Page Templates

This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

Page templates in WordPress are pre-created templates that allow you to change the look of a page, page templates do not apply to posts or custom post types. X comes with multiple different page templates allowing you to change the overall layout of any page. If you’d like to learn more about page templates and how they work, you can find documentation over on the WordPress Theme developers handbook here.

Exploring X page templates

Note: We won’t show every single page template as many of them are similar, with either headers and footer, no header and a footer, no footer and just a header etc. We’ll focus on showing one of each type of the different page templates and then focus on containers, no containers.

Before we start looking into the multiple different page templates in X, you should know how to swap them, this can be done in one of two ways, either in the WordPress admin wp-admin > pages > edit page > template or in Cornerstone on the page you’re editing in Cornerstone > Settings > General > Page Template.

Cornerstone switching page templates

Switching page templates in the WordPress Admin

Templates Provided in X

The templates that come with X are:

  • Default Template
  • Blank Container, Header, Footer
  • Blank Container, Header, no footer
  • Blank Container, No Header, footer
  • Blank Container, No header, no footer
  • Blank – No Container, header, footer
  • Blank – No Container, Header, no footer
  • Blank – No Container, No header, Footer
  • Blank – No Container, No Header, No Footer
  • Layout – Content Left, Sidebar right
  • Layout Fullwidth
  • Layout Portfolio
  • Layout – Sidebar Left, content right

Default Template

We’ll take a look at each template below, showing the main differences between each template and how they look out the box.

The default template has a container for the page content, a sidebar to the right, header and footer, with our test content the page looks like this:

Default template

Blank – Container Templates

The Blank Container, Header, Footer template has one main difference from the default template whereby it has no sidebar, with our test content the page looks like this

Blank Container, Header, Footer

The Blank Container, Header, No Footer template has one main difference from the other templates we’ve already looked at, as it doesn’t have a footer which makes the bottom of our page look like this:

Blank Container, Header, No footer

The Blank Container, No Header, footer template main difference is that it doesn’t have a header at all, which makes our page look like this:

No header template

Lastly in the templates that have a container is the No Container, No header and No footer template, which means that our page now doesn’t have a footer or a header like this:

No header, No Footer template

No Header, No footer

Blank – No Container Templates

All the No Container templates are very similar to the Container templates, the main difference being that they don’t have a container for the page content, which means there’s no restriction on width of the page content at all. The rest is all the same with the Headers and Footers.

Here’s how our test page looks with the No Container template:

No Container templates

As we explained further up we won’t show every no container template here, as they are the same as the container templates with the exception of not having a container for the template.

Layout Templates

The Content Left, Sidebar Right layout template is the same as the default template, with that template selected our page looks like this:

Layout template

The Fullwidth template, removes the sidebar and focuses on your page content:

Fullwidth Template

Portfolio Template

The Portfolio template is specifically for use with our portfolio functionality built into X, with this, you’d enter your portfolio items within wp-admin > Portfolio > Add new item Then set a page with the portfolio template to show all portfolio items you’ve added. By default text you enter into a page which has the portfolio page template selected, doesn’t show.

Portfolio Template

The Sidebar right, content left template is exactly the same style wise as our sidebar right content left template just with the sidebar position changed, with that template selected, our page then looks like this:

Sidebar left, content right

Congrats! You should know have a better understanding of the different page templates in X and can go ahead and use the ones right for you in your designs.