Why Hatfield Media Moved Nearly 100 Clients (Including the Guy Who Wrote the Seinfeld Jingle) Over to Themeco Hosting



We are excited to announce free backups for all Themeco Hosting customers! Now you can instantly restore and manage your backup schedule as desired with our support team standing by 24/7/365 for any additional help you may need. New to Themeco Hosting? Meet just one of our wonderful hosting customers and learn why he trusts our platform with nearly 100 … Read More

Back to the Future



Aside from sharing a name with one of the greatest movies ever, this post is not about the venerable Marty McFly or Doc Brown but rather the future of X and the Themeco ecosystem. But First, The Past My foray into the WordPress ecosystem was more out of necessity. It was around 2007, and I needed a solution for building … Read More

Near Term Roadmap (Summer, 2016)



Hi Everyone, I wanted to give you an update on the goings on at Themeco and what you can expect in the coming months. First off, we are excited to finally announce today an exclusive partnership with SevenSpark, makers of UberMenu. X is the only theme on the market licensed to distribute a copy of UberMenu with each validated X … Read More

Meet XThemeUsers.com – By The Community For The Community



One of the most special aspects to Themeco has nothing to do with software, WordPress, or websites at all, rather it’s the people that make up our diverse community. With customers representing virtually every nation and people, we are a rich tapestry of culture brought together around a common purpose. Today, we’d like to introduce you to a wonderful resource … Read More

How Switching to X Theme Helped us Double Traffic, Boost Lead Generation, & Strengthen Our Brand



About a year ago, I joined a couple ex-Googlers to start an Advertising Technology startup, taking on the role of Marketing Manager & Special Ops (self-titled). After setting up a basic landing page to start building an email list, our engineers dove back into building product, leaving me with a bare landing page, almost zero development or design experience, and … Read More

Validated Development Environments!!!



As of 4.4.2 of X, we are excited to announce validated development environments. Now with each purchase of X you’ll be able to run a validated development and production environment simultaneously. Keep in mind that the license terms are still the same. Each X license is to be used on one production domain only. More info can be found on … Read More

On Community



My name is Kyle Wakefield, and I’m honored to be able to lead the team here at Themeco. Typically, posts on our blog are written by “Themeco,” however today I’d like this one to come from me personally as this is a topic near to my heart. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by people who have supported me. I … Read More

Cornerstone: The New Beginning



Almost one year ago we released version 4 of X debuting our new 100% front-end page builder, Cornerstone. We were excited to see what people thought of our new product, and we were even more excited at how fast the adoption was from within the community. Shortly thereafter, and in response to the many requests we received to do so, … Read More

Building Your Small Business with the X Theme



We are very blessed to have such a talented and diverse group of customers at Themeco, and it is a real joy to introduce you to just a few of them in our Customer Spotlight series. Today, we are excited for you to meet Lindsay Creedon of Fetch Media located in beautiful British Columbia! Lindsay and her business partner Kristi … Read More

How to Optimize your YouTube Video Embeds



In today’s Customer Spotlight we are excited to introduce you to Matt Ballek over at VIDISEO. Aside from having a killer X-powered site, Matt is an incredible educator on two very popular topics – Video and SEO. In a Themeco Spotlight first, Matt put together a great video tutorial on optimizing your YouTube embeds plus he’s giving away three of … Read More