Updating Extensions

In this article, we're going to discuss Extensions and how their update cycle works.

  1. What Is an Extension?
  2. Themeco vs Third-Party Extensions
  3. Available Extension Versions
  4. Summary

What Is an Extension?

With every purchase of X or Pro, upon validation you will get access to our range of Themeco and premium third-party Extensions (WordPress plugins) at no extra cost. These Extensions are included with the theme and you do not need to validate them. You can use and access them by going to WP Admin Menu > X or WP Admin Menu > Pro.

Themeco Extensions List in the WordPress Admin

Themeco vs Third-Party Extensions

There are two kinds of Extensions available to you if you install and validate X or Pro:

Themeco Extensions

These are the Extensions that we have developed ourselves. We maintain and continually develop these Extensions internally.

Third-Party Extensions

Third-party extensions are developed by other individuals or companies. We have an agreement with their developers to provide these to you, and you can use them as long as you use our theme. Some third-party Extensions have their own validation process, but you do not need to validate these with the author as updates and support are provided through us.

Some plugin authors may make certain features of certain plugins only available if you purchase the plugin from them directly. This is optional and not required as we provide all updates as they are made available from the developer including support. Generally, these features are bonus in nature (for example, template demos in Revolution Slider) and do not prevent you from using the tool itself.

It's important to note that we do not develop or update the Extensions ourselves, as they are not developed by us. However, as the author releases updates, we check for the compatibility with our products and then we release the update to you.

Available Extension Versions

Whenever a third-party Extension is updated by the author, we take time to test it and check for compatibility issues. We know that you want stable software that just works out of the box, and that's why the latest version of an Extension may not always be the one we make available to you.

There is generally a number of considerations for us before we make an update available. For example:

  • Does the update address any security issues?
  • Does the update contain significant or major changes to the existing extension?
  • Are bugs being fixed that are known to affect our customers?
  • Are any changes required to our themes to accommodate the extension update?
  • Are other updates expected in the immediate future?

These are just some of the things we must consider, but we will always make the latest version of third-party extensions available to you as soon as possible. To find the latest supported versions of our products, Extensions, and more please review this version compatibility article.


That wraps up this introduction to Extensions. Now you know the difference between Themeco and third-party Extensions, and how updates are handled.

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