The Difference Between X and Pro

X and Pro offer incredible features for building beautiful websites. In this article, we'll explain the the key differences and help you decide which product is right for your next personal or client website.

  1. Common Features
  2. The Difference
  3. Who Should Use X?
  4. Who Should Use Pro?
  5. Summary

Common Features

  • Stacks. There are four Stacks to choose from - Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos, and they allow you to choose from multiple, completely unique designs with just the click of a mouse. Each Stack has its own unique styling which gives you a great starting point for your website.
  • Theme Options. A global 'Theme Options' panel allows you to customize the look and feel of your website. Here you'll find options that allow you set site-wide choices for things like typography and buttons. You can also make changes to the appearance of your blog and portfolio, amongst other things.
  • Portfolios. Create multiple unique portfolio pages so you can be creative with your creatives.
  • One-Page Navigation. You can easily activate one-page navigation on any page throughout your site with the selection of one simple option in the admin area. Doing this, you can create anything from simple, streamlined homepages to unique and engaging informational or product pages (and everything else in between).
  • Cornerstone. Our simple drag and drop interface gives you unprecedented control over the design of your pages and posts. Simply point and click and the page builder will take care of the rest. While both products have access to Cornerstone, how they access it and what they have access to is different (explained below).
  • Color / Font / Template Manager. Manage site-wide typography, color palettes, or create and store reusable content templates to use in different places on the website.
  • Global Blocks. This is an awesome feature that you'll absolutely love! With Global Blocks you can create specific blocks of content that are repeated throughout your website but managed in one place. Any changes you need to make in the future, simply go back to the one loaction and all edits are pushed out to every instance throughout your site.
  • Design Cloud. Looking for a design library with hundreds of professionally designed assets? Design Cloud is for you! X users have access to Site, Content, and Preset Templates. Pro users have access to Site, Header, Content, Footer, and Preset Templates. From individual Element styles to complete websites, this growing library of assets will help you get up and running right away! Browse the entire library.

The Difference

The key difference comes down to Cornerstone and a powerful Grid Editor.

Cornerstone includes a Header Builder, Page Builder, Footer Builder, Layout Builder, and Grid Editor. Pro users have access to everything and Cornerstone is built natively into the theme. X users have access to the Page Builder and Cornerstone must be installed and managed as a separate plugin (included with your purchase of X).

In addition, Pro's exclusive Grid Editor allows you to build highly custom and complex layouts powered by the CSS Grid Spec. It will show up in your Element library as Grid. Our Grid Series on YouTube walks you through everything from beginner to advanced uses of this cutting edge tool.

Who Should Use X?

X is a great choice for designers, content builders or developers that prefer to have more stylized choices built-in that provide a starting point in order to get a website built quickly. X includes pre-designed headers and footers for you to choose from and has a complete range of premium design assets that can be imported at the click of a button from Design Cloud.

Whether you start from scratch or use the array of pre-configured content we provide, X can also be extended easily with a little custom coding for more adventurous types, making it an good choice for novices and professionals alike. With X, anyone can have a great looking website with minimal effort.

Who Should Use Pro?

While both beginners and advanced users can use Pro (we all have to start somewhere), it is especially helpful for professionals or those who want maximum control over all options.

You can create as many custom headers, footers, and layouts as you like and assign them to different pages of your website - ideal for creating landing pages, one-off looks, and engaging funnels.

For example, in X if you want to overwrite the template used for a single blog post, you would need to use a child theme, have a working knowledge of WordPress' templating system, and be comfortable editing PHP files to get that working. In Pro you can design these templates natively using our collection of Elements and assign them all from within the tool. This can be used for blog archives, blog pages, taxonomy archives, shop pages, product pages, and more.

With the amount of control Pro provides, you'll have the freedom to create anything you can dream up. You truly are only limited by your imagination. And just like X, you can import premium assets from Design Cloud, add your own custom code through live editors, and much, much more. Pro is the ultimate website builder for WordPress.


Now that you know the differences between X and Pro, you can make an informed choice over which theme will serve your needs best. Whether you want the simplicity and range of pre-styled choices that come with X or the granular control that you get with Pro, you're going to have great fun building your next website with Themeco!

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