So What Have We Been Up To?

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X has been out just over 3 months on ThemeForest, and we are absolutely thrilled at the response. Aside from being the fastest company to ever reach Elite status at ThemeForest, we are thrilled at the feedback we’ve received from our customers. So what have we been up to these past few months? Here are a few of the highlights: … Read More

Record Setting Month

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January 9th marked one month to the day since our beloved X became available on ThemeForest, and we were thrilled to hear that our little company was the fastest to reach Elite in Envato’s history – exactly one month to the day! This was a great honor and moment of celebration for our entire team, and we share that celebration … Read More

ThemeForest Top 10!

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We were so excited to find out that X made it to the Top 10 products on all of ThemeForest during on our first week there. We were ranked #7 overall, and #6 in the WordPress only category. While we are humbled and honored, we are even more excited that people are getting to experience the X theme first hand … Read More

Stunning Portfolio Images by James Brandon

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We were always excited about the potential of the portfolio section for X because we knew what kind of features we wanted to build out. We’ve been fortunate in that doing plenty of work for others throughout the years has given us some insight into what creatives, artists, and photographers desire when displaying their work. However, we knew that simply … Read More

What Are Stacks?



Developed exclusively by Themeco, Stacks are an innovative concept and available only in the X WordPress Theme. We’d like to take a second to explain what they are and how they can help you with the X theme. First off, the easiest way to think of a Stack would be to think of a theme within a theme. As we … Read More

It Begins…

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As a company we are truly excited this day has arrived, and after nearly a year in development, the X WordPress theme is finally here. We look forward to sharing our journey, the things we learned, and most importantly all about this product for which we are exceedingly proud. … Read More