Meta Options: Terms

This article was last updated on the January 2, 2017.

In this article we’re going to take some time to go through the meta options present on all taxonomy term index pages available in X. In WordPress, taxonomies can take on various forms and are utilized for different post types throughout a theme.

Taxonomy Basics

WordPress utilizes a couple taxonomies by default for posts, tags and categories. In X, we’ve taken advantage of taxonomies for the portfolio post type that we added to the theme and included our own portfolio tags and portfolio categories to be used for these items when needed. Finally, other third party plugins might implement these taxonomies as well for their own functionality, such as WooCommerce with their product tags and product categories. Whenever an item is added to one of these taxonomies, it is known as a term. Below is a list of how you can get to the index page for the terms in each taxonomy relevant to X in the WordPress admin area:


  • Tags – Posts > Tags
  • Categories – Posts > Categories

Portfolio Items

  • Tags – Portfolio > Portfolio Tags
  • Categories – Portfolio > Portfolio Categories


  • Tags – Products > Tags
  • Categories – Products > Categories

Term Meta Options

On each of these term index pages to the left side is a listing of meta options to be used when adding a new term. Towards the bottom you will find additional term meta options that we have included into the theme for various purposes. You will find that only one or two of these options is visible at any given time based on the Stack you have selected in the Customizer. These options can be edited when adding new terms to your WordPress installation as previously mentioned, or you can edit their values for existing terms by clicking on the name of the term in the index listing to the right.

Archive Title

The Archive Title taxonomy meta option allows you to override the default title on a particular taxonomy archive page and is available in all Stacks:

Taxonomy Meta Option – Archive Title

Archive Subtitle

The Archive Subtitle taxonomy meta option allows you to override the default subtitle on a particular taxonomy archive page and is available in Integrity:

Taxonomy Meta Option – Archive Subtitle


The Accent taxonomy meta option allows you to specify an accent color for a taxonomy term that is utilized for various design elements and is available in Ethos:

Taxonomy Meta Option – Accent