Cornerstone Quick Tips

Video Series • March 27, 2023

Welcome to Cornerstone Quick Tips! Follow along as we show you quick and easy ways to get the most out of this powerful website builder.

Cornerstone is the website builder behind X and Pro — two of the most popular WordPress Themes in the world. X users have access to limited CS features in a separate plugin & Pro users have access to all CS features natively (no extra plugin needed).

Copy and paste everything from a tiny Element all the way to a complete Section. This is one of those quality of life features that you simply won't find in most other WordPress themes or website builders and really makes a difference once you get into your workflow. To use it, make sure the "Context Menu" is turned on in Cornerstone Preferences.

Not only can you copy and paste Elements, you can also copy and paste Element styles using the same right-click menu.

Did you know that any container in Cornerstone can be made clickable? You can even mix and match with different Elements to create a more engaging (and better converting) experience for your visitors. Let's say you want the image, headline, and button to all lead to the same place, it's as easy as one simple change!

Rounding the edges of your content and images can give a nice touch to boring old layouts. Thankfully, with Cornerstone, you have a website builder and web design tool all in one making this super easy to accomplish!

Looking to align buttons in a column? This is a common convention in website building and especially helpful if you have variable height content in something like a pricing table or feature list. This is very simple to do in Cornerstone, and in this Quick Tip, we'll show you exactly how to do it (we'll even touch on a little Flexbox).