Integrated Plugins: Revolution Slider

This article was last updated on the January 2, 2017.

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been using a version of X that is 1.8.1 or older (released in April, 2014) please read this announcement about Revolution Slider.

Occasionally we will receive questions from users about the version of Revolution Slider that comes bundled with the theme. We’ve put this article together in hopes that it answers many of the most commonly asked questions by our users so that they can have a better understanding of how this version of Revolution Slider is supposed to work within the X ecosystem.

How Revolution Slider is Used Within X

The version of Revolution Slider that comes bundled with the theme a stock version of the plugin and does not feature any direct modifications to the way it functions. We have included some additional features, which can be utilized to enhance the way Revolution Slider operates and are available in the Slider Settings: Above Masthead and Slider Settings: Below Masthead meta boxes below the page editor in the WordPress admin panel.

Bundled Version

Users will frequently inquire about the version of Revolution Slider being utilized within X. Because of the way that we are utilizing the plugin with in X, it should be noted that the version of Revolution Slider included with the theme is made intentionally for numerous reasons. The following is just a few of the reasons why we do not always utilize the latest version of the Revolution Slider plugin:

  • Stability – Newer versions of software do not always equal greater stability. Oftentimes there are undiscovered bugs that are introduced with certain versions and are unknown until the product has been released to the public for some time. The version of the plugin that we bundle with the theme is more or less guaranteed to work without any issues as we take a great deal of time to test all functionality thoroughly before releasing it along with the theme.
  • Release Cycles – While we try to include the latest version of Revolution Slider with each release, occasionally the release cycle of the plugin will prevent this from being possible. Essentially, since we have no idea when Revolution Slider will be releasing new versions of the plugin, we cannot plan our releases around this. Because of this, if we have already begun the process of finalizing our release and submitting it to ThemeForest for review while Revolution Slider is putting out a new version of the plugin, that version of the plugin will not be able to make it into the theme until the next release at the earliest.
  • Not Always Necessary – Some of Revolution Slider’s releases have only included simple “bug fixes” without any huge additions or modifications to the rest of the plugin. For example, one release simply removed a small message that was being printed out in the JavaScript console. Doing so didn’t improve performance or update any features, it was merely a release to remove this message that no users other than developers inspecting your site would see. Because of situations like this, it is up to our discretion whether or not a new release will make it into the theme or not based on the nature of the update.

Because of these reasons (among others), there is no need to register your license for Revolution Slider if you happen to have one. In fact, doing so is discouraged in order to prevent any potential conflicts when updating, as previously mentioned. If you happen see a notification in your WordPress admin panel asking you to register Revolution Slider upon activation, simply dismiss this notice.


Understanding certain features and how to utilize them is something that is very important if you hope to take full advantage of the Revolution Slider plugin. While we bundle the plugin with our theme and have used it in a selection of demos, it is recommended that you direct any questions you have about the plugin to the provided online documentation as it will more thoroughly address any matters you would like to know more about with the plugin.


Hopefully the information provided above has helped you to gain a better understanding of what to expect from utilizing Revolution Slider within X. Ultimately, there are a few things to take away from this article:

  • The version of Revolution slider included with the theme is an unmodified version of the plugin, but we have added some features of our own to the theme that work in conjunction with the plugin to enhance its functionality.
  • We do our best to ensure that the version of Revolution Slider included with X is as up-to-date as possible; however, this might not always be the case based on the reasons listed in the “Bundled Version” section above, which includes stability, release cycles, and the fact that not all updates are necessary.
  • Any questions concerning the usage of a Revolution Slider feature should be directed to the online documentation referenced in the “Documentation” section above.