Cornerstone charts

visualize your data WITH EASE

Meet the ultimate data visualization tool for WordPress and Cornerstone. Powered by the popular chart.js library & packed with popular features like native controls, pre-configured charts, and support for dynamic content – your creativity just got a (major) upgrade.  

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Customer Insights
Refresh Data
A whole new world of possibilities

Create interactive pages, display static information, or build custom dashboards like this that tap into your own dynamic content. We're just scratching the surface of what you can do with this incredible visualization tool for WordPress and Cornerstone.

Visualization variety

Choose from six baseline visualization formats and customize your design from there.

Cornerstone Charts comes preconfigured with six beautifully rendered javascript visualization elements – each with their own ready-built animations, baseline label and dataset parameters, and detailed option controls.

NATIVE controls

configure your charts with ease thanks to cornerstone's powerful controls.

Cornerstone Charts was built to work seamlessly within the Cornerstone interface. Utilize familiar control options to adjust every last detail of your chart from dataset colors and labels to legends, axis and so much more. 

Dynamic Everything

source your charts with Data from throughout your site, third party Plugins, and beyond.

Cornerstone Charts is the premier plugin for creating beautiful charts leveraging dynamic content all throughout your WordPress site. Effortlessly integrate your theme colors and site data without ever writing a line of code.

ACF Data
Form Data

THE SKY's the limit

Custom dashboards

Easily build custom dashboards for logged-in users leveraging account data, user meta, membership info, and more!

BESPOKE calculators

Generate and visualize user inputs calculated by custom formulas using tools like Gravity Forms with CS Charts.


Blur the lines between static sites and app-like experiences with beautifully interactive charts and a little ingenuity.

Engaging Experiences

Increase your on-page engagement by creating interactive visualizations of otherwise monotonous text.

Interactive Infographics

Create interactive infographics and visual storytelling by combining charts with text, images and your imagination.

Powered by everything

Visualize just about anything on your site. If it's in your database, you can access it with our standard dynamic content.

You've got questions? We've got answers.

Unlock your potential

Cornerstone Charts unlocks the full potential of custom data.

Get Started

Define your data

Specify your data structure from WordPress core data to Custom Post Types, ACF fields, general plugin data and so much more.

Create Your Data

Pipe data into your website – manually, programmatically, user generated, plugin powered.

Access your data

Tap into your data with Cornerstone's built-in dynamic content syntax allowing access to nearly anything in your database.

Visualize Your Data

Pipe your dynamic content into any of the data visualization elements to populate labelsets, datasets, colors, and so much more.

Houston, we've got visuals.

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