External Data

Video Series • January 9, 2024

Cornerstone's External REST API will help you connect WordPress with any 3rd party API and bring that data right into your builder! You heard that right. This isn't just a new frontier in website building, it's a completely new paradigm. Build web apps, integrate with your favorite tools, and create digital experiences that go far beyond static content.

This gets more exciting when you consider what you can do with the External API and native Cornerstone features or even Cornerstone Charts. Not only will you be able to source the data from any API, you can visualize that data with ease.

New to Themeco? Cornerstone is next evolution in website builders and brings the power of modern tooling with the extensibility of WordPress—the best of both worlds!

Learn all about the External API (and more importantly) how to use it. We'll cover all of the important features so you can get up and running.

How often do you struggle to find content or wish you could build more engaging websites? Well we've got good news for you.

External APIs will not only bring much richer content, you'll set your site (or your client's site) apart from the crowd through true web experiences. Imagine what you can build when you can bring ANY data into WordPress that has an API with Cornerstone!

In today's video, we're going to show you how to connect to a 3rd party API in WordPress through the example PokeAPI. We'll cover everything from setting up global endpoints to getting the data into Cornerstone.

Let's continue with the PokeAPI example and discuss different ways to play around with the data plus some of the optionality at your disposal when using this advanced feature.

Another important aspect to this feature is the ability to source data from external XML and RSS feeds. We've taken it one step further by building an example Element into Cornerstone to help you see this in action.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs, and in this video we're going to show you how to leverage GraphQL in WordPress with Cornerstone's External API (a powerful combo). Let's jump into the deep end of the pool!

Let's take a look at another example of how you can leverage the External API with this live stock ticker app. That's right, you can use this incredibly powerful feature to build custom apps right in Cornerstone! From setting up the connection to bringing the data into Cornerstone to styling the content with native Cornerstone features, this is a great overview of the External API in action.

Piggy backing off the stock ticker example above, let's take a look at how you can visualize 3rd party data with Cornerstone Charts.

This is a powerful 1-2 punch in the quest to build better websites as you can not only source content from more places (thanks to the External API), you can now visualize that content in some truly remarkable ways.

An interactive website means your visitors can...you guessed it...interact with what they are seeing on the page. Aside from being a highly engaging tactic, it is generally troublesome to build these experiences natively unless you are using 3rd party tools or software.

But not with Cornerstone! Thanks to our exclusive External REST API, building interactive experiences for your websites and clients has never been easier. In today's video, we're going to show you how to leverage the power of 3rd party data + Gravity Forms to start building better (more interactive) websites!