Customizer Renew Options

This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

Customizer Renew Options

In the following article, we’ll explore the stack specific options of Renew, without further ado, let’s get started.

As explained in the customizer introduction here open up the WordPress customizer to start, if you don’t already have Renew selected, you’ll need to change your stack to continue following this article.

To set your stack to Renew in the WordPress customizer, click on Stack:

Stack Selection

Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll see the option to pick your stack. Select Renew:

Renew Stack

Once you’ve selected the Renew stack, click Save & Publish.

Now you have the Renew stack selected and saved, go back to the main section of the customizer and click Renew:


Once you’ve clicked on Renew, you should see the Renew specific options like this:

Renew Specific options

Exploring Renew

The first options specific to Renew are the colors, this allows you to change the colors using a color picker, you can change the colors of the Topbar background, the logo background and the Navbar background, all with the easy to use color picker.

Renew Colors

Once you click on Select color a color picker opens to choose your color, as you change color, the customizer preview updates instantly allowing you to see your changes before saving and publishing.

The next options you’ll see are all related to the colors of the Mobile Button:

Mobile button colors

The options available are:

  • Mobile Button Background
  • Mobile Button Background Hover
  • Mobile Button Color

Just like the the other options we just went through, all these are also color picker based, so clicking on Select color, will open the color picker to change the color of the mobile button. The mobile button color options does update in real time and you’ll be able to see it in the preview area, if you resize your browser window like this:

Mobile button

The last color related option you’ll see is for the Footer Background

Footer background color

Clicking on Select color will open the color picker, allowing you to easily set which color you’d like as the Footer Background Color.

Typography Options:

The next options are all related to typography and more specifically the Topbar and footer, footer links and text, Topbar links and text and Topbar hover colors:

Footer links and text colors

Like all our other options we’ve explored so far, clicking on select color, will open the color picker and selecting your color will update the live preview instantly, allowing you to preview the color changes you’ve made, before saving and publishing.

The Blog

The last options are all related to the blog elements, if you’re not already, load up the Customizer when on your blog, so you can see the changes live.

The first option is for the Blog title:

Blog title

The Blog Title option, is the heading which shows on your blog index page, change that to anything you want.

Set Blog title

The next option you’ll see is for the Entry Icons:

Entry Icons

Clicking on select color, will open the color picker, allowing you to select the color for the entry icons, which will update live in the Customizer preview area.

Entry Icon Color change

The last option you’ll see is for the Entry Icon position:

Entry Icon position

There are two options for this, Standard and Creative, basically standard sets the position automatically, but if we pick Creative, we’ll see another couple of alignment options for the entry icons in the Customizer like this:

Entry icon creative

This basically allows you to set the horizontal and vertical alignment of the entry icons.

Congrats! You should now have a better understanding of the options which are specific to Renew.