shortcode is not working
Problem with installing Cornerstone
Licene code not working
Cornerstone - Pages not loading
Recaptcha error in cornerstone
Site broken - all updates installed
Fatal error Cornerstone
Uh Oh message page builder
LayerSlider Element not showing up
Terms & Conditions Dropdown Not Showing Designated Page During WooCommerce Checkout
Migration to xpro failed
Pro and Font Awesome
Elements missing from website
Issues with Pro - "Edit with Pro does not open"
Header is not displaying correctly
ESTUDIO NARANJA Design Cloud loading "undefined elements"
Undocking a pane and docking it back: no more scroll until reload
Upgrade from X Theme to Pro | Billing & How-to Questions
Problems with Grid
Page is empty
Cornerstone Not Launching Page I select to edit in Cornerstone 5.2.2 and X 8.2.2
Images not showing on mobile
New sections not displaying live
MEC Front End Event Submission Doesn't Work
Problem clicking on modal video
Icon not working on revolution slider
Adjust Margin Top of text Responsive Design
Mobile Search not working on mobile
Broken Page
Sticky header in the way of one-page layout navigation
Spacing Issues in Pricing Table with Pro
iFrame Response Error (Pro, Cornerstone)
Remove X/Pro WooCommerce Hooks and Filters
"Undefined element: This element could not render because its definition is missing. You might need to activate a plugin"
Essential Grid - Meta filter problems #2
First tab no longer open by default
Gravity Form Right Column First Child CSS Issue
My cornerstone won't open anymore
Search Result formatting varies for a specific search term
Replace location (ORT and ORT 2) headline in modern events calendar
Pro - Can't edit web page content in Pro/Cornerstone editor page, sidebar is blank
404 for x specific URL (theme-options...)
Content area not loading when editing page after cornerstone update
Video in Slider Revolution doesnt work after update
Extra "footer" box on website after WordPress Update
Pro Licence registration error
Debugging after backup import
There has been a critical error on this website - help
Crafty demo site bug
Limited Margins
Reveal/Hide Pro Header based on WooCommerce Membership
Some of the page are not displayed
Cannot edit ANY other page with PRO other than default web page
Background upper and lower layer show nothing
PRO license won't validate
Setting 'Featured/Highlighted' Posts on Homepage
Missing Block Editor
Lightbox Galleries
Footer shows up on right hand side of page
Unable to create a new section since update
Pro editor buttons not displaying properly
Mobile menu fix
Button Displaying Incorrectly on IOS
Showing all Pages in certain category
Pro: Navigation modal not showing under 480px screens
Woocommerce product category text size
Inline Alignment of Social Icons
Video Disappeared From Front Page
I have lost my entire Projects section from my x theme wordpress
Maps not filling entire space
Newest Update Broker Mapping Plugin
iFrame Response Error (Pro, Cornerstone)
Videos not working on site (anywhere)
Cornerstone activation failed
Anchor Links Not Working (Safari/Chrome)
Envira Gallery no longer allows new galleries without license code
Thrive Quiz Builder Top Scroll Question
My css for the added to cart alert is not working since the most recent update - can you help?
Move footer
Mobile menu and footer Issues
Creative CTA - background image size
Cannot reassign my x theme license
Header & Menu Not Displaying Properly on Mobile Devices
Classic Parallax in Pro
Shortcodes no longer work in Contact Form 7
Blog Masonry Not Appearing
Header Assignments
Mobile menu no longer works
Video displaying in tags
Creating a layout for a Category Ancestor
Minor sizing issues
Cornerstone 5.3.3 broken after update
Create Side by Side Email Forms
Navigation Dropdown Menu - new bug
Mobile Menu not working following update
Modal toggle background image responsive
Blog Posts (customizing and functionality)
Shaking Dropdown on Mobile
Show New Text on Post with last 72 hours
Pro Editor not loading - stuck spinning (and I've tried a lot of troubleshooting suggestions)
Update causes buttons to break
Breakpoints difference between item setting and page view in Safari
Post not showing on Mobile
Is X Theme double tracking my Google Analytics?
Question about blog posts (regarding typography & tags)
Homepage looks correct on backend but not on frontend
Uneven number of products displayed on shop page
License Already Registered / Revoke Not Working
Unable to use cornerstone/edit website
Blog Full Width
Layouts vs Templates
How to make backgroudn of one section continue partly down to the next section?
Custom video hight?
Disable auto-scrolling?
Image carousel/slideshow
Essential Grid: Custom meta field not displaying when editing Custom element
Recent Update Crashes Website
Looper Provider: Query string issue (Toolset)
Link Colors changed - is not what I have it set as,
CSS selector issue
Clean install Pro license
Cornerstone displaying older content than what is on the page
Archive Layout does not show "Find a Template"
Revolution slider not showing + layout corrupted
Uber menu cant see submenues in vertical alignment