Getting Support

You've got questions. We've got answers :) Discover how to get support for your Themeco product or service.

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Online Resources

The fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions start with Docs. The good news is you're in the right place!

For version information including fixes, features, and detailed notes on each development cycle check out the Changelog section to the left. To browse our online documentation for detailed articles and tutorials, you can search at the top of this page or navigate through the various sections.

Theme Support

Through the years, we've tested various support processes with the dual goal of providing fast, helpful assistance while also giving immediate access to online, searchable content. Forums have proven to be wonderfully effective at doing both of these things well.

Since the forum is searchable, it is always advisable to begin by browsing the thousands of existing threads. If that doesn't work, try going to Google and typing your question plus adding the word Themeco at the end. Chances are your question has already been asked (and answered) providing a quick resolution! If you need to post sensitive information such as a login or private page, there is a secure note feature you can add to a post. Please do not ever post sensitive information any other way. Learn how the forum works with pictures.

It is our goal to respond to product support questions within 24 hours, although typically much sooner. All questions are answered in the order received. If you have purchased one of our products from Envato Market, you must first register for access. All other accounts are created at time of purchase on our website. Already registered? You can login or reset your password.

Service Support

Care, One, Elite, and Pro Hosted customers have additional support options available in their account dashboard.


We count it a privilege and honor to support you and your website. Thank-you for the opportunity to do so! For theme customers, all support is provided in our forum. For service customers, there are additional support options listed within your Themeco account.

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