Theme Installation

This article was last updated on the December 9, 2016.

In this article, we’ll cover the process of getting the X theme downloaded from your ThemeForest account and installed on your WordPress website, before we get started, you should make sure you already have a WordPress based website you wish to install the theme on.

Getting started

Go to ThemeForest and login to your ThemeForest account.

Once logged in, you’ll be on the main ThemeForest homepage, we want to get to downloads, so hover over your username top right and click on downloads like this:

Downloads ThemeForest

Once you’ve clicked on downloads, you’ll be taken to the downloads section of your account, which will list all purchased products, scroll down till you see the X theme like this:

Download X theme

Then click download, once you click download you’ll see a few different options like this:

Download installable files

The two main options are:

  • All files and Documentation. This option will download a .zip file which will include the theme, all extensions, documentation and the licensing information.
  • Installable WordPress files only. This option will just download the theme in a .zip format to your WordPress site.
For the purpose of this article, we’ll just going to use the installable WordPress files only option. Go ahead and click on that option to start the download. Once the download is completed navigate over to your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin).

Installing The Theme

Now you’ve downloaded the theme, we’re ready to install it! In your wp-admin, hover over Appearance on the left hand side menu and then click Themes:

WordPress Theme Installtion

On the Themes page, click Add New:

WordPress Add New Theme

On the Add New Themes page, click on Upload:

WordPress Upload New Theme

Once you’ve clicked on Upload, you’ll then see the option to browse to upload your new theme, click on browse and select the zip you just downloaded from ThemeForest:

Browse to Upload a New Theme

Once you’ve picked your theme, click on Install Now. Wait for install to complete and you’ll see a screen like this:

Activate Theme

Click on Activate and you’ll be redirected to the X theme welcome screen like this:

WooHoo! X is installed

You may notice on the welcome screen that there’s a additional message saying Cornerstone was automatically installed. You can read more about Cornerstone in the Knowledge base and see the introduction to Cornerstone article here.

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