Layout Builder Overview

In this article, we're going to discuss Cornerstone's Layout Builder and how it can be used to open up incredible design possibilities on your site.

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  2. Going Further
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The Layout Builder is a powerful tool that opens up a wide range of possibilities for developers and designers. Layouts in Cornerstone's page-building parlance refers to any asset that requires an assignment to be output globally or to a specific context for it to be viewable on the frontend of your site. This includes:

Remember that you are designing the layouts to your website. These layouts are designed once and then repeated across the context in which they are assigned.

Take your site's blog for examplesay you're viewing the blog index and you click on a post to view its content. Clicking on that index entry takes you to your theme's single post template, which is an overall design repeated for all posts that specifies the physical locations where certain dynamic, database driven information should be output (e.g. title, publication date, main content, et cetera).

Getting Started

To begin working with the Layout Builder, click on the plus sign (+) in the top bar to reveal the New Document pane. From here, you can select any of the layout types mentioned above to get started:

Layout Builder

Upon clicking Create, a new document of the type you selected will be added to your site and a tab will be opened for you to begin working:

Layout BuilderLayout Builder

To rename your document, you can double-click in the workspace header title or go to the Settings tab found on the Outline pane. Once finished, clicking the Save button will apply your changes:

Layout Builder

Don't forget that layouts require an assignment to actually start seeing your content on the frontend. This can also be administered from the Settings tab:

Layout Builder

Going Further

To learn more about the process for getting up and running in each part of the Layout Builder, check out these resources:


We've put together step-by-step tutorials on using Archive Templates, Single Templates, Headers, and Footers within the Layout Builder, so we definitely recommend checking those out! We also routinely add new videos to our YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe to get the latest.


We've covered an introduction to the Layout Builder, how to design and assign layouts, in addition to video tutorials so you can see it in person. We hope you enjoy this powerful addition to Cornerstone!

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