Your Themeco Account

In this article, we're going to explain how to create a new Themeco account and talk you through the various options you'll see inside.

  1. Account Setup
  2. Dashboard
  3. Billing
  4. How To Access Support
  5. How To Make Changes

Account Setup

There are two ways to setup a Themeco account.

  1. When you make a purchase directly from our site, your account will be created as part of the checkout process.
  2. If you have purchased one of our products from Envato Market, you can setup your account here.


The dashboard provides a quick summary of your account related info including forum topics, product purchases, and more.


The billing page allows you to view all order info, subscriptions, and payment info.

How To Access Support

All theme support is provided in our forum. Simply click to create a new topic and follow the provided steps. We encourage you to browse first as there are thousands of answered topics.

If you have purchased a service such as Care, One, or Elite there will be additional support options listed within your account. To view them, simply click on the product entry for each service from your account dashboard.

How To Make Changes

For email and account changes, please visit your account page. For order and payment changes, please visit the billing page referenced above.

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