Data Visualization

Video Series • September 19, 2023

Cornerstone Charts will radically transform the way you build websites, and we're excited to share just a sample of what you can do with this powerful plugin.

Before we get started, Cornerstone is the website builder behind X and Pro — two of the best WordPress themes in the world (theme frameworks really). X users have access to limited CS features in a separate plugin & Pro users have access to all CS features natively, no extra plugin needed. Cornerstone Charts is compatible with both X and Pro.

From dynamic dashboards to custom calculators and from web applications to interactive infographics, Cornerstone Charts allows you to create the engaging experiences that will truly separate your personal or client websites from the crowd!

Web apps are at the frontier of website building, and in this video we're going to show you how to build an interactive financial calculator with Cornerstone Charts. One of the power features of Cornerstone Charts is the ability to get data from virtually any source, in this case Gravity Forms.

By now you know that Cornerstone Charts allows you to get really creative with how you source data. But did you know you can use Google Sheets to power your charts? Follow along and learn exactly how to do it!

Did you know that you can easily create and visualize your own favoriting system with Cornerstone Charts and a few simple (free) plugins? Build more engaging experiences like this with the one and only Cornerstone Charts.