Getting Started With Cornerstone

Video Series • February 21, 2023

Welcome to Getting Started With Cornerstone! Learn everything you need to know so you can start building incredible websites with this powerful builder.

Cornerstone is the website builder behind X and Pro — two of the most popular WordPress Themes in the world. X users have access to limited CS features in a separate plugin & Pro users have access to all CS features natively (no extra plugin needed).

In this inaugural episode, we're going to give you a quick overview of Cornerstone. From headers to footers and from pages to posts, discover why Cornerstone is the most advanced website builder in WordPress.

In today's episode, learn all about Cornerstone's family of website builders and how to tailor the interface to your optimal set up. It's quite customizable! In addition, learn about the five main workspace screens: Outline, Inspector, Elements, Templates, and Globals.

Let's talk Elements, the building blocks to your site. In addition to a collection of Standard Elements, there are numerous Layout Elements, Template Elements, and Global Elements. You can even make your own custom Elements with Components and Parameters!

Done right, effects and animations can give your WordPress website that perfect polished touch. Discover how to use Cornerstone's massive library of native effects for maximum impact on your website.

Once you learn about dynamic content, your websites will never be the same again! Learn what it is, and more importantly, how to tap into different types of dynamic data in this introductory video.