Search Inline

In this article, we're going to discuss the Search Inline Element and its settings.

  1. Search Setup
  2. Search Design Settings
  3. Search Input Settings
  4. Search Submit Settings
  5. Search Clear Icon Settings
  6. Customize
  7. Demo
  8. Summary

See the image below to see how the Search Inline looks:

Search Inline Example

To add this Element, simply search "Search" and select Search Inline.

Search Inline Element

Search Setup

The basic setup of settings of the Search Inline field includes the Setup and Content field groups.

Search Inline Setup


Setup includes the following fields:

  • Base Font Size - This is the basis of the font size. Changing this will change the size of the * Submit (the magnifying glass icon), the Input text, and the Clear icon. As an example, I changed the value for this field to 2EM and you'll see everything changed.
Search Inline Example
  • Width - Obviously dictates how wide the search form will be. You can set it by pixel, percentage, REM and EM.
  • Height - This is where you set how tall the form will be.
  • Max Width - The maximum width of the form. This is useful for responsiveness.
  • Background - There are two color pickers here. First, on the left, is the default color called * Base. This is the default background color. The second, the Interaction color is the background color of the form when the cursor is in it.

NOTE: When I use the term "form" I'm referring to this:

Search Inline Form Example


Search Inline Form Elements
  • Placeholder
  • Input Placement
  • Submit Placement
  • Clear Placement

Search Design Settings


Search Inline Margin


Search Inline Border

Border Radius

Search Inline Border Radius

Box Shadow

Search Inline Box Shadow

Search Input Settings

Input Margin, Input Text Format and Input Style all allow you to configure the input textbox.

Search Inline Input Settings

Want to make the text all caps? You can change it using the Text Decoration setting under Input Text Style. Want to change the Font Family and Font size? That's easy, just go to Input Text Format and make the changes there. Possibilities are virtually endless.

Search Submit Settings

Want to change the size, color and margins of the Submit button? Something like this one below?

Search Inline Submit Example

Then the settings such as Submit Setup, Submit Margin, Submit Border, Submit Border Radius and Submit Box Shadow are available to you.

Search Inline Submit Settings

Search Clear Icon Settings

Just as you can configure the design of both the search form, submit button and search input textbox, you can also configure the Clear Icon.

Here's an example of a configured Clear Icon:

Search Inline Clear Icon Example

The settings available are the following: Setup (where you set the size, color, background color etc), Margin, Border, Border Radius and Box Shadow.


The Customize pane consists of various features that allow you to take further control over your Element's styling and functionality:

  • ID Sets an HTML ID on the Element.
  • Class Sets an HTML Class on the Element.
  • Element CSS Use this feature for increased stylistic control of your Element, especially over nested markup. Click here for more detailed information on this feature, such as using $el to dynamically target the base tag, et cetera.
  • Hide During Breakpoints Hides the Element at different screen sizes when design alterations are needed. Click here for more information.
  • Conditions Adds / removes Elements from the page when certain criteria are met (e.g. If a featured image is set...). Click here for more information.
  • Custom Attributes Use this option to add custom HTML attributes to the root tag of the Element (e.g. data-info="123"). This can be particularly helpful when integrating with various scripts and libraries.


To see a live demo of the Search Inline Element click here.


Now you know how to use the Search Inline Element and how to configure its options to achieve your intended look.

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