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Installation & Validation

In this quickstart article, we'll help you to get up and running quickly by explaining how to download, install and validate your new theme.

  1. How to Download the Theme Files
  2. How to Install the Theme
  3. How to Validate Your Theme
  4. If You Purchased Pro Directly From Us
  5. Validating from the WordPress Dashboard

How to Download the Theme Files

There are two options on how you can obtain the installation files of the X theme. You can download them on ThemeForest or your Themeco Dashboard. Pro theme files can only be downloaded from your Themeco Dashboard.

Downloading X from ThemeForest

Go to ThemeForest and click on your account name. Then in the dropdown click on Downloads:

ThemeForest Downloads

You will now see a list of all items you've purchased. Go to the X theme press the Download button and select Installable WordPress Files Only.

Downloading X or Pro from the Themeco Dashboard

Go to your Themeco Dashboard and find your X or Pro theme license under the Your Products section. Click on the Download link and you're all set!

If you want to get a more in-depth tutorial on how to install our themes make sure to read our article here.

How to Install the Theme

After you've downloaded the theme files go to the Appearance section in WordPress and select the Themes sub menu.

Apex Pro Download

On the page click Add New:

WordPress Add New Theme

Then click Upload Theme:

WordPress Upload Theme

Install the theme file by selecting the Choose file option and locating the just downloaded zip file. Once done, press the Install Now button.

WordPress Choose File

Once the installation is successfull you will see a message like this:

WordPress Installing Theme

Click activate and you will be redirected to the theme's dashboard.

How to Validate Your Theme

Our products are validated by submitting the license code that comes with your purchase for verification.

If you purchased the X theme from ThemeForest you can get the purchase key following these steps:

  1. Click on your account name at the top right section of the screen.
  2. Click on the Downloads menu item in the dropdown.
  3. Find the product in question and click on the Download button.
  4. Click on License certificate & purchase code in the dropdown to download the product information text file.
ThemeForest Item Download

Search for Item Purchase Code in the text file and you will find the purchase key to use in product validation.

If You Purchased Pro Directly From Us

If you have purchased the Pro theme directly from us you will need to go to your account dashboard in your Themeco Account and you will see your license details there.

Validating from the WordPress Dashboard

Now that you have your license to hand, head over to your WordPress installation and access the product validation page as follows:

  • For X, go to X > Validation.
  • For Pro, go to Pro > Validation.

You will see an input field where you add the license number and hit enter:

Validation Section WordPress Dashboard

If everything goes accordingly you will get a success message:

X / Pro Dashboard

For more information related to the product validation make sure to check the article here.

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