Product Validation

In this article, we're going to explain how to validate X, Pro, and Cornerstone and why you should always validate your product.

  1. Benefits of Product Validation
  2. If You Purchased X or Cornerstone from Envato
  3. If You Purchased Pro Directly From Us
  4. Validating from the WordPress Dashboard
  5. Adding a Single License to Your Themeco Account
  6. Validating Development Areas
  7. Revoking the License Key
  8. Summary

Benefits of Product Validation

Our products are validated by submitting the license code that comes with your purchase for verification. Validation unlocks:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Extensions (X and Pro)
  • Access to Design Cloud (X and Pro)
  • Product Support

If You Purchased X or Cornerstone from Envato

If you purchased X from ThemeForest or Cornerstone from CodeCanyon (both part of the Envato network) you can get the purchase code following the steps below:

  1. Click on your account name at the top right section of the screen.
  2. Click on the Downloads menu item in the dropdown.
  3. Find the product in question and click on the Download button.
  4. Click on License certificate & purchase code in the dropdown to download the product information text file.
ThemeForest Item Download

Search for Item Purchase Code in the text file and you will find the purchase key to use in product validation.

If You Purchased Pro Directly From Us

If you have purchased the Pro theme directly from us you will need to go to your account dashboard and you'll find your licenses there.

Validating from the WordPress Dashboard

Now that you have the license ready, head over to your WordPress installation and access the product validation page as follows:

  • For X, go to X.
  • For Pro, go to Pro.
  • For the standalone Cornerstone plugin, go to Cornerstone > Home.
X / Pro / Cornerstone Validation Tab

Then you will see a screen which shows that the product is not yet validated. Simply add the license number in the box and hit enter:

Validation Section WordPress Dashboard

If everything is set properly you will see a success message and the validation screen will turn to this:

X / Pro Dashboard

Congratulations! You managed to link your product installation with the Themeco account and validate the product. Now you can use all the goodies including the Automatic Updates and Bundles Plugins.

Adding a Single License to Your Themeco Account

To add a new single license go to this page in your account dashboard. Simply follow the prompts at the bottom of the page to add the license.

Validating Development Areas

When you purchase an X or Pro Single Theme license, or Cornerstone plugin license, you can also use the same license to validate one additional domain for the purpose of site maintenance or development of the primary website validated under the license. For example, if your primary website is and you want to redesign or carry out maintenance for the same website, you can validate an additional domain, such as, under the same license. However, you may not use the license to validate a second unique or materially different website.

To validate your staging or development area, go to your account dashboard and find the license that you wish to add the additional domain to, then click the Add Staging button beneath the primary domain. Then just enter the URL for your staging or development area and save. Then this domain will also be validated.

Revoking the License Key

If you want to revoke a license from your WordPress installation, go to the validation page (as shown above) and click Revoke Validation link:

WordPress Dashboard Revoke Validation

You can also change the url assigned to each license from within your Themeco account dashboard.


Now that you know how and why to validate, it's time to explore the WordPress dashboard options.

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