Converting from X to Pro

If you're thinking about switching from our X theme to Pro, this article will explain how to do that. We'll show you how to convert your license, how to change your theme installation and what to do if you're using a child theme.

  1. Things to Consider Before Converting
  2. How to Convert Your License
  3. How to Change Your Theme
  4. Using a Child Theme
  5. Summary

Things to Consider Before Converting

In order to convert from X to Pro, there are few things to consider. Firstly, you'll need to convert your license from X to Pro, paying the difference between the price paid and the current price of Pro. Secondly, you'll need to change the theme you have installed from X to Pro, either via the WordPress dashboard, or via FTP (more on that later).

Before converting, we strongly advise you to make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the X theme. Whenever you perform any theme updates, we highly recommend that you perform a backup of your website, and then test the updates in a staging or alternate environment first. This is because updates may occasionally cause changes to the way your website looks and functions. For more information on best practices for updates, check out this Docs article here.

Once installed, you may notice that when you activate the Pro theme, it automatically deactivates the Cornerstone plugin. This is because Pro includes an in-built family of builders, including the Content Builder, which is a baked in version of Cornerstone. Therefore, if you are using Pro, you will no longer need to use Cornerstone as a separate plugin, and you can delete it.

Lastly, it's important to note that the X to Pro conversion is a one-way process, and if you convert your license from X to Pro, there isn't an option to revert back. So just make sure you're 100% committed before you make the switch.

How to Convert Your License

If you've made the decision to convert from X to Pro, you'll first need to change your license. To do this, go to your Themeco account dashboard and select the X license you'd like to convert from under the Themes tab on the left hand side. Contained within, you'll see the link to convert the license from X to Pro. Click that and you'll then be taken to our secure checkout to complete the conversion.

After you finished the process you will be redirected back to your dashboard with the changes applied and your license will now be converted to Pro.

How to Change Your Theme

Now that you converted the license, you can download the latest version of the Pro theme by again clicking on the license from under the Themes tab and clicking on the download link. The installable zip file will now be downloaded to your computer.

Now go to your WordPress installation and access the Appearance > Themes menu and click on the Add New button:

WordPress "Add New" Theme Button

Then click on Upload Theme and select the Pro zip file and install the theme:

WordPress "Upload Theme" Button

After the theme installation, you can simply activate the theme and all of your existing Theme Options from X will be transferred over. You can safely delete the X theme from your WordPress themes.

Using a Child Theme

If you are currently using a custom child theme, we strongly recommend testing any updates to Pro in a staging area first. Whilst custom code that is added to your child theme should still work, the header and footer builder that come with Pro introduces new CSS classes and markup, which may affect your customizations.

Additionally, you'll need to either use the Pro child theme or copy your modifications over to that (you can download the Pro child theme from the link in this article, or change the template name in your child theme's stylesheet (the file called style.css) to pro. You can change the folder name if you wish, but that's not essential. The top of your stylesheet should look something like this:

/* Theme Name: Pro – Child Theme Theme URI: Author: Themeco Author URI: Description: Make all of your modifications to Pro in this child theme. Version: 1.0.0 Template: pro */


Once you have completed the above steps, you'll have successfully converted your license from X to Pro, and you'll be ready to start playing with the unique features that Pro offers!

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