Design Cloud

In this article, we're going to explain everything you need to know about our design cloud and how to utilise it.

  1. What is the Design Cloud
  2. How it Works
  3. How to Install an Asset
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Summary

What is the Design Cloud

The X and Pro theme has a series of pre-designed, ready to use, templates that you can install and use as a starting point for your new website. Note that this is a feature that is available in X and Pro theme with the difference that Pro features Header and Footer templates in addition to Presets, Content and Sites. To check out design cloud templates online you can go to here.

Design Cloud Overview

How it Works

Our team of designers create beautiful premium templates which are added to Design Cloud and show up automatically within your WordPress installation. You can preview and install those assets with ease by pressing the Install button inside the Design Cloud panel. You can access the Design Cloud inside your WordPress Dashboard under X / Pro > Design Cloud.


In order to get access to our Design Cloud you will need to ensure the following steps are taken:

  • You'll need the latest version of X / Pro installed. Click here to learn how to update your theme.
  • Your X / Pro theme must be validated. Click here to learn how to validate X / Pro.
  • If you're using X you'll need the latest version of the Cornerstone plugin. Go to X > Plugins and if an update is available, click on the update link below the Cornerstone plugin. If an update is not available, then you have already the latest version.
  • You need to make sure that you have at least 512 MB of PHP memory in your hosting service. Click here to learn more about this.

How to Install an Asset

It is important to note that while the import of an Sites asset will not overwrite or alter any of your posts, pages, or portfolio items, but your Theme Options will be altered. This is necessary so that we can setup your installation similar to the demo of your choice. If you've already have your website setup but are still curious to try out a new Sites demo, please make sure that you first backup your Theme Options by going to the X / Pro > Validation menu Theme Options Manager section and clicking Export:

Theme Options Export

To install a Design Cloud asset you need to go to the X / Pro > Design Cloud section.

Once the Design Cloud panel has launched you can browse through a collection of Sites, Presets, Content assets. If you're using Pro you'll have additional access to Header and Footer assets.

Design Cloud Browse

You can filter, sort and search for specific assets and preview them by hovering over the thumbnail and clicking the See it Live modal.

The install process will be triggered by clicking the Install button underneath the thumbmnail which will make the asset available. If you're trying to import a Sites asset a modal will pop up which alerts you about the Theme Options overwrite and if the demo containers sliders it will ask you to install and activate Revolution Slider which can be done under X / Pro > Validation > Extensions. Click here for more information about the Revolution Slider plugin.

Design Cloud Browse

The install process may take a while depending on the speed of your hosting. When the import process finishes, you'll notice that the Install button has turned green.


You may encounter a Failed to install "Name of Asset" message which shows that there is a problem importing the data. Below is the list of possible causes and how to troubleshoot them:

Old Versions of X / Pro or Cornerstone

Make sure that you update the theme to the latest version and you have the latest version of the Cornerstone plugin.

PHP Memory Limit

To increase the PHP memory limit you may need to contact your hosting service provider. Click here for more detailed information.

PHP Execution Time Limit

If the hosting is slow it may take time to import the demo and it might go beyond the limit set by the server. Contact your hosting service provider and ask them to increase the PHP Execution Time to 300 seconds.

Installing the Asset Again

Another potential issue is that if you delete a Sites asset, and import the same asset again, it will not import the deleted pages, posts, or images. X / Pro remembers what has been imported, and won't reimport the same thing twice. If you've delete something, it will be assumed that you don't want it. However, there is a way to purge this cache and allow the importer to run fresh again. Just add &clean-cache to your URL. For example:

In doing this, you may run into duplicate items if you didn't delete them previously.

Other Reasons

There are many other factors that might be the problem cause which is specific to your hosting and the environment, so if you still have the problem we suggest that you open up a support thread and our support staff will be there to help you out. Click here to learn more about how to get support.


Congratulations, you should now have successfully learned how to use our Design Cloud.

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