bbPress Customizer Options

This article was last updated on the December 21, 2016.

In this article, we’ll be covering the options provided by the WordPress customizer for bbPress, note that you’ll only see the bbPress options available if you have bbPress installed.

In the Customizer, go ahead and click on bbPress

bbPress Customizer

Once you’ve clicked that, you’ll see the available bbPress options like this:

bbPress Options


The first option is for the layout, you can either use the Global Content Layout or set a Fullwidth layout.

bbPress Layout

If we set the layout to Global Content, our bbPress forum then looks like this:

bbPress Global Content

If we change the layout to Fullwidth, our bbPress forum then looks like this:

bbPress Fullwidth Layout


The next option available is to enable or disable quick tags, quick tags are what show when you create a topic or reply to a forum post, where you can just click on quicktag to output the html tag rather than actually writing it.

bbPress quicktags

If we set quicktags to on, you’ll see the quicktags like this:

Quicktags on

If we disable quicktags, you’ll see that green bar with the quicktags no longer displays like this:

Quicktags disabled


The last option in the bbPress customizer, is for the Navmenu.

You can set it to on or off, when you set it to on, it adds a menu item to the Navbar with all the bbPress menu items like this:

bbPress Menus

If we hover over that new menu item, you’ll see the various sub menu items that it also adds like this:

bbPress sub menu

Of course rather than using that option, you can set the menu items manually, following our menu guide here.

Congrats! You now now how to set the various parts of the bbPress options in the WordPress customizer.