In this article, we're going to explain how to translate your content using WPML.

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WPML is a popular plugin for multilingual WordPress installations. X/Cornerstone and Pro support the WPML plugin. Following is the steps you should take to install and configure the WPML plugin.

How to Install WPML Plugin

After purchasing the WPML plugin, you will get the installation zip file of the plugin. You need to install the plugin like any other WordPress plugin by going to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button. Then click the Choose File option and select the zip file that you already have on your machine. Click the Install Now button and follow the installation process.

After the installation of the plugin, you will be redirected to a setup wizard of the plugin.

Content Language

WPML Setup 01

The first step is to choose the primary language of the website. WPML considers one language as the primary language. Choose the main language of the website in this step.

Translation Languages

WPML Setup 02

The second step is to choose additional languages. You can add one or more additional languages to create the multilingual setup. Choose the languages that you want to set up in this step.

Language Switcher

WPML Setup 03

The third step is to set up the language switcher which shows each language flag and gives a tool to the visitor of the website to change the language of the website. You can add the language switcher as a WordPress widget or in the footer of the website.

WPML Setup 04


WPML Setup 05

You can decide whether you want the plugin to send anonymous data to improve the quality of the plugin or not in this step.


WPML Setup 06

The last step of the WPML plugin setup is to enter the Site Key that you received after purchasing the plugin.


To translate a page in X/Cornerstone or Pro, you can use the language switcher that comes with the page builder. Go to the page using the Cornerstone or Pro Editor and add the page with the primary language.

WPML Language Switcher

At the bottom right section of the screen, you will see a language switcher that you can use to add the additional language translation. Click the new language flag. You will be presented with a dialog like a screenshot below:

WPML Dialog

You either can have a blank version of the page for the additional language and start creating a new page for that language, or copy the original version and then change the additional language page based on the original one.

Currently Components are not translatable by WPML, but in Cornerstone 7.5 we are introducing a way to integrate with the WordPress translation system to offer a way to translate content that could be used by any translation plugin.

Further Reading

For more information, check out these articles on the WPML site:


Now you know how to install the WPML plugin and get started with translating your content using the builders.

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