Getting Started With Max

Max is a growing library of templates, tools, and training that teaches you how to supercharge your site building powers. Join us today!

  1. Overview
  2. How to Join
  3. Accessing Products
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  5. Frequently Asked Questions


Looking to take your website to the next level? Interested in learning about the latest in web design from leading industry experts? Like the idea of having access to done-for-you templates and purpose-built plugins? If any of this sounds exciting, Max is for you!

Max products are broken down into three main categories: Training is generally comprised of courses taught by industry experts, Templates are working examples or prototypes you can use, and Tech includes things like dedicated plugins.

These all work to complement one another, so if you are learning how to do something in a tutorial, we will typically include a template to accompany it. These templates allow you to instantly recreate what was shown so you can get up and running quickly. The current Max library includes the following products.

Any new releases, changes, revisions, or updates will show up in Max automatically, generally without the need of an update. Note: you must be on Pro 6.1+, X 10.1+, or Cornerstone 7.1+ in order to access Max products in Cornerstone.

How to Join

There are three ways to get access to Max products.

  1. You can purchase Max Unlimited. This is tied to your Themeco account and will work alongside your existing validation. Once purchased, Max products will show up in Cornerstone for all validated sites within your account. Unlimited members will also be able to access Max products from within their Themeco account dashboard as well as getting access to all current and future Max products as part of their active subscription.
  2. You can purchase a Themeco Membership. Each level includes access to Max based on the number of licenses purchased. Members will get access to all current and future Max products as part of their active subscription.
  3. You can purchase access to any individual Max product or purchase a Max Bundle. This will make the product(s) available to all validated sites within your account.

If you cancel a Max subscription you will be able to continue to use the product, however you will lose access to future products, updates, and support. If you purchase a Max product individually or as part of a bundle, you will continue to receive updates as they are made available.

Accessing Products

Since there are different types of Max products, there are multiple options for how you can access them. The goal is to make the relevant product available in a way that is most convenient based on its intended use. For example, managing or using a plugin is different then managing or using a template. As such, you will be able to access Max products in three different places.

  1. Validation Page (WordPress admin)
  2. Themeco Account Dashboard
  3. Template Tab (in Cornerstone)

The Validation Page is where you can see a full list of all Max products as well as those you have purchased. Plugins like Cornerstone Charts are managed from this location, and this is where you will go to activate and install. Your Themeco Account Dashboard will list all of the Max products you have purchased, and, when available, will include template files and course material as well. Finally, the Template Tab in Cornerstone will also list all available Max products. This is especially helpful for template files as you can automatically install templates directly from the builder.

If you purchase a new Max product from the Validation Page (WordPress admin) or Template Tab (in Cornerstone), the product will be instantly available if your license is properly validated. If you do not see it or it shows as locked, simply click "Refresh Validation" on the Max section of the Validation Page.

Video Tour

To access Max products in Cornerstone, click Launch Max from the Template Tab. You will then see a collection of all available Max products.

The navigation across the top will help you find videos, assets, and important information about that product. The modal is resizable, and you can also keep it open while working in the builder. This is by design and allows for a picture-in-picture presentation where you can either watch or listen while you work or have it up as a reference during your build.

Some Max products include template files. To use one of these templates, you can either click + To Document to open the Template on your current Document or + To Library to add it to your Template Library. If you’d rather not clutter up your Template Library, you can leave them in Max for safe keeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I disable Max content? – Yes, under Cornerstone > Preferences there is an "Enable Max" option. By default it is turned on, however you can disable it at anytime. Simply make the change, reload the app, and your changes will take effect.

How to Enable or Disable Max

How do I delete Max templates? – If you have installed a template that you no longer wish to use, you can simply delete it like you would any other template file. Once you do, it will be removed from your site.

Why is the Max product I purchased not showing in my builder? – Generally, this is because of the Max cache. It will renew every 3 hours, however you can clear it in manually in two different places. First, within Cornerstone > Preferneces > Actions click the Clear Max Cache. Second, on the validation page in your WordPress admin go to the Max section and click Refresh Validation. Both options will pull the latest purchase history.

How to Clear the Max Cache

How does the Max Single license work? – If you have purchased a Max Single license, you are only allowed to use Max products with that one license on that one domain. It cannot be transferred to another license, nor can any Max products be used with any other licenses or websites.

Where do I install Cornerstone Charts? – If you have purchased Cornerstone Charts, you can install it from the validation page in your WordPress admin under the Max section. You must be on Pro 6.3+, X 10.3+, or Cornerstone 7.3+ in order to do so.

Will purchasing Max extend my support? Yes! As long as you have an active subscription, you will also have an active support license for your account.

What is the best option? – If you are an existing customer, the best option is purchasing Max Unlimited. This will unlock all Max content for all licenses. If you are new or like everything bundled, one of our membership levels is the way to go as it includes Pro + Max.

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