In this article, we're going to explain how the 'scroll top' feature works in the X and Pro themes.

  1. How the “Scroll Top” Feature Works
  2. Summary

How the Scroll Top Feature Works

Scroll Top is an icon that is displayed at the bottom left or right corner of the website after the user scrolls down a particular distance. Clicking on that icon will automatically scroll the page to the top of the page. This feature is very useful for long pages that would otherwise take a long time to scroll back up on, or on mobile devices which typically require more scrolling because the content becomes more vertically stacked. It looks like this:

Scroll Top Example

To access the Scroll Top options you need to go to WordPress Admin Menu > Cornerstone > Theme Options or WordPress Admin Bar > Cornerstone > Theme Options in both X and Pro:

Theme Options Miscellaneous
  • Scroll Top Anchor: Use this option to enable the scroll to top feature.
  • Scroll Top Anchor Position: Use this option to determine whether the scroll top anchor icon should be at the bottom right or bottom left section of the screen.
  • When to Show the Scroll Top Anchor (%): Set the percentage value for how far down the page your users will need to scroll for the scroll top anchor to appear. For example, if you want the scroll top anchor to appear once your users have scrolled halfway down your page, you would enter 50 into the field.


That wraps up the scroll top settings and concludes the Theme Options category. Great job!

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