Extension: Terms of Use

This article was last updated on the January 2, 2017.

Extensions are X specific plugins available for download for all customers with a validated purchase of X. You can easily download and manage all of your Extensions directly from the WordPress admin area under Addons > Extensions. This article covers documentation for the Terms Of Use Extension and goes into detail on certain features where needed.

Enabling the Extension

After installing and activating Terms Of Use, you’ll find its settings page underneath the Addons menu.

Terms Of Use Settings

From the main Terms Of Use settings screen you can choose to disable or enable the plugin as needed:

Terms Of Use Enable Or Disable

Disabling the plugin will effectively turn off all output from the plugin (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc). This is useful as a quick way to toggle activity if you ever need without having to go through the Plugins menu and worry about activating/deactivating it completely. This way you can work with and manage all of your X specific functionality from one centralized place under the Addons section.

Selecting the enable checkbox will bring up the Settings meta box below. This is where you will adjust any options for the plugin and input your data as needed.

Terms Of Use Main Settings

What Terms Of Use Does

Terms Of Use allows you to set a terms and conditions page and then display a checkbox on the user registration form that your users/members/customers must check and agree to before being able to register.

Setting Up Terms Of Use

Terms of Use has one simple option which is what page you want to use as your terms and conditions page. Simply select your page from the dropdown and then click on Update to save your selection. You can select from any page already on your website. Or if you’d prefer create a new page and use that. You could even create a fancy Terms Of Use page using Cornerstone.

Once you’ve saved your Terms Of Use page, you should see the new checkbox on your user registration form like this:

Terms Of Use Checkbox showing

If a new user on your website tries to register without agreeing to the Terms Of Use, they’ll receive an error on the registration form and will be forced to agree to the Terms Of Use to complete the registration.

Terms Of Use Error

Congrats! You’ve now successfully setup Terms Of Use.