This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

X has built in Portfolio functionality, this means you can display your portfolio on your X powered site with no hassle. In this article we’ll cover how the portfolio works and how to setup your portfolio as well as adding additional items to your portfolio.

Setting Up The Portfolio

Before we start adding items to the portfolio we need to set up the portfolio page. Go to wp-admin > pages > add new create a page with any name you want for your portfolio. For the purpose of this article we’re going to call our page just Portfolio. Under the Page attributes section when adding a new page under the Template option select Portfolio.

Set Portfolio Template

Once you’ve selected the Portfolio template for your page, if you scroll down you’ll see some new portfolio options that can be configured under a option called Portfolio Settings:

Portfolio Settings

The options available to configure are:

  • Categories (Either all or single, for example if you want to have multiple portfolio pages for different categories)
  • Columns (How many columns you’d like the portfolio to be split across up to a maximum of four)
  • Layout (Force a full width layout or use the global content layout as configured in the customizer)
  • Posts Per Page (How many portfolio items you want to show per page)
  • Disable Filtering (This disables the filters per category which is visible at the top of the page)

Congrats! Your Portfolio is now setup and you are ready to start adding categories and items.

Adding Content To Your Portfolio

To add a portfolio item go to Portfolio > Add New Item enter in the title you want to show for that portfolio item along with a description. If you scroll further down the page you’ll see the portfolio item settings for that specific portfolio entry.

Add Portfolio Item

Once you’ve configured the settings as you want, go ahead and publish the item.

You should now see the portfolio item in your newly created Portfolio page along with any other Portfolio items like this:

Our New Portfolio

You can also add new portfolio categories and then allow sorting by categories on the portfolio page which is enabled by default. If you go back the portfolio page you should see a button that says Sort Portfolio click that and you’ll see the categories you’ve created in the admin and assigned to portfolio items can now be selected to dynamically sort the portfolio like this:

Portfolio Sorting

Congrats! You’ve now successfully setup your first Portfolio with X.