This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

Footer Customization Options

In this article, we’ll cover all options provided by the WordPress Customizer for the footer.

In the WordPress Customizer, click on Footer


Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll see the Footer options like this:

Footer Options

Let’s go through these one by one, starting with the widget options.


There are four different options for the widgets in the footer area.

  • None (Disables Widget Areas)
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

Footer Widget Options

If you set that to say two you’ll see two additional areas above the footer which can contain widgets like this:

Footer Widget Areas

Widgets can be set from wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets.

Bottom Footer

The next option is to disable or enable the bottom footer

Footer on or off

So if we have the Bottom Footer set to On, our site will look like this:

bottom footer on

If we set bottom footer to Off, our site will look like this:

Bottom Footer Off

Notice now how we have no footer area showing at all and if we have the bottom footer set to off, that also removes a few options from the Customizer. As if we have bottom footer set to on, our footer options in the Customizer looks like this:

Footer Customization options

If we set the footer area to Off, our Customizer options look like this:

Footer area off customization options

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to leave it set to “on” so we can explore the other options provided by the Customizer.

Footer Menu

The next option is for the footer menu, which has a On or Off value.

Footer Menu

The default for the footer menu option is Off, but if we set the footer menu option to On, you’ll see the addition of the menu in the footer like this:

Footer Menu displayed

You can change which menu is displayed in the footer, by following our article about menus in the customizer here.

Social Icons

The next option is for the social icons within the footer, this has a On or Off value and defaults to on.

Footer social icons

If the social icons are enabled, our footer looks like this:

Social Icons on

If we change that value to Off, you’ll see the social icons no longer display in the footer like this:

social icons off

Footer Content

The next option available is Footer Content. This again has a value of either On or Off.

Footer Content on or off

If we set the value to On, you’ll see a new Customizer option to add your footer content in like this:

Footer Content On

You can see the content we enter in the customizer footer content area, then displays on our site, perfect for copyright notices, business information etc.

Scroll Top Anchor

The final option available in the footer section of the Customizer, is the Scroll Top Anchor.

Scroll Top Anchor

If we set the value to On, you’ll see a Scroll To Top Anchor on the right hand side of your website like this:

Scroll to top

As we’ve set the value to On, there’s also now a couple of other options shown to us in the Customizer, for the Scroll To Top Anchor.

Scroll top anchor options

If you set the Scroll Top Anchor Position, that option is for what side the scroll to top anchor shows (left or right). The other option is for when to display the scroll to top anchor icon on your site, in a percentage value. For example entering 50, will show the scroll to top anchor once you’ve scrolled down 50% of the page.

Congrats! You now know more about the options available in the Customizer footer options.