Customizer Blog Options

This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

This article will cover the various options provided by the WordPress Customizer, for the blog.

Make sure you have the WordPress Customizer open and click on Blog:

Blog customizer options

Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll see the available options for the blog like this:

Blog options


The following style options will only alter the main posts index page and not the archive or search results page etc.

The first option you’ll see is called Style and is available with two options, standard or Masonry:

Style options

The first option Standard with that selected, would display your blog page like this:

Blog standard

This is the standard blog layout, with each post one by one, but if we change that to the Masonry option, our blog look then displays the post in a Masonry grid like this:

Masonry option

The next option you’ll see is for the Content Layout:

Content Layout

You can either choose Global Content Layout, this is what’s set under Layout within the Customizer and if you have a sidebar selected there, such as sidebar right, content left, will display the blog like that. If you choose the Fullwidth option, you’ll override the global content layout and the blog page will then display Fullwidth with no sidebar.


The archives options are the same as the style options. With the following options:

Archive options

There are the style options, both standard and Masonry, as explained above these work in exactly the same way, just that the choice here effects the archive pages, rather than the main index. Standard shows the post one by one under each other and Masonry, shows the blog posts in a Masonry grid style display.

Then there’s the layout options with either global content layout, which takes the styling and layout selected from Layout and Design, for example if in layout and design you have sidebar left, content right selected. A sidebar will display on the archive pages. If you pick “Fullwidth option” that will override the global layout and design option and instead will display the archive pages with no sidebar.


The last options are all for the content:

Content options

The first option for the content is for Post meta:

Post Meta

The post meta option basically sets if post meta shows or doesn’t show with a On or Off option, the post meta is things like the category, author, post date etc. For example with post meta set to on our blog looks like this:

Post meta on

If we then change that and set Post Meta to Off our blog then looks like this:

Post Meta Off

The next option is whether to show the full post content in the index or not:

Full content

With this set to On the full post will show within the blog, if this is set to off, the blog will show the post with a excerpt, if it is set to off, then the excerpt length option shows in the Customizer like this:

Excerpt content

Then with the excerpt set to 10 our blog then looks like this:

Excerpt is 10!

Congrats! After reading this article, you should now have a better understanding of the blog options provided by the WordPress Customizer.