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Pro Documentation
Tutorials for Beginners
X Pro Demo
How To Get Support
Can't Edit my Page with Cornerstone or VC
Header secondary menu
Hate New Cornerstone
Totally new
Pro & Databases/PHP
How to make menu items look different?
Pro responsivness
Cornerstone Not Showing On Page
Cornerstone bug doesn't look like it should be
Literally Nothing Works Right
Update to PRO new user
I give up!
Reponsive Design Effect
Cornerstone CSS and Changes
Refund on purchase
Blog page and Conditional menu
Dropdown menu from Main Logo on Hover
X theme 5 and cornerstone tutorials
Header problems with X Pro
Edit a page with cornerstone
FAQ template fade settings
Video Store
Widgets are too basic
Cornerstone didn't upload
Mobile Navbar Location
Create Secondary Menu Bar
How are the templates stored
Knowledge Base: Cornerstone topics are outdated
Sorry, Quick Question
Purchase X theme, but issues with activation on wordpress
Video won't scale on mobile
Pro theme Social Media Icons Not displaying in footer
CSS Errors
Posting video in a blog, live preview shows narrow sliver instead of a full height video
Menu and header setup in Pro
How to set up ethos-1
Blank Page
Help getting started
Remove search function from the menu
Add full with image and video with text and button on top of it
Plugins not validating
Split front page one images, another one is video
How to add button to Blog Posts
Header Menu text stacking
I can't create a single page with Cornerstone! I need to know how
Rows Inside Columns
Header Menu text stacking
Custom Headers
Menu options
I'm a beginner to pro - I need to create a single parallax page made with pro
Sliding elements now showing before reloading page
How to change font in header and body
Is it possible to create this with xtheme?
Prevent images from stacking
Useless theme - refund!
X to PRO apgrding 2
Request refund
New hosting provider breaks slider plugin due to PHP versions
Footer Builder Help
Refund XPRO
Purchased Pro-Still shows X
Sidebar on a blogpost
Use of x theme
How do I create a menu at the top
Tutorial or Guidance, Help!
Typography vs Font Manager
News section on homepage
Change pictures in church demo
X Pro - Creating vertical menu across three columns in footer
Switch from Twentyseventeen to X
Aligning Sub menus
How to add margins to page while content is still at 100%?
Demo menu keeps displaying for mobile view
Template Manager Bungle
Starting over :(
SVG logo not shrinking upon scrolling
Using Integrity/How to set content area to different bg colors on separate pages
Styling Global Content Layout
Bar in Header Builder scrolling up in-front instead of behind other bars?
PRO Footer Customizer Bar Height
Pro - image in header bar
Pro Documentation PDF
Pro Theme Plugins
Widgets are too basic
Where do I find the list of shortcodes and how do they work?
Pro editor post for client
Open Popup from shape in Slider Revolution static layer
Header not mobile responsive
Responsive problems in PRO
Step by Step Integrity stack Setup
Page not responsive on certain cell phone devices
PRO search icon showing hamburger menu graphic
Change woocart icon PRO
Pro header guide/video
"Slider Revolution" Plugin Causing Conflict With CSS Delivery in Google Chrome
Unable to Save nor Edit when lots of sections and rows (Pro)
WPML Translation Management still not working with V2 elements
There is no header section in options
Has the Pro landing page been made using Pro?
Set up license, but says i havent on wordpress
New pages not showing up in main menu
Theme co pro issues
On mobiles I would like to change the hamberger to text
Themeco official video tutorials / or channel on Vimeo or Youtube?
Customise Ethos home page
Custom Section Code
Blogroll and demo content not displaying
Front End Doesn't Update
Post page layout in Pro
Plugins not activated in x theme
Template for X-Theme - Agency / Silverthorn
How to add shortcodes to text box on PRO
Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array
PRO Heading in KB?
How can I change CSS for RENEW?
Renew content too high
How to migrate a site that uses Perch CMS to Pro
Integrity stack - change posts sidebar
Adding Breadcrumps in Pro
Font Awesome 5.1 (Pro)
What are the differences between X and Pro in 2018?
Possible bug: going back with backspace while inline editing text
Post Carousel is not working
Pro header template is full-width and I don't understand why
Cornerstone will not activate!
Unable to delete image and format theme side of x theme site
Category Archive Title Missing
Need help with sidebar option dissappearing
1st timer pro install without x theme
Remove the white space in left and right margins
Complete Newb
Copy features from the shop-integrity demo?
Cant find the footer builer video series
Where I can find the documentation of Pro?
Am I missing something with this Pro theme?
Problem with responsive slider shortcode in sidebar
Can't find area in post
Change Header Navigation Button Color in WooCommerce Store
Changing the text under the vision header in icon
Edit headers and footers
Create a gallery from HTML code
Video of how to make a website with Pro
How To recreate X theme page
Header (Social icons) and Labels?
Cornerstone doesn't look the same as the other ones
2018 version tutorial / course available
Adding shortcodes in text editor in WP bakery
How to force responsive menu in ipad in landscape mode
Install Pro on new server - also where are the video tutorials?
Rebuilding my Website
Headers and content spacing in post pages
Stacked Header to Inline Header on Mobile
New to the theme. Some questions
Is there a good video beginners guide for Pro?
Is there a good video beginners guide for Pro?
Getting Started w X
Purchased Pro Theme But It is NOT showing up in my Downloads in Envato
Line around Column
Lightbox shortcodes missing styling?
Can the Pro builder be installed separate of the Theme?
Video source missing and some other questions
Return policy
No Cornerstone in Pro 2.2.5?
Install Cornerstone to GoDaddy hosting account
New user: Where to begin from?
V2 vs CLASSIC elements - an understanding
Theme Options Explanation
Good video for customer self-service
Shrink Sticky Header after Scrolling
Is Headers/Content/Footers the same as Cornerstone?
Purchased Pro, but would like to exchange for X
Is there a tutorial article (text/images) that describes the site design process from start to finish in Theme X 6.2.5?
Essentail Grid Settings Error
Cornerstone Didn't Download With Pro Theme
Having trouble with sidebar, fonts, home page static page
How can I find background images functions?
Refund Request - Tom James
Updates Rant - Tired of broken sites after updates
Pro Header on search results page
Examples of Elements/
Block Builder removed from the content page?
Going from pro to X
No se como comenzar
I've uploaded a demo stack, how do I add my blog data?
Question About Pro
Demo Content is missing
Add Background Pictures in New XTHEME Update
Custom Icons - no "preview"
How to change CONTENT of default menu text and links in Header Builder -- NOT STYLE
Problems with the responsive menu in the X template
Responsive Web Design - Media Queries
Need a refund please
I need to cancel my account
Centering images, text boxes, and more (vertically/horizontally)
Integrating Custom Post Types to X Theme Widgets and Sliders and Other Parts (Complete Integration)Integrating Custom Post Types to X Theme Widgets and Sliders and Other Parts (Complete Integration Like CPTs are regular posts)
X-->Pro Conversion Save 25% Graphic - is that for Paid Support to Convert
Question about the theme x pro
Error with Pro
Interactive new user tutorial
Overlapping text from column 1 to the right onto column, but text background is "under" coloumn 2?
Mobile Usability (Google)
Color Change On One Page
How to replicate this template?
Where are the FONT Family button?
Error messages by creating new pages in demo content band
Would Like To Return and Refund
Pro Training Video Location, and playback speed?
PRO theme refund request
How to add text or tagline under logo in Integrity
Global CSS
2 questions
Resource for Seeing Cornerstone Layouts in Other Demos
Minimum width for just one image
Refund / Money Back?
Tutorial on how to change a demo
2 questions
Difference of classic/non classic elements?
Learning X and Cornerstone
Learning X and Cornerstone
Tutorials and videos on using X Pro?
Can I get a refund / money back?
Limit width of page content
Would like to request a refund for PRO
General help required. Please someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel
How do I incorporate Pro into my Wordpress Website?
Was Classic Element Removed
To start: There´s no bought item in my envato-account
Theme Cancelation
Column Link CSS Breaks Buttons
Map Showing for Development purposes only - part 2
Dynamic content vs dynamic styling
How to remove extra white space below footer
Add Columns CSS Help
I want my money back
How do I know that I have installed PRO? It shows X in the Theme
Classic text and text elements issue
Accordion - Styling
Install the main preview
Replacing page by template
Custom field coming oddly in widget
How do I install a logo in X theme?
I am having trouble installing the Cornerstone theme. it says there is a missing stylesheet.css file. PLEASE HELP
How to disable the mobile view? THank you!
Website redesign with Xtheme
Getting rid of navigation on classic slider
Pro version video tutorials for Contents
Starting from Default Theme
Changing colors on themes
Problems with logo and topbar text alignment
Using MailPoet Premium
How to embed a video in post with featured image?
X-Pro Footer Menu Issues
New User - Problems with page templates and usability
AR Forms broken since added Content in Content builder + AR form not visible in builder
X Theme Stack Not Showing Up in WordPress Customizer
How to create links in X Theme cornerstone
Sub-Menu Links Not Correct
Block grid shortcode
Best Practice for full width rows but content with margins
Post editor, YouTube embed code
Gallery photos not matching post as set up in Word Prses
Parallax Settings
Adding Blog Posts onto Static Homepage - How to use Shortcode? How to make featured image smaller?
Make Floating button on image
How i do Headlines clickable?
How do I get a refund for the X Theme
Adjustment setting sermon posts
Unparalleled Support? How so?
My X-Theme site keeps crashing!
How do I make the blue backdrop in this revolving text box extend to the edges?
Need to return product
How do I recreate Integrity 1 Demo
Validating Theme and Plugin updates
Hamburger Menu displaying drop down options to left - not viewable
Refund possible?
Stacks in X theme
Accordian shortcode appearing in post
Refund - PRO/X theme
Cornerstone button question
Request for Refund
Advice on suitable element
Dead space at the bottom of Home page Body
Footer Not Showing
Knowlege Base article links
Building a one page site from scratch
Fix box height for classic element
Global Footer and one header not showing the upper layer in live mode
Design Cloud Studio Gold content display issue
Change font & button java
Center align image in column
Making it look as shown
Responsive Photos and Text in Cornerstone
Content being hidden behind header
Logo Between the Header Menu & Custom Top Bar
After image overlay, icon is behind the image
Grid of images with no padding
Adding HTML/CSS from existing site to Pro child-theme
2 mobile menus in Pro?
Edit osborne optics header
Beginner/Workflow Guide
Problems with menu and smooth scroll
Full-width colored bar
How do I put a button in the navigation menu?
Pro or X theme?
Is there a Pro overview and tutorial?
Hiding sections with Revolution Slider Shortcodes
Header Pro Understanding Issue
1st month website help
Recreate sidebar with anchor links
Add WooCommerce Icons to header
When will X/Pro frontend be more WCAG 2.1 (ADA) compliant?
Desktop visualization
Header formatting questions
Some parts of demo
Checkboard Style for Info
Trying to set equal column heights on a page of my site
Request - roll back to old version of theme ASAP
Mobile menu & Social footer : how to deactivate this one please?
Instructions for updating a staging copy to PRO
Template Block
Header on mobile, and arrow to scroll
Cornerstone not Visual Composer to run X theme
How do I start over using demo as template?
Portfolio Gallery - Add tags
The basics - font
Cornerstone changes
Custom Site fonts
¿How to edit template content?
Theme Pro License to Theme X
Visual Composer - "Add text block" button - JS error
Any tutorial/resource on how to use Pro Content Builder?
Visual Composer - "Add text block" button - JS error
Refund for theme
Heading Styling Issues (H2, H3 etc.)
Help with header please
Stack Mobile Menu
Corner Stone looks nothing like the demo
Button link on back of Classic Card to open in lightbox
Side-by-side images (responsive!) in a column
Editing Content in Cornerstone
How to left justify button in header?
Enable/Disable Buttons
Getting Started with Pro
Delete Space on right side of Navbar
No text edit
How to start off with the basic x theme design
How to use the buttons template in Pro
X pro help
Process to build new pages - demos or not?
Easy way to learn X
Documentation download link is not working
Education demo theme not loading
Header & Footer v Content
How To Edit Church Theme
Cornerstone tutorials
Pricing table button live link
Primary Menu with different submenu per page
Third-Party Social Plugin not centering
Old Site Pre Cornerstone
Animated page elements triggered by scrolling?
Cornerstone Update & NOW problems w/ "Feature List" Element Alignment
Adding Cornerstone elements to regular Pages/Post with Shortcode?
Thinking of giving up with X pro
2 Identical introductions, 2 different results
Licence saying in use elsewhere when I only purchased it today and I only have one website
Smaller duplicate slider image appears
Does Pro Documentation exist?
Knowledge Base/Tutorials for Pro
Button inside promo element
Full content for Standard Demos
Editing menu items in Theme 'BED AND BREAKFAST'
Appearance tab missing from dashboard after installation
Can I go back to XTheme from XPro?
Trying to Match X Theme Integrity Posts
4 Questions Theme X Ethos regarding Pages/Posts
How to utilize a page
Can't Save Customizer changes
Pro Menu :: Inline Navigation sub menu
Something about license in new staging web
What is PRO?
Icon Theme - About Us
Just bought Pro...confused and disappointed...what am I missing :-)
Conflict Theme Installed
Editing and saving are extremely slow
Exposed code
How to create Header & Sub Header?
Help with understanding
Change appearance of side bars
Where to find Pro Theme?
How To Start With Building A Site
Downloaded Demo Content.... Now what
PRO Footer Builder Containers not stacking for mobile responsiveness
How to add instagram icon on the footer
Integrity 1 demo. trick on setting up initial page
Logo Image
Section to fill browser window responsively
Hero Header - two calls of action
License key for Advanced Custom Fields Pro & LayerSlider
Can I create a Support Chat on Wordpress using X Theme
Testing Church Demo Data
Insert Element in Non-Cornerstone Button Missing
Adding Social Icon to Footer
Swapping PRO licence with X
In Pro: is it possible to have 2 global headers
Pro Equal Height Column - Content & Image v.1.2.3
Missing Shortcodes from post page
Shortcode UI button in Xpro 1.2.x?
I'm now a 3 year user of exclusively X Theme in my web development and I'm seeing some management issues I don't like
Pro Theme -- Is there a way to reset back to default?
How to add nav buttons to Top Bar? (X Theme)
Confused about difference between customizer, visual editor, and cornerstone
How can I insert images in the middle of a text block
Confused about difference between customizer, visual editor, and cornerstone
Upgrade to Pro
How to edit home page
Some Pro questions for a noob
How to add the logo and the menu with the page builder without using the pro header builder?
Theme Pro Post Templates
Settings cannot be saved
Best X theme for "Bloggers"
Bought Pro and now in over my head
Tab bars for mobile
Moving to X from Enfold
Horizontal bar & social icons in nav
Hidden menu using default X menu template Hero
Integrity-1 exactly like the demo
Using Essential Grid to avoid video-preload burden
Using Essential Grid to avoid video-preload burden
Content under X Theme not editable in Pro after upgrade
Where are the shortcodes?
Logo Missing, Erroneous Content & Footer in Sidebar
Pro headers on mobile devices
I've bought two licenses
How to add live instagram grid to a page
HOw classic slider works?
How to change Church theme color and centering
Pro header builder
Installed X but old content not tallying up
Change the social icons in topbar to another Unicode
How to make my static top header unshrinkable?
Removing Google Tags from Header
Ethos 1 - Demo Content - EMPTY?
Custom header on mobile
Various questions from a newbie re homepage, white space, fonts and featured content
Edit Themeco Block in Layout (PRO)
Pro vs normal x theme
License Not Working - Jason Satterly
Frustrated with this theme
Change font color of classic text
How Might a Non-Developer Update One of the Site's Pages Non-technically?
How do I actually start when picking a theme? This is my second purchase
This dumass theme is too complex & not working, roll it back
Hands-on Demo of Pro Backend?
How was done?
Inspector not showing options
Edit Contact Form 7
How to edit template of blog posts (Pro)
Dropdown in Pro Header Builder Not Appearing
Enforce display of mobile menu button
Instructions to set-up my site
Upgrade license to pro for development site only?
3 H1 on post page
Demo Content with Pro
Shrinking header when scrolling down
WooComerce and Pro
Pro header / sticky header
Adding ID or Class to Button
Classic Video Player not working
CS Elemement Development V2 (Non classic)
Page builder
All content defaults to the left and ignores centre setting?
Create a landing page
Looking to replicate a website
New X theme - import theme from file
Trying to get the image in the box to go vertical top to bottom
Pro doesn't work AGAIN - mobile
Shortcodes used on a page
Logo size (Renew)
Sorry, Im new and this seems like a really newby question
All work on homepage deleted
Need help video guide
My Website Crashed With No Backup - can I reuse the license I bought
Downloaded Ethos theme 1 and promptly lost my demo home page content
Google Fonts AND Typekit?
Inline menu show icon or image above
Missing xtheme template blocks after update
Return Pro license
Recreating Gym theme & homepage elements
Content not showing and doing what I want
Without having to use margins and padding (which as its function), how do I position elements?
Classic Feature Box Clickable
I am lost and can't use this at all
Custom blog template