April 28, 2023

Howdy Friends,

Spring is springing, and we're not slowing down at Themeco HQ. As a matter of fact, we have several bits of exciting news to share this month, so let's get started.

Lottie Update

Earlier this month, we released Pro 6.2, X 10,2, and Cornerstone 7.2. The two highlights of this cycle were the new Lottie Element and introduction of support for nested Elements in Accordions and Tabs (not to mention Looper support as well).

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Playground for how to use Lottie in WordPress. In addition to multiple live examples, learn about just a few of the options in this powerful new Element. For all features, check out the docs article referenced above.

Recreate Netflix with Cornerstone?

Recreate Netflix in Cornerstone?

Every once in a while we receive emails that essentially say, I want to recreate eBay with your theme. Is this possible?

We always kind of chuckle as we know that, while possible, it could be quite the undertaking to recreate a multi-billion dollar platform with a $100 theme.

Even so, we understand the question, and frankly, love to push our product to the extreme and consider these sort of ambitious goals.

It's for this reason that I'm most excited about the latest template and training for Max members. In it, you'll learn how to use Cornerstone and one simple (free) plugin to recreate Netflix's "My List" functionality natively in Cornerstone!

You heard that right. It breaks down a very modern and popular bit of functionality (from another multi-billion dollar platform) and makes it approachable for all skill levels. After all, we don't just show you how to do it, you also get the done-for-you template with it already working.

This is the perfect example of just how powerful Cornerstone + Max can be and why our builder is the most advanced in WordPress. With this ONE episode and template you have the starting point to recreating a very advanced feature that can be used for all sorts of things like memberships, courses, and more (and now if you know someone that needs to recreate Netflix, you know where to send them) :)

Not yet a Max member? Join us today for instant access to this episode and template plus all of our other Courses & Expansion Packs — right in your builder. This includes Modern Sliders, Gridorama, Web Design Magic, and Super Loopers plus all future Max content.

Stacks Beta in May

A couple months ago we mentioned two new Stacks that were in the works, and we are pleased to announce that beta testing for them will begin in May!

Both X and Pro customers will continue to have access to the four current Stacks, and Pro customers will soon have access to the new Blank Stack and Starter Stack as well.

We've had our eye on new Stacks for quite sometime, and with the release of Components & Parameters, now is the prefect time to move forward. As a matter of fact, much of the new tech in Components & Parameters will be leveraged in these new Stack concepts. Very exciting times to be building with Themeco.

And that's not all. In addition to the new Stacks, this next update will include improvements to the drag and drop experience (sneak peek), editable breakpoints, and the return of Presets just to name a few.

This update is stacking up to be quite impressive, and we can't wait to get it into your hands. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

April also saw the release of several new videos in Cornerstone Quick Tips. If you are looking for quick tutorials on everything from simple features to advanced functionality, this is the place to be. Don't forget to check out Getting Started w/ Cornerstone as well.

All My Best,