Create Galleries

In this article, we're going to show you how to use the WordPress Gallery feature to add image galleries to your posts. We'll also teach you how to turn those image galleries into X & Pro's slider.

  1. What is a Gallery
  2. How to Setup a Gallery in WordPress
  3. Insert a Gallery in Cornerstone / Pro Builder
  4. How to Setup Post and Portfolio Slider Galleries in X or Pro
  5. Summary

You can add images individual images to your WordPress posts in both the classic WordPress editor and the Gutenberg Image Block. When you add images this way, what you'll have are images stacked up on top of each other like below.

WordPress Stacked Images

What if you want them to beautifully display in columns and rows like below?

Gallery Sample

The solution is to use Galleries instead of individual images.

There are different ways to add a gallery depending on whether you're using Gutenberg or the Classic WordPress Editor.

Using Gutenberg

  1. Click on the + icon then click Gallery as shown below.
Add Gallery Block in Gutenberg
  1. Click the Upload button if you want to upload images from your computer and Media Library if the images you want to include in the gallery are already in your media library.
Upload Images
  1. Select the images you want to include in the gallery (they are the ones that have check marks) then click the Create new gallery button.
Create New Gallery
  1. Next is to click the Insert gallery which inserts the gallery to the post.
Gallery Inserted to post
  1. If you click on the gallery block, you'll see options available on the right side. You can choose how many columns to use in the gallery. In the example below, we've set it to 3.
Gallery set columns

Using the Classic WordPress Editor

  1. Click the Add Media button on the standard WordPress editor.
WordPress Posts Add Media
  1. Click the Create Gallery link at the left corner of the media dialog.
  2. Upload, or select the images that you want to include in the gallery.
  3. Click the Create New Gallery button.
WordPress Create Gallery
  1. Click Insert Gallery.

If you want to add a gallery in the Cornerstone or the Pro Builder, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Text Element.
  2. Use the Rich Text Mode and follow the same steps as on the previous section Using the Classic WordPress Editor.

Another option is to use the Gallery WordPress shortcode. Click here to learn more.

How to Setup Post and Portfolio Slider Galleries in X or Pro

Now let's say you want to display the gallery you created as a slider just like below:

Slider Gallery in X & Pro

You can do this in both Posts and Portfolio Items.

On Posts

All you have to do is to click on the Settings Icon then on the Post Format dropdown, choose Gallery.

WordPress Post Format

On Portfolio Items

  1. On the Portfolio Item Settings Meta Box, below the content editor, locate the Media Type option.
  2. Select Gallery.
Gallery Media Type
  1. Then for Featured Content, select Media.


Now you know more about the WordPress gallery feature and how to add it in posts and portfolio items. You also know how to turn them into X & Pro's slider.

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