Customizer Manager

This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

What is the Customizer Manager?

The customizer manager is a great tool that X provides to import, export and reset your WordPress customizer settings, it’s the easiest way to keep your customizer settings and back them up in case something happens, it’s also especially helpful if you want to test out multiple changes quickly, while being able to easily reset everything, rather than changing settings one by one.

It’s important to remember, exporting the customizer settings, is not a full backup of your site and is not a export of any pages or posts created in Cornerstone, it is the customizer settings only.

Getting Started

Open up your WordPress admin dashboard ( and click on X Addons, you should see the customizer manager option like this:

Customizer Manager link

As you can see, we have 3 different options within the Customizer Manager, which are:

  • Import
  • Export
  • Reset

Let’s explore those further starting with the Export option. This option allows you to download what’s called a .xcs file, this file contains all customizer settings for your X theme powered site, such as logo and backgrounds color, which you set in the WordPress Customizer.

Now before we export our settings, let’s change the background color, so we can see how the Customizer manager works. Go to the front-end of your WordPress powered website, and you should see “Customize” in the toolbar like this:

Customize Link

Once the customizer has loaded, you’ll see something similar to this:

Customizer loaded

For the purpose of this article, so we can demo how the customizer manager works, we’re just going to change the background color, so on the left hand side click on “Layout and Design”.

Layout and Design

Once you’ve clicked that, you should see the layout and design options, scroll down till you see the background color option, like this:

Background Color

Once you’ve clicked on “Select color”, you’ll see a color selector like this:

Select your background color

When you start moving your mouse around the color picker, you’ll see the changes take effect immediately in the preview error, but don’t worry, the background color isn’t saved automatically. So go wild and find the perfect color for your site. 🙂

Once you’ve found the perfect color for your site, go ahead and click on “Save and publish”:

Save and Publish

Time to Export

Now it’s time to export, so head back to the Customizer manager in the wp-admin and click on “Download XCS file”, you should see a dialog box display to either open the file or save it like this:

save file

The exact style of the dialog box and options displayed within will vary depending on your computers operating system, though just make sure that you save the file somewhere on your PC.

Excellent! Now the export is complete.

Customizer Reset

Resetting your customizer settings is both extremely simple, but also something you need to be very careful about doing. When you reset, there is no way to revert unless you have previously exported your customizer settings, like we did earlier in this article.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to reset the customizer, so we can then import our XCS file with our customizer settings in.

So go ahead and click on Reset Customizer Settings.

Reset Customizer Settings

Once you’ve clicked on that, you’ll get a warning popup like this:

Reset yep!

Click on Yes, Proceed and you should see a reset success message like this:

Reset Successful

Now if you visit the front-end of your site, you’ll see that the background color has been reset like this:

Background reset

This is because as we covered earlier on in the article, resetting the customizer settings, resets everything to default. But if we wanted to get our background color back? Of course we could just reset it, but this wouldn’t be a viable option, if you’d spent hours changing your customizer settings, which is why it’s always a good idea to download your customizer settings once you’ve made changes, so you can re-import at any time.

Importing Your Customizer Settings

Now you’ve successfully exported your customizer settings and reset your customizer settings, it’s time to import the file you exported earlier to get our background color back.

Go to the Customizer Manager settings if you aren’t already there, in your wp-admin and click on Choose an XCS file or drag it here to import. This will allow you to browse your PC for the .xcs file we downloaded earlier.

Once you’ve selected your file, you’ll see a popup warning you that this will overwrite all Customizer settings, go ahead and click on Yes, Proceed:

Customizer Overwrite acknowledge

Once the upload is complete, you should see a success message like this:


Now when you visit the front-end of your site, you’ll see the background color is back, as it was in our export of the customizer settings.

Background color is set again!

Congrats! Throughout this tutorial, you’ve used all options within the Customizer Manager, you should now have a greater understanding of how the Customizer Manager functions and when to use it.