Use Flex Layout

In this article, we're going to explain how to use Flex Layout and the power of Flexbox to its full potential.

  1. What is the Flex Layout?
  2. Flex Layout Settings
  3. Self Flex Settings
  4. Intro Video
  5. More Information
  6. Summary

What is the Flex Layout?

Flex Layout utilizes the power of Flexbox to provide you with an easy to use system for harnessing the potential of Flexbox in your website layouts. Simply put, it allows you to manage how Elements behave (and child Elements) with regards to spacing in and around and how they are positioned.

Flex Layout Settings

Let's go through all the different settings that our Flex Layout provides.

Flex Layout Controls

Layout - This option defines the direction of the children meaning they can either be positioned side by side or under each other.

  • Row
  • Column

Reverse Layout - If you want to reverse the order of the children then make sure to check this option. Basically imagine this like using a mirror.

Wrap Children - By default Flexbox will try to keep the elements on a row or column so wrapping children is a good way if you want to prevent this from happening.

Flex Gap - @since Cornerstone 7.5.0 defines the size of the gap between the rows and between the columns. (Cornerstone Video Tutorial).

Horizontal - Depending on your Layout settings you can define how the children are orientated.

  • Start - Positions the boxes in the beginning.
  • Center - Positions the boxes centered.
  • End - Positions the boxes at the end.
  • Space Between - Adds space between the boxes.
  • Space Around - Adds space around the boxes.


  • Start - Positions the boxes in the beginning.
  • Center - Positions the boxes centered.
  • End - Positions the boxes at the end.
  • Stretch - Streched the boxes out evenly.

Self Flex Settings

Flex Controls


  • Standard
  • No Shrink - Preventing the box from shrinking.
  • Fill Space - Sets the box to fill available space.
  • Fill Space Equally - Fills the space equally.
  • Custom - Control the grow, shrink, and basis properties manually

Flex Grow - If there is extra space in a column and you utilise this function then it will "grow" that column to make use of the unused space.

Flex Shrink If you want to prevent a container from shrinking you can set this option to 0. A 1 would indnicate a shrink if possible.

Flex Basis - Defines the fundamental dimension a box should take up.

Intro Video

As there is a learning curve for Flexbox, we've created a video that gives you a great introduction of Flexbox and how to use it. Make sure to check it out to get a full understanding of the potential.

More Information

Looking to understand more of the technology behind Flexbox? We've recommend you check out the two articles here and here to get a good understanding of all the mechanics.


You've just learned the basics of how to use Flexbox to create complex layouts and strucutres all backed by the powerful Cornerstone Builder.

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